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For just over a week I have been running a new ad here (below the “Job opportunities” heading) that some of you may have noticed. No? Well, this is the kind of ad you may want to actually keep an eye on if you’re looking for a job in the Web industry, or if you are planning to hire a Web designer or developer.

The ad lists three random jobs from Authentic Jobs, a job listing site created by Cameron Moll. The site is targeted at standards-aware Web professionals and companies looking to hire people who know how websites should be designed and developed in the 21st century.

I think standards-aware job listings are relevant for a site like this, so when Cameron asked me if I would like to become a listing partner I immediately accepted.

Authentic Jobs is global, despite the current dominance of US based jobs. No matter where in the world you are, if you’re looking for a job it may be a good idea to check what’s available. If you are hiring, post your job listing and have it exposed to thousands of highly skilled people.

Posted on February 7, 2007 in Job openings, Quicklinks


  1. February 8, 2007 by Brett Mitchell


    Current dominance of US based jobs is an understatement ;) Speaking of dominance of listings… I notice that virtually every advertisement for employment or freelance is either design, or front-end development.

    Where are the true application or development jobs? The back-end coders? The meat and potatoes? :(

    Pet Peeve: It will always, ALWAYS bother me that saying “Natick, MA” is understood (even though I have never heard of that town/city, and have only a vague idea of what/where that state is), but “Calgary, AB” or “Vancouver, BC” would give an American a heart attack.



  2. February 8, 2007 by Jessica

    Sounds like a perfect feed to keep an eye on, when Brett’s eyeballs blow out of his sockets at something like “Sydney, NSW” (3 letters!? More likely to be Sydney, Australia as it’s too far away for most to worry about what part of this huge mass of land in the middle of nowhere it is) I’ll know there’s something to look at (:

    Good step though, not that you have any responsibility for the quality and true standards interest of those hiring, but we can at least hope you trust those doing the filtering to promote suitable jobs. Active interest and following of standards will be one of the ‘musts’ in my next job search whenever that is so having a collection that already fit will cut down search time considerably.

    Cheers from Down Under.

  3. @Brett I think it is very self centered of you to say “true development jobs” and that they are the “meat and potatoes”. I think it is about time that there are job posting for us front end developers, typically all I ever see are job listing for software engineers.

    Maybe if more companies that were looking for developers would look for developers that specialize in the front end and web standards, rather then getting software engineers/programmers who only dabble in it, we wouldn’t have such crappy sites still existing.

    I think its time we realize that both sides of the table are necessary to make a complete web site and to say one is more important then the other only leads to poorly developed sites. I don’t mean to sound too standoffish but it just annoys me when programmers demean front end people as me who specialize in Javascript, XHTML, CSS, Accessibility, and Web Standards or what not.

    Software developers have plenty of job postings and its only recently that you see these for us Front end guys or “Just the vegetables” as you would think.

  4. I like the site - it’s lovely to look at and I’m sure it has lots and lots of very good jobs on offer, but it’s not that user friendly. As you say, it’s US dominated - so how DO I locate the handful of UK listings? There’s no obvious search or filter.

  5. Smart idea, I´ll keep that one.

  6. “…but it’s not that user friendly.”

    Frances, can you elaborate? We keep a keen eye on any and all suggestions for the site and implement as many as we can. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    For those of you mentioning the need for listing more than just U.S. jobs, we couldn’t agree more! Partnering with Roger is a step in the right direction to attract more than just U.S. employers and applicants. More steps are needed, some of which are already in development.

  7. @Cameron - I won’t spam Roger’s blog with with my feedback in full, but I’ll certainly drop you an email. It’s more of a “first visit” thing and not being able to get the information that pertains to me easily, in short.

  8. February 8, 2007 by Brett Mitchell

    @Dan Shields

    I (completely?) understand the importantance of web standards and front-end work, and didn’t mean to dethrone that importance at all.

    A successful website needs great design and great dynamic content, and with only one (either one), you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you get out of the starting gate. I would have made the same point had there been 99% developer jobs with no desire for great design/layout/valid html (example: HTML can only be made as accessible as what the backend spits out.

    For what it’s worth to you, I write all my own HTML/CSS as well as PHP, and always ensure it’s valid, lean, and semantic. I agree that it’s crucial to any further development of the internet as a communication and application tool instead of a source of information.

    My question was meant to be more along the lines of ‘do they have someone doing their backend, or are they hoping a pretty interface will keep people around?’.

    And Jessica, I would be surprised to see NSW along with Sydney, but if someone said Sydney or Perth or Melbourne or Brisbane with no state/country abbr, I would pretty quickly understand we’re talking about Australia, at least.

  9. Sorry Brett if I took you the wrong way, it was late and have been dealing with software engineers that just don’t get the importance of someone that truly understands the front-end.

    Cameron I love the site, specifically the freelance jobs. I think its a great way for people as myself to work with others across the country and soon the world once the other countries start posting.

  10. Lovely-looking site - but I agree with Francis’ sentiments about the lack of a search/filter (certainly for postings in certain countries…such as the UK where I’m based for example). I definitely like the idea behind the site of having web standards-friendly job postings in one place.

  11. I love the design of the site, and the simplicity of the listings. And I have to agree with Dan, that it’s about time we get some front-end love.

  12. So do I. I realy like the design of site. The site also very very very usefull for me as student. if only theres a PDF or PRINT link on each article.

  13. There’s also another job listing information site. visit

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