De-lurk and tell me what you want to read about

When I compare the number of people posting comments here to the number of people who are subscribed to the RSS feed and the number of visitors this site gets, I would guess that perhaps one out of every hundred regular visitors has ever posted a comment.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you. In general, quality is better than quantity. But I am quite sure that there are many more readers who could post high quality, insightful comments, but for various reasons don’t. And that’s perfectly fine. However…

For the last three years on or close to this date, Veerle Pieters has written a De-Lurking post, encouraging all her readers to post a comment. She did it this year too, beating me to it. I had planned on writing a De-Lurking post this year, but I guess my Christmas break was a bit too long and made my brain slow down a bit. So I forgot, but luckily Veerle’s post served as a reminder :-).

So I’m curious:

  1. Who are you (name and occupation)?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. How long have you been visiting this site?
  4. Have you posted a comment here before?
  5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

Answer the questions you feel like answering. But please do post a comment!

Posted on January 8, 2007 in Site news


    1. Kilian Valkhof, dutch webdeveloper and student, and happy clog-member :)
    2. That would be the Netherlands, then.
    3. About 1, perhaps 1.5 years now, I’d guess
    4. I have, sporadically, when I had something useful to add.
    5. more technical articles, I always like reading your insights on css/javascript/html problems.

    Also, 1 in a hunderd appears to be the golden rule for web interaction, so I wouldn’t be too let down about it. :p

    1. See above. I develop web applications using ASP.NET (apologies/consolations welcome).
    2. The US.
    3. About a year? Don’t remember when I first started reading.
    4. Yep.
    5. I like what you post. Keep it up :)
    1. Matt Ramos. Designer (mostly web, but started getting into print over the past few months).
    2. New Jersey in the USA.
    3. A little over one year
    4. Maybe two or three.
    5. I’d like to see more javascript “things”. Oh, and a music video to the 456 Berea Street song.
  1. January 8, 2007 by Jan Sokoly
    1. Jan Sokoly, developer
    2. Slovakia
    3. Hard to guess - some 2 years?
    4. Once or twice.
    5. I think it’s good as it is right now.
    1. Niklas, student
    2. Sweden
    3. half a year
    4. I’m not too used to commenting, working on it :)
    5. perhaps more “reviews” of websites, it’s nice to read comments on design for inspiration
    1. Nick Toye, UK freelance web designer.

    2. UK

    3. 2 years, I think?

    4. Yes I think so.

    5. No problem with the articles you write, but I’m not keen on the google ads, I understand the possible financial rewards, I just have issues with Google Ads.

  2. January 8, 2007 by Facundo

    Hi, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina (South America).

    I work for a travel agency doing some web design and some coding.

    I don’t remember exactly when was the first time I read your site but I guess it have been like a year ago and this is my first comment.

    What got me really interested is the tips and tricks for web desginers. Articles about good practices, links to nice sources of information, and general comments about your experience in the real world.

    Let me take this oportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. January 8, 2007 by Steve-o
    1. ASP.NET developer
    2. Naperville, IL
    3. ~1 year
    4. nope
    5. Being on the programming side, I find it hard to separate the design of the site vs. functionality. I’ll create the most ridiculous GUIs and not even realize it until it’s in QA. I’d like to see some ideas on how to get into the design mindframe.
    1. Justin, New Media Designer at the Walker Art Center

    2. Minneapplis, MN

    3. 10 months or so

    4. Nope.

    5. Quirky web stuff.

    I read a lot of sites via rss. I don’t comment on them all, nor do I read them all with the same priority. It is just the nature of the beast. I don’t think it is entirely reasonable for every site to expect to build an extensive community. It’s kind of like Warhol might say today: “On the Web, everyone is famous to 15 people.”

  4. January 8, 2007 by Simon
    1. Simon Rindlisbacher, Student and amateur webdesigner
    2. Biel, Switzerland
    3. Several years…
    4. Don’t remember, I might have though.
    5. I like the technical stuff on html and css.
    1. Rich Waters, Developer
    2. Ohio, USA
    3. Couple of years now
    4. A couple here and there.
    5. Accessibility and Standards discussion, tips and advice for web design, pretty much any technical articles having to do with (x)html/css/javascript.
    1. Jonathan, Web Professional.
    2. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
    3. Regularly for a little over a year I think, on and off for a year or so before that.
    4. Several.
    5. More of the same I think.
    1. Matt - Web developer (ASP/ASP.NET/PHP/MySQL/MS-SQL/CSS/XHTML you name it)

    2. Columbus, Ohio

    3. A few months I think

    4. I don’t remember.

    5. I love to read specific code samples, tricks, and best practices, but I’m also very interested in web marketing & marketing research.

    1. Rogier Bikker from Achtentachtig

    2. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    3. About a year

    4. Maybe once or twice

    5. More usability, less accessibility.

    1. Webmaster in my current employed job(xhtml, css and js), otherwise multimedia developer (add Actionscript, Lingo and PHP)
    2. Belgium
    3. About 2 years
    4. Yep something like 5-10 times
    5. The same as presently :-) But there’s always room for improvements, so it’s up to you.
    1. Igor, web-enthusiast
    2. Moscow, Russia
    3. Since last year
    4. One comment about Firefox
    5. I would like to see something about typography and choosing color scheme for site.

    Thank you very much for your articles!

    1. Kim, Student
    2. Sweden
    3. For a year or so.. perhaps more.
    4. Once or twice
    5. More deep-digging undercover reviews of webpages. Perhaps structure, css and so on. And a real crash course about make beautiful accessible, usable websites. Maybe a co-written article about it with Veerle?

    Thats about it. Keep up the good work Roger!

    1. I’m Paul Waite, web developer (the client-side stuff: HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

    2. I’m from London, England.

    3. Ooh, er, I think I’ve been visiting this site for 2 or 3 years.

    4. I’ve posted lots of comments here before.

    5. I pretty much like 456 Berea Street just as it is. Nicely focused on client-side web development.

    1. Anthony Métayer, developer (mainly Java previously, now mostly (X)HTML, Javascript, CSS and Java)
    2. France
    3. a little less than a year, and enjoying it more and more!
    4. this is my first post
    5. same as Rich above: standards discussion, pretty much any technical articles having to do with (x)html/css/javascript
  5. January 8, 2007 by Stefan
    1. Stefan, student/part time web developer
    2. Sweden
    3. Quite long, perhaps 2-3 years
    4. Don’t recall
    5. More CSS-related articles as you used to do earlier.
    1. Robert. Web Designer.
    2. Los Angeles, CA, USA
    3. About 6 Months
    4. Yes. As often as I feel I can contribute to the discussion.
    5. I think you do a pretty good job of picking topics to discuss. It seems like there were a few articles that were about very specific things that I couldn’t sink my teeth into. The only one I can think of now was the cars website post. Those are few and far between though.
    1. Keith “SuPeR K!” Kocienski, Web Developer & Graphic Designer.
    2. Las Vegas, NV.
    3. At least a year…
    4. Possibly. I enjoy your insight, but I only comment when I have something relevant to add or question.
    5. I enjoy your CSS and JavaScript related posts as well as your notes on Web Development tools and browser news.
  6. January 8, 2007 by Josie X.
    1. Josie, middle school student and web designer
    2. China, but I live in the US now
    3. About 6 months
    4. No, it never occurred to me to comment
    5. I’d love to see more CSS tricks or anything that has to do with CSS. Not so much Javascript.
  7. i have a comment on a comment - to comment N14: “more usability less accessibility”? I think on Berea Street you heard not once that accessibility is a usability for everybody. *not yet de-lurking reader (regular for 3 years).

