The Autistic Cuckoo returns (sort of)

In September 2005, Tommy Olsson posted Good-Bye, an article in which he explaind his reasons for giving up blogging.

Fortunately Tommy did not disappear off the face of the Earth just because he stopped blogging. Since then he has written a bunch of excellent articles (including one together with me, published here on 456 Berea Street: Barrier-Free Web design, a.k.a. Web accessibility 2.0) that have been published on various other sites.

Signs of Life, the first post on The Autistic Cuckoo in over a year and a half, lists some of Tommy’s articles. All of them are must-read stuff, so make sure you check this list out.

Here’s hoping that Tommy fully resurrects The Autistic Cuckoo in the near future.

Posted on April 26, 2007 in Accessibility, Quicklinks, Web Standards


  1. Yes, that would be great if Tommy started blogging again! :)

  2. Whoot for Tommy!!!! Good to see some signs of life.

  3. It’s a pity I never read his site before he went offline in 2005…so I’m new to Tommy’s writings. Good tip Roger.

    But he likes Jeeps…(that can’t be normal!) :D

  4. Very cool! I was waiting for this. Now we await the full relaunch.

  5. April 27, 2007 by Henrik Pejer

    I’ve learned so much from Tommy, and I like his approach to things.

    It would be wonderful if he started to blog again.

  6. Like Matt I am also new to his writtings but am now reading some, so thanks for the tip

  7. He writes very well, concisely and interestingly. It would be great if he started blogging again.

  8. April 27, 2007 by Tommy Olsson

    With all of 8 people cheering me on, it’s hard to say no. :)

    I’ve done a bit of design for a rewrite of the blog software, but nothing is actually implemented yet.

    There are also some other things that will keep me fully occupied for a while, so a relaunch is not imminent.

  9. Mr Tommy,

    Ja, må han leva, Ja, må han leva, Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år.

    Ja, må han leva, Ja, må han leva Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år.

    Ja, visst ska han leva. Ja, visst ska han leva, Ja, visst ska han leva uti hundrade år.

    Ja, visst ska han leva. Ja, visst ska han leva, Ja, visst ska han leva uti hundrade år.

    You thought it would go unnoticed didn’t you and don’t ask me to sing it old-chap. ;-)

  10. April 27, 2007 by Tommy Olsson

    Thank you, uncle Bob! I’ve had someone sing it to me this morning, and — no offence — she looks a lot better. :)

  11. April 28, 2007 by Sverre

    I hope Tommy find the motivation needed to resurect. After all, his blog was what made me really understand what webstandards is all about.

    If someone has missed the silent bird, I can recommend reading the articles posted there. All of them.

  12. Tommy, you can make that at least 11 people cheering you on (myself included).

  13. It was great to see Tommy’s feed light up in Google Reader the other day! Look forward to the eventual rebirth of The Autistic Cuckoo!

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