Signs of life

As you may have noticed it’s been over three months since I last posted anything here. Just in case you missed it, the reason is that I have been on parental leave. Well, as of this week I am now back at work, and hope to start posting reasonably regularly here again within the next few weeks.

There will be a few changes compared to how things have worked here in the past. Time is becoming more and more precious for me, especially with a one-year-old to take care of, and I need to find ways to remove as many time eaters as possible. One of those time eaters is - unfortunately - comments.

Yeah, I know. I have said in the past that comments are very important here and on other blogs, and I still think they are. But managing comments, whether they are positive or not, takes a lot of time and effort for me, so I am going to disable comments for the time being.

Others have argued for not allowing comments on blogs, and Jeremy Keith sums it up pretty well in Commentary. I used to partly disagree with what Jeremy and the others he is quoting are saying, but I have changed my position on this. Thank you to all readers who have taken the time to post constructive, thoughtful and encouraging comments through the years. I really appreciate it, but from now on there will be no comment form at the end of each post here.

Another thing I want to do is simplify. The design, the code, the publishing system, my writing process, everything that has to do with writing and posting content here. I really want to have a stable setup that lets me focus on writing instead of worrying about pixels or scripts or databases. I am also going to (try to) stop worrying about things being broken in inferior browsers. I get quite enough of solving IE CSS bugs at work, so I am going to minimise the time I waste on it here.

These simplifications will be a work in progress, so if you see anything that is broken or experience any other kind of hiccups around here, it’s most likely caused by me changing things and will (hopefully) be temporary.

Or not.

Posted on September 4, 2008 in Life

Comments are disabled for this post (read why), but if you have spotted an error or have additional info that you think should be in this post, feel free to contact me.