    1. Dunks - ICT Teacher and aspirant freelance web designer
    2. Hampshire, UK
    3. 12+ months I guess.
    4. Possibly posted once a long time ago.
    5. Love the css tips and tricks as there seems to be so much to learn.
    1. Olof Lönnroth, student/freelance webdesigner.
    2. Göteborg, Sweden :D
    3. I’d say for about 2 years.
    4. Yes.
    5. More accessibility tips and tricks would be great! A little too much debating in your posts lately (though always interesting).
    1. Richard Herrera, Lead Technical Designer.
    2. Los Angeles, CA, USA
    3. About 2-3 years. Your site was the first I’d ever heard about web standards.
    4. Yes, once or twice. I’m mainly here for the in depth and extremely useful articles.
    5. More on Javascript, benefits of JSON, maybe some articles on pros/cons of modular CSS, compare/contrast coding techniques of expert standardistas, perhaps an article on .NET and CSS compatibility or workarounds (help!).

    Brilliant website, Roger. Your articles have helped me in ways I can’t count, and are now helping me lead a fast-learning team into more advanced standards-oriented solutions.

  8. Brett, Web Developer

    Calgary, Alberta

    2-ish years

    first one right now

    Wouldn’t mind seeing some more CSS experiments and some more comprehensive tech articles (The IE articles have saved my butt quite a few times)

  9. January 8, 2007 by Eric Ryan Harrison
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)?

      Eric Ryan Harrison, Developer

    2. Where are you from?

      Augusta, GA

    3. How long have you been visiting this site?

      6+ months

    4. Have you posted a comment here before?


    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

      More technical Javascript/CSS articles. Less design/conceptual articles.



    1. Dan, Web Developer
    2. Westchester, New York
    3. About one year
    4. I have posted one comment here (guess this makes it two). I may post more, but often times there is too much “noise” and feel it is useless adding another comment (even if it may be useful).
    5. I am a JavaScript junky and am always looking for new concepts and techniques to challenge what I currently know.
    1. Seb - Freelance web & graphic designer, part-time university teacher (same subjects)
    2. Italy or UK
    3. A yearish
    4. Just have.
    5. You’re doing great as it is. If I told you what I wanted to read, I wouldn’t visit your site because I’d have already thought or written about it.
  10. January 8, 2007 by Rick H.
    1. Rick H. Photographer/Videographer/web delivery person- one-man shop

    2. Central Texas

    3. About a year I guess

    4. Comment-shy, call it the digg effect! If I have something meaningful to add, I may post, but I growing weary of

    5. Always appreciate the CSS stuff.

    1. Maaike, graphic/web designer
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Maybe 2 years?
    4. Sometimes I post comments, but not often
    5. I like to read about best practices, and I’m not really interested (anymore) in standards evangelism (I think at this site it’s preaching to the choir).
    1. Nate Klaiber, lead web developer at
    2. New Philadelphia, OH
    3. About a year and a half
    4. Have posted plenty of comments, but as of late kept quite to avoid the ‘yes maam’ replies.
    5. I enjoy the posts related to research regarding browsers, standards, and css.
  11. January 8, 2007 by Brett Mitchell
    1. Brett Mitchell — Sales Representative and PHP/HTML coder

    2. Vancouver, BC Canada

    3. Since roughly March of ‘06, but I went back and read most of the archives.

    4. Few and far between.

    5. As always, I’m on the look out for more great resources on convincing the non-technies to stay away from companies who make gorgeous designs that are completely useless without images, or without css, or without javascript, use macromedia image rollovers, etc etc.

    Convincing a mid-size business of why standards are crucial is absolutely depressing.

    1. Geoffrey Sneddon, 14 year old kid,
    2. Scotland,
    3. No idea. Probably around one year,
    4. I comment mainly when I either think I have something really useful to say, or to correct something that’s incorrect that’s being spread,
    5. More of the same, really.
    1. ana campos, student, freelance webdesigner
    2. portugal
    3. maybe a year ago or so
    4. this is the first one
    5. i prefer website reviews, css and usability tips. but i like it the way it is :)
    1. Jordan, Web Developer
    2. Tacoma, WA, USA
    3. 18+ months?
    4. Yup.
    5. More of the same, more often…
    1. Robert Froehling - Web Developer (primarily with ColdFusion)

    2. Springfield, IL

    3. 6 months or so

    4. I don’t think so.

    5. I enjoy reading what you currently post. Keep it up.

    1. Robert Nyman, web developer
    2. Stockholm, Sweden
    3. Oh… I don’t know. A couple of years, maybe… :-)
    4. Yes, when I hope people will read my stuff as well… ;-)
    5. Personally, I’d like to see you write more posts with a personal touch that aren’t related to web developing.

    Also, as a blogger who also desperately yearns for comments, I’d like to point out (which I’m sure is also your opinion, Roger) that it is perfectly fine to be anonymous too. Do whatever suits you best. In the end, we who blog are just ridiculously excited by people reading, and eternally grateful that we can in any way help, entertain or amuse you. :-)

    1. Matthias Mauch, IT network professional

    2. Germany

    3. more than a year

    4. more than one

    5. independent and objective articles about Web Standards

    1. JK, Computer Security Engineer
    2. Washington, D.C.
    3. 4-6 months via RSS
    4. Nope
    5. The 456 Berea Street articles that I have saved in Bloglines are: 1) Build your own PHP style sheet switcher, 2) Are accessibility evaluation tools useless?, 3) Accessibility for all vs. for people with disabilities, 4) Nikita the Spider: a bulk validation and link checking tool, 5) 37 HTML FAQs answered

    … so in summary I key in on anything related to accessibility and handy tools for my homebrew websites. I also thoroughly read and enjoyed a few of the articles in which you covered various conferences; wishful thinking on my part.

    1. Russell James Smith, Lead Producer (for AWA).
    2. Sheffield but now based in Leeds, England.
    3. A couple of years.
    4. I don’t think so.
    5. More of the same really, thanks.
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)?

      1. Martin Bekkelund, Senior Solution Architect

      2. Oslo, Norway

      3. Oohh, can’t remember. Sorry.

      4. Not that I can remember.

      5. Best Practice for web, Information Architecture, Project Management for web.

    1. John Bedard, Web Designer
    2. East Helena, MT USA
    3. Seems like I’ve been reading your site for a few years. I’m definitely a lurker, mostly because either I don’t have anything to contribute or someone beat me to the punch.
    4. I can’t remember my last comment. It’s been a year or three.
    5. This is a total cop-out, but I think you’re doing just fine. You post a nice blend of topics, mostly related to web design/development. Keep up the good work.
  12. January 8, 2007 by Daniel
    1. Daniel, student (to become a teacher of English and Latin)
    2. Germany
    3. 2+ years
    4. no comment before. I think
    5. -
  13. January 8, 2007 by Paul Lieberman

    Network Services Manager (includes being the webmaster, postmaster, and lots more) - Southern Oregon University

    Ashland, Oregon

    About a year

    I think I have posted once or twice.

