Web project manager wanted at NetRelations

At NetRelations, we’re currently looking for a project manager who can not only handle client contacts and sales, but also deal with the day-to-day managing of who does what in our many parallel projects.

We would very much prefer applicants with solid experience of managing website projects. Applicants that have worked with or have a basic understanding of the usability and accessibility aspects of web design and development have a major advantage.

Nearly all of our clients use a CMS of one kind or another, so knowledge of how a CMS works and how you use it is a plus. Since we are an EPiServer Solution Partner, specific experience with the EPiServer content management system will increase your chances.

This position is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fluency in Swedish is a must, since most of our clients are Swedish.

More details about this position are available on the NetRelations website in Vi söker en projektledare med produktionsledaregenskaper till Göteborg (in Swedish).

Please note that I do not handle job applications, so use the contact info in the above job ad rather than contacting me.

Posted on September 29, 2007 in Job openings

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