Temporary absence

For the next few months I will be on a combination of parental leave and vacation. Well, that isn’t completely true since I still have one week of work to get through, but when June comes around it’s time to switch off and unplug my computer.

That isn’t entirely true either. I won’t actually be unplugging my computer all the time, but I will not be checking my email regularly (i.e. don’t expect a response if you send me email) and I will try hard to avoid reading any blogs or keeping up with what’s new in the world of web design and development.

The current plan is to return some time in September, but don’t take that as a promise. Neither do I promise not to break the silence if something that calls for a quick post shows up ;-).

See you later, hope you stay subscribed, and thanks for reading.

Posted on May 21, 2008 in Life

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