    I enjoy most of the articles. Especially interested in anything to do with accessibility and advanced CSS design techniques.

    Thanks for a great resource. Paul

  14. January 8, 2007 by Bogdan
    1. Bogdan, web developer
    2. Iasi, Romania
    3. About two years, I suppose
    4. Just a few
    5. Good practices for writing manageable, platform independent client-side code. News and trends.
  15. January 8, 2007 by Guillermo Trejo

    1.- Guillermo Trejo - Web Designer and drummer.

    2.- Mexico City. Mexico.

    3.-1 year.

    4.-This is the firts one.

    5.-More and more about CSS and please, an ultimate-contundent-finally position and explaination about HTML vs XHTML, something that we newbies can learn. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Antti Kupila, student & freelancer

    2. Finland, currently living in Sweden

    3. A year or so

    4. Yes

    5. Most of the articles are very interesting to read, so just keep on doing what you’re doing and I’m happy :)

  16. January 8, 2007 by Justin Sinclair
    1. Justin Sinclair, User Interface Designer
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. 4 Months or so.
    4. Never commented!
    5. Love the content - more of the same please.
    1. Matteo Bianchi, copywriter. Web curious and enthusiast.
    2. Varese - Italy
    3. 2 months
    4. This is my first comment, I am here to learn… I am a novice about CSS and XHTML. I play in my free time. One day, I would like to remake my own site whith accessible standards… Now, it is made with Rapid Weaver.
    5. CSS, XHTML… (Javascript will be my next game).


    1. Andy Ford (AnalogPanda) PHP Web Developer (but really prefer xhtml/css!)

    2. Sacramento, CA, USA

    3. about a year

    4. I’m commenting now

    5. I personally prefer reading about xhtml/css, standards compliance, unobtrusive javascript, microformats, and design theory.

    It would be interesting to hear about your per-projects design process, the tools/software you use, and any CMS or frameworks you might use. Interviews with industry-folk would be cool too… but don’t change for us - just do what is fun and interesting for you and your passion will come through!

    1. Mike. I’m an ICT (Information and Communication Technology, or ‘Computing’ for the oldies) Teacher.

    2. From the UK

    3. Just a few months

    4. I don’t think so; I typed a few in but decided that they weren’t actually as insightful as they sounded in my head, so I don’t think I actually sent any.

    5. I like reading about all the things that I’m doing wrong with accessibility, standards compliance and stuff when I develop the myriad of websites for my school and personal stuff. I try my very hardest to get it right, so adding new “1-ups” to my stuff over the other would-be-webdesigners around me is always nice - I’m still by far the best ;)

    1. I’m Laurent Gloaguen, selling websites to big companies.

    2. Paris, France.

    3. About one year.

    4. Nope. It’s my first time.

    5. I’m nobody to ask what you should write.

    1. Rubén Lozano, spanish front-end web developer and web designer.
    2. I’m from Spain but now I’m living in London where I’m improving my English
    3. Almost 2 years
    4. No
    5. I’d like read more about accessibility
  17. January 8, 2007 by Victoria Pavlova
    1. Victoria, web designer.
    2. Ukraine.
    3. Reading you for about a year, I guess.
    4. Maybe once or twice, but nothing important.
    5. I find the majority of your posts to be very interesting and informative, so keep flying :-)
    1. Morten Bock, Webdeveloper at
    2. Denmark
    3. A couple of months now. Found it via Janus Boyes
    4. Not counting this one, no.
    5. I like redaing about correct use of sematic markup, and about working with CMS.
    1. Arjan Eising, student and webdeveloper
    2. The Netherlands
    3. About a year…
    4. Maybe one or two
    5. Good as it is going, keep on!
    1. Koen, Student
    2. Ertvelde, Belgium
    3. For about a year
    4. Once, twice tops
    5. Accessibility, CSS and semantic coding tips and a surprise is always allowed
  18. 1) Bo Arlind, web developer 2) Copenhagen, Denmark 3) About one year 4) No 5) Just keep on writing what You are writing :-)

    1. Christian, student.
    2. Austria (Uh, the first one ;-)
    3. I am reading the RSS feed for a few months.
    4. If so, I couldn’t remember it.
    5. I’m happy with the content!
    1. Vernon Kesner, Web Developer

    2. Maryland, USA

    3. Roughly 2-3 months

    4. I believe so.

    5. I like the things you post now (which is why I’ve been following you) but I guess some more articles focused on development issues.

  19. Wanted to be the first to comment from Finland, but I see that Antti beat me to it… though technically, since he lives in Sweden, I’m still the first! :)

    1. Who are you (name and occupation)?

    Jari Vanha-Eskola, Web developer @ EduWeb (Database and server side programming, (X)HTML + Css + Javascript)

    1. Where are you from?

    Helsinki, Finland

    1. How long have you been visiting this site?

    About a year now. Great stuff, and always looking forward to a new blog post!

    1. Have you posted a comment here before?

    Once before.

    1. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

    More “hard core” stuff, like advanced Javascripting and css, within the realm of standards.

  20. January 8, 2007 by Peeter
    1. Peeter, natural language processing student, web learner, singer, father
    2. Malmö, Sweden
    3. About a year or so
    4. Not that I remember
    5. I like the current mix - kutgw!

    BTW, here is the origin of the “everyone famous for 15 people” quote from Justin’s post (#9):

    1. Jonathan Phillips. I’m doing freelance web and database development (at least until my wife finishes her Ph.D.)
    2. I spend about half the year in Ithaca, New York and half in Istanbul.
    3. The 456 Berea Street post which turned me from an occasional into a regular reader was on “The perils of using XHTML properly,” which I see was just shy of two years ago.
    4. I’m a bit sheepish about posting, but I think I recall submitting a comment once.
    5. In contrast with some other posters, I’m actually very interested in reading more about “design” proper. The information about best practices is fantastic, and your technical articles rival any resource out there. But the biggest hurdle in my own work is that next step of turning a site architecture and layout that really work well into a aesthetic design.
    1. Jonny Strömberg, student and freelance web designer.
    2. Umeå, Sweden
    3. Two or three years maybe?
    4. Less than ten.
    5. More semantics and CSS. And I would also like you to have a bit more personal touch in some of your posts :)
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)? Fabian, Web developer
    2. Where are you from? The Netherlands
    3. How long have you been visiting this site? A few weeks
    4. Have you posted a comment here before? No
    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street? More about things people use every day for web development (tools, information, ideas, tricks, anything) and maybe some content about TYPO3 or other CMS related things.
  21. January 8, 2007 by Adam
    1. Adam, web developer/designer
    2. Portland, Oregon
    3. Almost 3 years, I believe
    4. A few times
    5. I already think that your blog is valuable as it is. Keep doing what you are doing! (I wouldn’t mind if you got rid of the google ad between the post title and body, however)
    1. AJ
    2. Raleigh, NC
    3. RSS’ing for a year now
    4. No
    5. Your design suggestions - what works, what doesn’t work, reviews of site designs - so we can learn to design better
    1. J.D. Myers. I’m a contractor for NASA doing web and outreach work. I also do freelance web design/development.
    2. Columbia, Maryland, USA
    3. Probably about 2 years
    4. Once or twice
    5. Your technical articles on CSS trps/tricks
  22. January 8, 2007 by DigitaLink
    1. Chris Pollard, Creative Director and Webmaster for a radio station.
    2. Dryden, ON Canada
    3. A couple of months.
    4. Not that I can consciously think of. That’s not to say I haven’t though.
    5. Enjoy the bits on usability, Javascript, CSS/XHTML, and building a better web experience.
    1. Matt Winckler, web developer.
    2. Pasco, Washington.
    3. Somewhat over a year.
    4. Yes.
    5. I particularly enjoy “best practices” sorts of articles combined with the technical goodies - it seems like a lot of times it’s easy to find many potential solutions to a given problem, but it’s more difficult to know which one is the best solution. Thus, some discussion of advantages/drawbacks beyond the bare technical explanation is useful - reasons that you could take to the boss, for instance, as rationale for implementing a given solution in a situation.
  23. January 8, 2007 by Vladimir
    1. Vladimir Agafonkin, a front-end web developer working for Sonopia Corporation and XHTMLized.
    2. Kiev, Ukraine.
    3. About 2 years.
    4. Don’t remember, I guess no :)
    5. More of complex XHTML/CSS/JS and design topics.
    1. Jeff L, Senior Web Developer

