Bad content will ruin your site

After reading D Keith Robinson’s Content Management - A Process, Not a Technology and then the article he links to, Gerry McGovern’s Content management: web publishing needs real discipline, I thought I’d join in with a rant of my own.

One thing that makes me pull my hair in frustration and disgust is when a team of web designers and web developers have worked their asses off to build a well-designed, logically structured, easy-to-use website only to find that a few weeks after the initial launch the client has destroyed it.

Popular weapons of site destruction are bad copy, bad images, attempts to do “creative” layout and failure to understand how the web works. Usually a combination of these weapons is used, and it goes something like this:

After the site has been destroyed, the client approaches the team of hard working professionals and asks what went wrong and why their site is broken…

I feel much better now.

Posted on November 3, 2003 in Content Management