cmf2007: A Web conference focused on content management

To people who have been following this blog for some time it may seem like I take every opportunity I get to mention how little attention content management system vendors in general are paying to web standards and accessibility. Come to think of it, that is probably a correct observation.

Some have suggested that I try to reach out to CMS vendors in order to educate them instead of just complaining, and they are right. I haven’t quite figured out how to do that, so when I learned about a web conference focused on content management I thought that attending would give me a good opportunity to connect with some CMS people.

Content Management Forum 2007 (cmf2007) takes place in Aarhus, Denmark on November 6-8, and is the third time this content management focused web conference is held. As you can judge by its name, cmf2007 does not focus on the kind of topics that @media, Web Directions or SXSW do, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting or useful. After all, most web professionals have to deal with a CMS of some kind every day, either as a vendor, developer, or end user.

So, why not take the chance to go to Denmark (the conference is in English), meet up with other people who spend a lot of time developing or using content management systems, and attend some interesting presentations. Check out the program and schedule to decide which tutorials and presentations look interesting, and then sign up for cmf2007.

What about me going there to reach out to CMS vendors? Well, I was given the opportunity to hold a workshop and a presentation at cmf2007, and immediately saw it as a chance to help some CMS developers understand the importance of web standards and accessibility. However, after much consideration I have decided that in my current situation I simply cannot find the time to prepare a speech and a workshop, so I have declined to participate.

If you go, take all the chances you get to try to influence CMS vendors. Ask them about the things so many content management systems are really bad at: web standards, accessibility, usability, and client side platform independence.

Posted on August 22, 2007 in Conferences, Content Management


  1. Hmmm… according to the cmf2007 site, you are presenting a tutorial at 9:00 on the Tuesday morning!

  2. Good work and way to be pro-active. Best of luck.

  3. I hope this conference advises that every small business doesn’t necessarily need a content management system - seems its the first thing people advise them nowdays ‘pay a little extra and make your own content yada yada’… only they are so time poor and inexperienced it usually ends up quite different without good guidance… (just a CMS peeve - not about CMS but about people marketing to Small Enterprise as an out of the box sight unseen fixer)…

    It would be an interesting conference to attend actually, great work getting a gig there. You must feel a bit like Moses in Egypt - part the red see and save your people lol… (tongue in cheek).

    Eddie is right, its a good proactive move to push your views into their midst. Great stuff.

  4. I’d love to have a chance to visit this conference. I’m currently working on a few systems - and attempting to make them semantic and accessible. Very “on topic”.

    I’ll look forward to hearing your perspective on cmf2007.

  5. August 23, 2007 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Phil: Seems they haven’t removed me from the lineup yet.

    Eddie, Steven, Brian: Thanks. The thing is, I’m not going ;-).

    I initally accepted the invitation to speak but have realised that I will not have the time to prepare properly, so I had to pull out.

  6. I couldn’t agree with your intent more.

    More and more of my time is spent coming into a project, completely customizing and rewriting a CMS to make it function at least tolerably, before I get on to my “real” job of designer for the project.

    This is tons of time consumed that wouldn’t be lost if the CMS was flexible, standards-based, and accessible from the start.

    I wish I was going to be there, but one request in particular I would love to make to you, Roger, is to get on the case of the Joomla people if they attend and make them feel guilty for lazily deciding to stick with tables-based layouts for 1.5 (I mention this for purely selfish reasons, since I am at this very moment ripping a Joomla installation wide open to force it to play nice with my tableless layout)!

  7. i didn’t see anything about open source on the programme ..

    but might be worth a trip seeing as i’m in sweden ..

  8. Looks like a great conference for companies trying to establish a better foothold online. Far too often I’ve seen companies forget that the consumer should be treated as more than a target for mass marketing.

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