    2. New Hampshire, USA

    3. 1.5 years?

    4. Your site search tells me I’ve posted about 7 comments.

    5. It’s your blog- whatever you’d like to write about! But accessibility is always good with me.

    1. Anders Dahnielson, currently student (but also programmer, web developer and gaffer)
    2. Tranås, Sweden
    3. I’m not sure, at least more regularly (via RSS) over the last year.
    4. Nope. Nix. Nada.
    5. Like the current mix.
  24. January 8, 2007 by Monique
    1. Monique - web designer & marketing assistant {one of Jeff Croft’s “hacks” :)}
    2. Virginia, USA
    3. about 6 months
    4. Nope.
    5. I like it the way it is.
    1. Luca, working in product development for a CMS
    2. London
    3. Been a reader for about six months
    4. Never posted a comment here before?
    5. Love the accessibility and standards stuff. More CSS tricks would make me even happier
    1. Wade Winningham, coder
    2. Frisco, Texas USA (just north of Dallas)
    3. Been coming here for at least 3 years maybe more.
    4. I may have posted a comment here. Can’t remember.
    5. Most any post you make is valuable. If you crank ‘em out, I’ll read ‘em.
    1. Eric Ferraiuolo, Web Developer/Designer
    2. East Lansing, MI, USA
    3. 1.5+ years, with the last year (2006) regularly
    4. Yes, only a few though
    5. I like the current mix on content on the site, that’s why I subscribe to the RSS feed.
  25. January 8, 2007 by Frank Taillandier
    1. Frank Taillandier, responsible for a public web site, supposed to respect the law on accessibility.
    2. Toulouse, France
    3. Can’t remember the first time I landed here
    4. Once or twice, I guess
    5. XML/XSLT, Ajax and usability, Ergonomics for a change :)

    Wow two de-lurking posts in the same day, i feel dizzy.

    1. I’m Scott, a 28-year-old CSS Developer
    2. From Portland, OR
    3. A year or so, since I started adding just about every web-related feed I could find to my reader. Yours is one of the ones that stuck around.
    4. Maybe once or twice - I’m mostly a lurker through my feed reader.
    5. I dig the accessibility stuff, but I think you should write what works for you. I’m still reading because I’m interested in what you’re doing. :)
    1. Frode Danielsen, web developer with my own, tiny company

    2. Originally from Tromsø, way up north, but currently living just outside Oslo, Norway.

    3. Oh, it’s been over a year at least.

    4. Yes, a few times. You should implement Jonathan Snook’s feature of showing all comments a person has made ;-)

    5. Hm, I like a lot of what you write (duh), but I think I love technical entries more - at least those’d be ones I’d be likely to comment on. On a non-web topic I always like comments on recommended books and music.

    I’m surprised to be only the second norwegian de-lurking here, and the one who “beat me to it” I recognize from elsewhere. Small country, I guess ;-)

    1. Natalie, Web Designer
    2. Los Angeles, California, USA
    3. 1 year or so, subscribed to the RSS only about 1 month ago
    4. This is the first. (It was the first at Veerle’s too ;-) )
    5. I like articles about solving common CSS issues, cross browser issues etc.
    1. Robert, a part-time webdeveloper
    2. From Holland, but living in Belgium, so belgium really..
    3. For about a 1,5 year I guess…
    4. Now and then a few
    5. You’re on top of my list together with Robert Nyman ans Veerle Pieters, so things are fine as the are for me: never get tired of reading about webdesign though…
    1. Lewro
    2. Slovakia (studing web design in the UK at the moment)
    3. About 1 year
    4. I think once
    5. The contect is perfect. Keep the good work. - Typography and accessibility
    1. Barry, web desiger (and sometimes attempted programmer)

    2. New York, NY

    3. About a year

    4. First time!

    5. I struggle trying to adapt my designs for IE browsers, and would love more information on the differences between the browsers and how to accomodate them the easiest.

  26. January 8, 2007 by Markus Wulftange
    • Markus Wulftange, currently student (also working as web developer in my free time) and member of Webkrauts, the german counterpart of Happy Clog and Britpack
    • born in Osnabrück but currently studying in Dresden (both Germany)
    • I don’t know, maybe a year or two since one year subscribed to RSS feed
    • Few but not many if at all
    • I like the current mix. But maybe a litle more about best practices.
    1. I’m Ben, a 22 years old web designer
    2. Brussels, Belgium
    3. Maybe 1 year
    4. No, I never done it because of my poor english
    5. Little more on accessibility… but it’s already great like this :)
    1. Alf Kåre Lefdal, Senior systems developer and discipline manager working for a software company using MS technologies.
    2. I’m from Oslo, Norway, living in the city with wife and two kids.
    3. I don’t know, actually. Maybe a year or two.
    4. No, I don’t think so.
    5. Javascript and CSS howtos. Howto argue for producing accessible and standard based web sites and increase awareness. I would also like you to come to Oslo and write about our coffe shops in your other blog: Kaffesnobben :-)
    1. My name is Chasen Le Hara.
    2. I’m from southern California.
    3. I’ve been visiting 456 Berea Street for about a year or so.
    4. I’ve posted a comment here and there before (but I don’t post often because a lot of other people can say what I want to say better).
    5. I’m happy with 456 Berea Street as it is: I like the technical articles, I like the random songs, and other shenanigans that occur here (and I say that in a light-hearted way).


    1. Darren White, Web developer
    2. Hull in England
    3. 2-3years
    4. no
    1. Morgan Roderick, Freelance Web Developer (front end specialized)
    2. Sweden, Denmark originally, Dansk Jävlar, Living in Malmö
    3. 2-3 years? Time flies in good company
    4. Yep, post when I feel I can add something constructive
    5. What I’d like to read more about:

    Selling quality craftsmanship to clients

    Practical usa(ccesi)bility

    Productivity enhancing tips and tricks (new mac user here, love the added productivity, or perhaps just the fewer interuptions).

