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Standards-aware Web professionals seem to be in demand on the job market right now, at least if you look at many job openings in the United States. Over here in Sweden I’m not seeing quite the same boom just yet, but I think we lag behind the US a little, so maybe in the next few months things will pick up here as well.

As an Authentic Jobs partner, I see all these interesting jobs being advertised on this site, and can’t help feeling a bit envious when I compare that to what the local market looks like. Here are just a few examples of full-time job openings in the US that are currently listed on Authentic Jobs:

So if you’re in the US (or can consider moving there, though I have no idea how difficult that is or if it is even possible) and are looking for a job, those are a few leads for jobs that I would personally find worth checking out if I was in the market for a new job. If neither of those seems right for you, there are currently another 45 full-time jobs listed.

Whether you’re currently actively looking for a new job or not, consider subscribing to the Authentic Jobs listing feed to avoid missing any good opportunities. And I think it would be great to see more non-US job listings on Authentic Jobs. Each month the job listings reach tens of thousands of Web professionals world-wide, so Authentic Jobs is by no means only for companies in the US. Give it a try!

Posted on July 5, 2007 in Job openings


  1. I wish I could move to the states, I bet those jobs are very good especially if you suggest them.

  2. July 5, 2007 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    petros: I don’t know for sure that the jobs I mention here are good. I mentioned them because they look interesting based on the information in their listings. If that description matches reality, and if the employer is a good one, is up to each applicant to determine :-).

  3. I wish there were more listings in Malmö or even Copenhagen.

  4. Like Jonathan, I am currently looking for jobs like these, and also in the Malmö / Copenhagen area.

  5. July 5, 2007 by George Gooding

    Tell me about it. I got a job in this field right out of college here in Norway. We desperately need another front end web developer and have found the market picked clean of talented people. We’ve been looking for about 2-3 months now and have only come across one candidate who unfortunately didn’t work out.

    I guess things in Sweden and Norway aren’t the same…

  6. July 6, 2007 by Brett Mitchell

    I’m from Vancouver BC — not quite the US, but I live about 10 minutes from the Canada/US border.

    Of all the fulltime positions, 1 is within a 3 hour drive, 2 are within a 7 hour drive, and over half of them are over 36 hours away.

    Of the 3 specific listings you posted, all are over 2500km away — roughly the distance from London to Moscow.

    Authentic Jobs is a great service and I hope it grows (as I’m sure it will), but realistically its usefulness is limited unless you live in San Fransisco, New York, or you get lucky.

    This, of course, excludes the positions of which you can work from home…

  7. George, I am capable of working from home, so check out my site, and give me a buzz on msn or something if you find it interesting.

  8. I made the same suggestion when I started seeing Authentic Jobs postings, that a “rest of the world” category would make some kind of sense, considering how much standardistas meet online. But do you really think recruiters would know about it? And would they dare try it?

    But you’re right, open positions on AJ sure look a lot better what I’ve seen here in France… sigh

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