Recently discovered web developer-related Firefox add-ons

I have recently discovered a few Firefox extensions that can be quite useful when building websites. They are likely old news to many, but I figure there are at least a few others who have not come across them.

  • ColorZilla is a handy extension that makes it easy to grab colours from the web page that is currently open in the browser. It sure beats having to open a screen shot in Photoshop just to find a colour code for something. ColorZilla does some other useful things as well, so it is not just a colour picker.
  • Firefox Accessibility Extension adds features that are useful to people with disabilities and helps developers evaluate accessibility.
  • Screengrab! among other things lets you take screen shots of what is inside the browser viewport, without the browser chrome. I could have used this recently when I was taking a whole bunch of screen shots of various websites for an upcoming course on web development. Unfortunately I didn't know about it then so I used the built in screen shot functionality in Mac OS X and cropped the images to get only the browser viewport. Oh well.
  • WAVE Toolbar lets you run the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool inside Firefox, without sending any information to the WAVE server. Perfect if you're like me and spend a lot of time working on password-protected sites.

Posted on October 14, 2008 in Browsers, Accessibility