    Your (painful) ventures into WebSphere Portal, would be amusing to those of us that have been there, and serve as a warning to others.

    Love the site as it is to be honest, good to see someone tell it like it is. It’s my firm belief that honesty is the only way forward.

    1. Julie, web/print designer and editor for a university
    2. Missouri, USA
    3. About a year?
    4. I don’t think I’ve posted here, but I could be wrong.
    5. I love your book reviews, but I also just like it all. :)
    1. Rasmus Kaj, a java / web programmer.
    2. Stockholm, Sweden
    3. A couple of months regular through the feed, sporadically through google earlier
    4. Maybe once ..?
    5. Technical CSS stuff
    1. Tor Løvskogen, webdesigner,

    2. Norway, Bergen.

    3. About 2 years, something like that.

    4. Yes, posted some comments.

    5. I like it the way it is.

    1. Thomas Higginbotham (Web developer/designer)
    2. Richmond, VA, US
    3. A little over a year
    4. A few comments
    5. I’d like to see more technical articles and some more on back-end programming languages — ASP.Net, PHP, RoR… not sure what your specialties are :-)

    On a side note, I’m glad to see most of the comments to this question are using ordered lists. Keep up the semantics everyone! Actually, these should probably be definition lists, right? Ah… whatever.

    1. May Hnin Phyu (Web Developer)
    2. Fiji Island (Originally from Burma, Myanmar)
    3. About 3yrs
    4. Very rare but yes, afew times.
    5. Like to read more of CSS, JS, site reviews and new book reviews.

    Your site been the inspiration and information resource for me, thank you so much for that.

  27. January 8, 2007 by Alejandro Moreno
    1. My name is Alejandro Moreno. I’m a Web Developer.
    2. I’m from Mexico, but am currently working in Edmonton, Canada.
    3. I think I added your site to my RSS reader just this past summer.
    4. I’ve posted ONE comment. I don’t like doing “me too” posts, and honestly, I visit more for instruction than discussion since I don’t have that much experience with accessibility.
    5. As I said in #4, I visit because of your instructive posts, but also because I like your writing style and the fact that your site reflects what you preach. So I guess my request would be keep doing what you’re doing and get even better at it ;)
  28. January 8, 2007 by Igor

    Igor a student from Sweden would like to read more of whatever you write about. Nowdays junk from TV is totally replaced by nutritious RSS feeds and as soon as nutrition value starts to drop I’ll let you know. Till then: be well and keep us busy reading your blog.

    1. Robert Birming, Musician

    2. Stockholm, Sweden

    3. About a year

    4. Not what I can remeber

    5. Usability, (x)html, css

    1. Mi nombre Patrick Teng, Software developer
    2. About a year or a year and a half or so.
    3. Once, I think.
    4. I love your writing and insights on site design, but I’ve always wanted to know how you would approach designing a site from end to end. How do you do the inital brain storm, to laying out the xhtml, then provide enough css hooks in the xhtml, and so on.



    1. Stephen last - Web Designer
    2. Nottingham in the heart of England (Yes yes, where Robin Rood is from - there’s much more to Nottingham you know! :-) City of Nottingham)
    3. About 2 years - your post on correctly marking up tables drew me in and set me on the standards path to enlightenment
    4. Yes
    5. Maybe more how-to articles on advanced CSS with modern browsers, then explaining the best solution to deal with IE to get the same results


    1. Chris Phares (Freelance Web Developer)

    2. U.S.

    3. About a year… which seems pretty common from the previous posts

    4. First time

    5. Technical stuff, but I like what your doing.

  29. January 8, 2007 by Marc
    1. Marc, I’m a 19 year old student and do some freelance work when I can find some spare time
    2. The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven
    3. Hard to say, probably more than a year
    4. One time, maybe two times
    5. Although I find usability design etc an interesting subject I think it could use some more interesting examples, images, etc.. instead of just plain text every time

    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Per Djurner - Web developer (mostly server side stuff like Ruby on Rails and ColdFusion but also some HTML/CSS)

    2. Göteborg!

    3. A couple of years I think

    4. Not that I can remember

    5. Keep doing what you’re doing :)

  30. January 8, 2007 by Danny King
    1. Danny King, Student.

    2. Also from Nottingham!

    3. About half a year.

    4. Never before.

    5. I like your content as it is, keep it up!

  31. January 8, 2007 by Natasha Banegas
    1. Natasha Banegas, web developer

    2. Stockholm, Sweden

    3. 1-2 years

    4. Not yet:=) I am in a “taking” phase for all the blogs I read right now. The “giving” phase will follow when I finish my thesis and finally get time for the “interesting” stuff!

    5. Right now: an article about object-oriented javascript. Inspiration for taking the fight for robust and generic code. Challenges that a web developer may face, and (of course) the solutions!

    1. Piotr Petrus
    2. Łódź, Poland
    3. 2 years
    4. Yup, it was about BASE element in IE, but you have never answered to my solution ;)
    5. I’d like to see CSS tutorials and articles as well as articles covering Safari (possiblities, differences, visual design (forms, antialiasing), quirks - if any), if you use this browser. Many of use don’t and it’d be great to read about it.
    1. Andy, front-end UI.
    2. Highland, UT
    3. Almost a year.
    4. No, this is my first comment.
    5. I feel that most posts are appropriate and inciteful. Keep them coming!
  32. Oh, and I’m a webdesigner.

  33. January 9, 2007 by Miss Web Developer
    1. Carissa Miller, Web Designer/Developer

    2. Bakersfield, California

    3. About 1 year.

    4. This is my first comment here.

    5. Web accessability, XHTML/CSS tips, innovative new thoughts on web design. Actually, what brought me to “delurk” is that I was stumped for the site I’m working on right now and my exact thought was “I wonder if 465 Berea St has anything helpful”, so for the most part, what I’ve seen here already has proven most helpful, so keep it up.

    PS. Thanks for the encouragement to delurk. Kinda was always scared to ‘cause I haven’t been at the designing game for long and didn’t feel I had much to input. I may post more after this. Thanks again. :)

    1. Jason, student.

    2. I’m reading this from the U.S., half the time in western Pennsylvania and half the time in Cleveland, Ohio.

    3. Since Oct. 8, 2006.

    4. No, but I’ve saved posts for later reference.

    5. More drunken singing incorporating this and other blogs’ names, please.

    (and CSS tips. I like those too.)

    1. Jeena Paradies (I’m male, it’s only a nickname) Varberg (80km southwest to Göteborg)
    2. born in Polen and lived over 15 years in Germany
    3. since I moved to Sweden, 2 years
    4. yes but not that much, becourse almost always there are already comments which say the same thing I would like to say
    5. I like your articles like “The letter from WASP-EduTF to Skolverket”
    1. Spencer, Elementary school teacher and novice web designer on the side.

