Truwex Online: An accessibility and quality validator

Russia based Erigami have recently released a beta of the new version of their accessibility, privacy, and quality validation tool Truwex Online.

I’ve been trying it out a bit and think it is a pretty useful tool since it is a little different than most other similar accessibility evaluators. The major difference is that Truwex checks the generated source, not just the raw HTML source. That means checking all the ugly HTML that gets injected into the page by JavaScript. Like the Google Ads on this site. Plenty of accessibility issues to be found there, which of course is no surprise.

Another nice feature is that Truwex creates a “Page Map” that highlights any issues it has found. Great for finding text with insufficient contrast, for instance (yes, I’m aware that there are a few borderline cases of that here).

As with all software tools that try to “validate” accessibility, the results Truwex provides have to be carefully analysed by a human. There’s no getting away from that. But still, it’s good to have another tool to help produce high quality sites.

Posted on March 28, 2007 in Accessibility, Quicklinks


  1. March 28, 2007 by Alexander

    Oh, I’ve found that site about month ago via cssdrive news … great tool.

  2. Great tool! I used it to quickly solve some small issues with my own site. It’s also nice that it detects things like the lack of a privacy page. I typically use W3C’s validator to check the code and accessibility, but this goes into even more detail. Thanks for the find!

  3. Thanks Roger. Really useful tool.

  4. Thank you Roger, for posting this tool on your site. It offers much finer-grained accessibility testing than anything I’ve used up to this point.I was able to find some nagging accessibility issues with my own site and will refer to it with all new development going forward.

  5. We liked it too, especially the cool arrow on the page map. That can be really helpful when hunting for something obscure.

  6. Appreciate it, too, and it just made it to UI Test Resources

  7. I have to accept to the comments. Big thanks to rodger for this tool!

  8. I was impressed to find this tool picked up low contrast in some of my sites, but then i didn’t give the toll much further credit when i found about 20 inappropriate warnings such as “Mark up lists” when the only unmarked-up lists are like 3 successive items in a paragraph that uses a single comma. “Mark up quotations” - but i thought there’s no element in xhtml strict… “Changes in the natural language must be clearly identified” there’s no changes…etc.

    nice find still.

  9. Hey rodger, nice Tool, thank you!I will digg this article… @Jens: Thank you for that link, i used that, too!

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