Useful Safari extensions

Now that Apple has made it possible to create Safari Extensions I’ve been looking for some useful ones. After searching the Web a bit and browsing Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery, these are the ones I have installed:

  • AdBlock for Safari: Blocks ads (and prevents ad code from being downloaded)
  • Type-To-Navigate: Lets you highlight and follow links without taking your hands off the keyboard. Type any text that occurs inside a link and then hit return to follow the link.
  • BetterSource: View source (original or generated) with syntax highlighting and line numbers.
  • ClickToFlash: Replaces all Flash objects with a placeholder, letting you decide if and when to view Flash content.
  • Resizer: Lets you specify and quickly switch between a number of preset window sizes and their on-screen positions. Great for getting your preferred window size back after you’ve had to make your browser window wider to accommodate an over-wide site.
  • Safari Validator: Like the HTML Validator extension for Firefox, Safari Validator performs local HTML validation inside the browser (unfortunately no HTML5 support though).

Ideally I’d like to find matches for all add-ons I use with Firefox, but there are still a few missing. Safari extensions haven’t been around for more than a couple of months, so it’s understandable that there aren’t replacements for all Firefox add-ons yet. These are the ones I miss most when using Safari:

Any extension developers looking for ideas, feel free to use this list as inspiration :-).

Posted on September 9, 2010 in Browsers