    2. Houston, TX

    3. A couple of months, ever since I began my journey into web design. I subscribe to a lot of web design blogs, and many of them mentioned you. So I thought to myself, “This guy’s gotta be good…”

    4. First time

    5. The toughest, most confusing aspect of web design for me right now is designing so that my design will actually look like a website, and less like a bunch of puzzle pieces tossed on a table in IE. Oh, what the world of web design would be like without IE…

  34. January 9, 2007 by Alex Demeyere
    1. Alex Demeyere, front-end developer
    2. Bruges, Belgium
    3. Can’t remember exactly, probably about 2 years, could be longer
    4. First time
    5. It’s fine as it is. Just make sure you write not only what others ask you to write, but also what you like to write.
  35. January 9, 2007 by Cris
    1. Cris Jones Linden, web applications developer for a telecom.
    2. Montana, USA.
    3. A friend sent me this link on April 25, 2005. Yes, I looked it up :)
    4. First time commenting. I think.
    5. Don’t change. I like your existing balance. You write very well on Javascript and CSS in particular.

    456 is currently my favorite web design related weblog; more than Zeldman, more than Meyer, more than Shea — nothing against those awesome people, but I like how you address specific solutions in detail.

  36. January 9, 2007 by Matt Eskesen
    1. Matt Eskesen, Web Developer/GIS Analyst

    2. Salt Lake City, UT

    3. I’ve been visiting for about 6 months I’d guess.

    4. This is my first comment.

    5. I’ve learned just about everything I know about web development on the job which has led me to articles about standards and accessibility. Those articles are the most enlightening for me.

  37. January 9, 2007 by bekee

    i really enjoy your articles where you’ve figured out how to do something neat with css and you share with the world. i’ve referenced your site a number of times to help me do my job (i’m a self-trained front-end developer whose seriously lacking in some skills that the title implies) so, i guess i’d say, keep it up! </delurk>

    1. Nicholas Piasecki, Developer

    2. Norfolk, Virginia, US

    3. About a year

    4. About three or four times

    5. Accessibility and standards from a “code monkey’s” standpoint. It’s hard justifying standards and Web accessibility to managers who don’t care because they can’t see a visual difference in the site. They’d rather feel the pain of maintenance later than the pain of a little extra effort up front because they probably won’t be the ones who have to maintain it later—it’s see ya later after the contract is done.

    Love your site! It’s at the top of my RSS feeds. Keep it up.

    1. See above.
    2. Vancouver, BC
    3. More than 1 year. Maybe 2?
    4. This is not really a comment, so - never.
    5. I am fine with the current material, thank you. However, if there’s some time and effort to be invested, let it be into the real-world cases of the interaction design. Cheers.
  38. January 9, 2007 by Ryan Mack
    1. Ryan Mack - Web Developer
    2. Virginia Beach, VA, USA
    3. Not sure. Around a year or so.
    4. Not that I recall.
    5. That’s a tough question. If I knew what I wanted to know I’d buy a good book on the subject and be done with it. There it is - I want to know what books I should be buying. What cool new web development technologies/techniques are others using that I should be up to speed on (or avoiding), and how best to put them to use (best practices/example sites done right).
    1. Peter Ward (High school student - I do out-of-school work on web dev. + programming)
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. Since I found it - sometime about November 2006
    4. Nup - I’m a real lurker!
    5. Anything that explains to unenlightened IE users why we hate it - I like reading most of your current material.
    1. Dick Olsson, self learned webdeveloper enthusiast
    2. Skövde, Sweden
    3. For about two years
    4. Once or twice, something like that. Havent been able earlier due to a headers-related problem on you site (or my browser settings?)
    5. More of everything ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  39. Bugger me backwards, Roger! You’ve got a lot of replies to this one!

    1. Who are you (name and occupation)

      I’m Oli and I’m a part-webdesigner, part superhero… When I’m not working, I’m plugging bits and bobs onto my site.

    2. Where are you from?


    3. How long have you been visiting this site?

      Not long really. I noticed you on 9r and thought I needed more people on my blogroll. Not a great reason but you were the best of the best 9r had to offer and I’m happy that I read your posts.

    4. Have you posted a comment here before?

      I’ve emailed you before — I think there was even a comment once… It’s hard to tell when people have to be “anonymous”. You should incorp some form of OpenID system so people can keep ownership of comments.

    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

      Just keep it going, mate. You’re doing well with high quality articles. If I had to pick something to nuke, if would be the “Digg this” button.

    And markdown is buggy… makes getting the post looking correct, difficult!

    1. Hans Nilsson, freelancing web developer.

    2. Gothenburg, Sweden.

    3. Two years perhaps.

    4. Once or twice maybe…

    5. Dunno… you cover everything I want right now.

  40. My name is Daniel Granstrom and I’m 25. I currently work with web usability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency in the personal software market, at my wreck of an upstart, jaSpOiD.coM - currently designing a personal weblog solution that I can hopefully launch in a month.

    I’m also an active member of the Green Party of Sweden locally, in Saffle, Varmland, and Sweden, where I live - more or less on all those levels, really - mostly interested in information systems, communication, trade, and sustainable consumption of natural resources.

    Thereto I’m a wannabe stand-up comedian doing my first “testdrive” in February at a friend’s small, local comedy club for a few minutes.

    Anyway, I’ve probably been visiting this site sparsely on and off for at least 3 years through external links. (I don’t really keep track on where I’ve read what for so long.) But more recently - the last month or so - quite a lot, browsing the archives, because of my web design work.

    Have I commented? Yes. Only just recently. On the “highlights 2006”, and “97% inaccessible” threads.

    So. What I wanna see more.. “How to build the best personal weblog platform ever from scratch in one month”? Well, really, I believe it’s probably better if you poke at what inspires you for the moment. But pondering on accessibility issues, and possible solutions, is both fun and useful - I think.

  41. January 9, 2007 by Jessica
    1. Jessica Hull, graduate developer trying to get my toes wet and discover an area I could passionately develop a career in, so far (X)HTML/CSS, standards, semantics etc is it (Thank you IE for firing me up).

    2. Australia.

    3. About 6 months, found it during research when I started my new job.

    4. I think I may have, it would have been a question or along the lines of ‘as someone learning CSS I found <topic> a little difficult to understand or had problems myself when trying to implement/use <topic>’.

    5. I really like the balance of articles about using CSS, commentary on how standards are evolving, etc. Even as a beginner I understand most of what goes on in code examples and what causes bugs and how the fixes work, though I may not get the chance to use a lot of it right now. I appreciate the repetitious evangelism, it might get old for some (preaching to the converted) but it’s a good reminder for me to keep improving when I can. I’ve learnt here that you can’t suddnely become completely standards valid but every time you make an effort to be as valid/accessible as possible you help make the web a better place.

    1. Jens Meiert, System Architect (Aperto), Author (O’Reilly), and stuff

    2. Berlin, Germany. Currently.

    3. Since 2004?

    4. Yes …

    5. Just keep it up.

    By the way, didn’t you know Nielsen’s lurker article? Valuable.

    1. Ajoy Thomas, I work as a web developer for Slingshot
    2. Dallas, TX
    3. About 2 years
    4. Nope, I did not want to sound stupid.
    5. I think you are doing a fine job with your site with tips for both newbies and advanced users. Keep it up. I would like to see more articles on usability and design patterns.
  42. January 9, 2007 by Ollie
    1. I’m Ollie, a physics student and web design hobbyist.
    2. Nottingham, UK.
    3. About six to twelve months.
    4. I’ve never posted a comment before. I rarely even read comments. In general, it seems too much effort to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    5. I like your take on semantics and standards. But the balance of stuff here at the moment is good for me!
    1. Nick, Web Developer - Interface Builder

    2. Christiansburg, VA

    3. 1 year

    4. Couple times when topic applies

    5. Development Environments, Processes, Workflows for getting things done; CSS, HTML, JS file/code structuring dos and don’ts; show and tell ( people post projects their working on or completed) people push code different ways and its interesting to see how people do that.

    But keep doing what you doing, this has been a good resource for me so far.

    1. Jason Leveille - School Teacher (Web Design, Programming)
    2. Frederick, Maryland, USA
    3. ~2 years ago
    4. No, I have never left a comment
    5. I always enjoy reading what you write. If I did not, or if your writing was not meeting my creative/technical curiosity needs, I would not continue to read your articles.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    1. Lothar Baier - freelanced Web Frontend Developer
    2. Werdau / Saxony / Germany
    3. about 15 month
    4. I don’t remember, but I think not
    5. Just keep on going, I love, what you do.
    1. Nikki Pugh, artist and also tickled by the number of ordered lists being used!
    2. Southampton, UK
    3. 2 years, perhaps
    4. probably not
    5. it’s just fine the way it is!
  43. 1) Artemy Tregoubenko, javascript/php developer

    2) Moscow, Russia

    3) About month or two

    4) No, AFAICR

    5) javascript, xhtml, web standards, though these topics are already popular : )

    1. Ranjani - high school student
    2. Texas, USA
    3. Not that long actually. Eight - ten months of regular dedicated readership at least.
    4. Yep! But I’m a bit shy about it?
    5. More tips - XHTML, CSS, Accessibility, anything. I enjoyed all of those! But then again, I enjoy your normal articles as well. It’s all a learning experience after all.

    I see you, Kilian! :D

    1. Ayohata - President of CinnamonSpice LLC in Japan and Coder(XHTML,CSS and JavaScript)
    2. Tokyo,Japan
    3. about 3 month
    4. No.
    5. Just keep it up.
    1. JunChen Wu, Blogger
    2. China
    3. nearly 2 years
    4. no
    5. more high technical…
    1. Tom Rose, developer
    2. Montclair, NJ, USA
    3. About three months
    4. Twice, including this one
    5. CSS tips, Usability, Typography
  44. January 9, 2007 by Frederik
    1. Frederik
    2. Netherlands
    3. 7/8 months
    4. No. With RSS: Im just a reader, not a writer.
    5. I like the way it is. No bullshit articles about things people already know. I think A List Apart is publishing too much of that crap these days. Keep up the good work!
    1. Filip, PHP-developer, Dashboard widget developer, freelance photographer

    2. Leuven, Belgium

    3. about a year

    4. once or twice tops

    5. keep it this way, great resource and fine articles

    1. Thomas Skrimstad, web developer.
    2. Oslo, Norway.
    3. Since some time in 2004 probably.
    4. Once or twice maybe.
    5. I’m quite content. CSS is always a winner though.
  45. January 9, 2007 by Joel Birch
    1. Joel Birch, self-taught graphic designer and web developer
    2. From Melbourne, Australia
    3. Visiting your site for about a year and a half via a Firefox live bookmark which I check everyday.
    4. Commented once or twice just to try to help other commenters in my very small way.
    5. I’d like you to maintain your ridiculously high standard for regular, quality articles. Love your topics. Only negative I have is that when I visit from a computer without Adblock for Firefox the amount of ads interfere with the content too much. Cheers Roger.
    1. Trey Piepmeier, Web Designer/Developer
    2. Cookeville, Tennessee, United States
    3. Probably 1.5 - 2 years
    4. I’m not sure.
    5. More idealistic web standards how-tos. I loved the bit on bashing the target attribute in favor of JavaScript. It’s amazing how much more you have to do to replace such a simple thing, but I love that people take the time to figure out how to do things correctly!
    1. Ricardo Antonio Duarte, Webdeveloper on Tecmedia Internet Design.

    2. Tubarão, SC, Brazil.

    3. About a year I think.

    4. It’s my first comment.

    5. I’d like read here more about standards, acessibility, usability and some stuff about web market in Europe.

    1. Chris Moritz, Experience Planner at Campbell-Ewald
    2. Berkley, Michigan
    3. Wow, at least 2 years, if not more
    4. I think so (if so, it’s been awhile)
    5. I dig it just the way it is.
    1. Ian Stalvies - Web PM
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. About a year?
    4. Just the one. Now two.
    5. I really like the current content and coverage of the web industry. Really like practical examples and especially critiques of good/bad practice … a focus on naming and shaming big companies who should improved practice (eg. accessibility) would be good. Not advocating witchhunts, mind ;o)
  46. If you’re still reading this far down, congratulations on your perseverence. ;)

    1. John Faulds, freelance web designer/developer.
    2. Brisbane, Australia (via London, UK & Perth, Western Australia).
    3. A couple of years probably. Only been subscribed to the feed for a few months though.
    4. Half a dozen maybe.
    5. Always skip over the stuff that seems Sweden-specific but really got no gripes with the content - it’s all good.
    1. Benson Low, UI designer and Usability Consultant for National Australia Bank, Creative Consultant for other clients.
    2. Melbourne, Australia
    3. over 2 years and have been RSSing for just as long on Firefox’s Sage and now on Google Reader.
    4. Over 10 times.
    5. More insights into usability testing would be nice. Agreed with John that local Swedish content sometimes on relevant for me.
    1. Rohit Arondekar, student.
    2. Goa, India
    3. For the past 2 months via RSS
    4. I think I have, I remember filling a similar comment form :P
    5. Suprise me. :D
    1. Abhijit Nadgouda, a software engineer
    2. Mumbai, India
    3. Over an year
    4. I think there are a couple of them.
    5. Technical content is already pretty exhaustive. Maybe case studies that highlight impact of accessibility and standards.
    1. Binny V A - Web Developer on LAMP Platform

    2. India, Kerala, Cochin

    3. Around an year

    4. A few times(10-20 comments - I think.)

    5. Continue what you are doing - in my opinion this is the best web development blog in my list.


    1. Preston So (14), designer, high school student.
    2. Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA).
    3. On and off for the past year, RSS feed subscription for the last several months.
    4. Hmm! I don’t remember!
    5. Roger, I particularly enjoy your more technical articles, but I also agree with Ian (comment #148) who wanted more critiques on good and bad practices. I like your writing the way it is, however.
  47. January 9, 2007 by Wulf
    1. Wulf, freelance web designer/developer
    2. US
    3. About a year
    4. Yes, but not often (I’ve probably posted about half a dozen times).
    5. Your current mix is great. I would, however, like to see a post previewing some of the goodies we’re going to get in CSS 3. I’ve attempted to to take a look at the drafts myself, but they’re a bit confusing to navigate.
    1. Kimberly - Systems Analyst
    2. Houston, TX
    3. A few years
    4. No
    5. Your posts are great. I like to read developer/designer sites to glean tips on how to do things correctly and inspiration for my own blog.
    1. Dan Shields (Front-end Developer)
    2. Ann Arbor Michigan
    3. About a year
    4. Once or twice.
    5. Just keep doing what you do because thats why I come. All the technical coding,usability,accessibility, and everything the web which is our passion.
    1. Mike Montgomery
    2. from Florida, USA
    3. I’ve been reading this site for a couple years.
    4. I think so.
    5. Building websites with web standards, faster. (I only have evenings and weekends available, so efficiency is ever important.) Practical accessibility.
    1. Pat Allan, web developer (just started a new job working with Ruby on Rails!)
    2. Melbourne, Australia
    3. Definitely over a year, but probably not two years.
    4. Um, not sure. Perhaps once or twice.
    5. I definitely don’t want to tell you what to write - stick with what you’re doing now, it’s fine.
  48. January 9, 2007 by Eoin
    1. Eoin Flood, Architect
    2. Ireland
    3. 1 year or more
    4. Don’t think so
    5. CSS, Javascript, HTML - that’s what brought me here in the first place.
    1. William Knelsen - Web Developer at a small web design company.
    2. Canada
    3. Two Weeks
    4. No.
    5. I don’t know what you have written about in the past, but I am interested mostly in CSS and SEO.
    1. Stephen Glauser, University Student
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. Six months or so.
    4. I have, but not often. I don’t like leaving the security of my RSS reader, although I love the design of your site.
    5. More of the same.
  49. January 9, 2007 by Scott Rarden
    1. Scott Rarden, Web Jack of All Trades
    2. Wichita, Kansas, USA
    3. 2 years or so
    4. Don’t think so - not often enough to remember at least :)
    5. If I had to go down to 2 to 3 web design influences, you’d be on there. So pretty happy - keep doing what you do.
  50. Hi, my name is Jen and I’m a freelance designer. I am currently residing in Norfolk, VA and have been visiting your site for about a year or so now.

    I think I’ve posted a comment before but am usually too intimidated by the talent.

    As far as content for the future, more of what you’re already writing. I’ve learned a lot from reading your site, so thank you!

    1. Ralph Brandi, front end web developer (some back end stuff too).

    2. New Jersey USA, down the shore.

    3. I’ve been coming for about a year.

    4. I’ve commented a few times.

    5. Accessibility techniques interest me most, but I like pretty much everything you cover.

    1. Kevin Scholl, visual communications specialist (branding, interface design, front end Web development)
    2. central Virginia, USA
    3. little less than a year
    4. maybe once or twice
    5. Technical articles and resource reviews tend to be my favorites, but everything is good.

    Keep up the great job!

    1. Tristan Dunn, Web Developer
    2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Not the best place for a web developer.)
    3. Around two years I’d say.
    4. Pretty sure I have.
    5. Accessibility is a must read for me.
  51. January 9, 2007 by Carolina
    1. Carolina F S, biologist
    2. São Paulo, Brazil
    3. About 6 months.
    4. Yes, once.
    5. The usual stuff you post about HTML, CSS, accessibility etc.
  52. January 9, 2007 by Chris Sullins
    1. Chris Sullins, computer science student and self-taught (and blog-taught) web designer.
    2. Portland, Oregon.
    3. A couple years now.
    4. I don’t recall.
    5. I’m very curious right now about server-side scripting, which seems to get less blog-time than things like accessibility and javascript.
  53. January 9, 2007 by Bryce
    1. Bryce, Computer Technician and budding Designer

    2. Perth, Australia

    3. On off, around 2 years?

    4. Maybe…

    5. How about Web development stuff like, oh I don’t know, maybe HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript libraries, semantics, accessibility, and other geekery. :)

    1. Jeff Snider, web developer
    2. Grew up in California, now living in Utah, both in the USA
    3. About three years, I think
    4. Maybe once or twice, but I am not sure
    5. This is one of the few sites I read that I rarely (if ever) come across a post that bores me. Most of my RSS feeds, I will look at headlines and occasionally read an article; on this site, I read nearly every one. So I guess you’re doing a good job for me on content.
  54. January 9, 2007 by Keith
    1. Keith, Front End Developer
    2. London, England
    3. About 9 months I think
    4. Nope, this is my first!
    5. Just keep doing what you’re doing, it’s great (or maybe some more singing?!)
    1. Tom, programmer and hack designer.

    2. NYC

    3. Just a few months. I mostly read via Google Reader.

    4. Nope, I’ve never written a comment before.

    5. You’re the boss. The reason I read this site is because I’m a much better programmer than I am a designer, so I’m looking for fresh info.

    1. yul, webdesigner
    2. Paris, France
    3. about 1 year
    4. maybe once
    5. css 4 ?
    1. Self-employed web developer
    2. Perth, Australia
    3. 2-3 years
    4. Don’t think so. (I use a feed reader and rarely visit the website.)
    5. I read your blog because I like what you’re saying already. :-) The occasional non-relevant (to me) post makes no difference to the value I get out of this blog.
  55. January 9, 2007 by Jeremy

    1) Jeremy, student programmer/web-designer

    2) Australia

    3) A few months

    4) Never

    5) It’s great the way it is.

  56. Rolf Luginbuehl, Webdesigner and Webdesign-Company owner

    Thun, Switzerland, Europe

    About two years

    I did, once or twice

    Personally I rate the techtipps above the rest, on the other hand I am pretty well pleased with your blog the way it is.

    1. Lisa, Webdesigner / Developer
    2. England but live in Cyprus
    3. A few months
    4. No, sorry
    5. I like what you post already.
    1. Anders, webdesigner/webdeveloper
    2. Söderhamn, Sweden
    3. Around 2 years or so
    4. I think so (if so, it’s been awhile…)
    5. I think you’re doing just fine.
    1. Brian Middleton - Freelance Web Designer
    2. Santa Rosa, CA
    3. Going on 3 years
    4. I don’t believe so
    5. I really enjoy the articles on accessibility and javascript.
  57. January 9, 2007 by Henrik Tengelin
    1. Henrik Tengelin, Developer
    2. Stockholm, Sweden
    3. Maybe around 2 years
    4. Nope…
    5. I tend to read whatever you post and it is nearly always interesting in some aspect. So just keep them coming.
    1. My name is Fludkov Mikhail, I’m a student, my specialty Mathematician-Programmer.
    2. I’m from Russia, Saint Petersburg
    3. Not so long than others here, only for about 2 months
    4. Never
    5. I like articles about accessibility!
  58. January 9, 2007 by Marcus Lindblom
    1. Marcus Lindblom, web developer
    2. Kalmar, Sweden
    3. A couple of years, or so…
    4. No, first timer :)
    5. You pretty much cover the subjects i´m interested in, keep up the good work.
  59. January 9, 2007 by Tommy Olsson
    1. Tommy Olsson, webmaster.
    2. Åsnorrbodarna.
    3. A long time.
    4. Yes.
    5. I like the current mix of topics.
  60. January 9, 2007 by Rolf
    1. Rolf, webdesigner
    2. Karlsruhe, Germany
    3. how long? hm… nearly 3 years now
    4. not sure about it
    5. topics are perfectly ok! Keep going.
    1. Predrag Jivici, graphic/web designer
    2. Romania, Timisoara
    3. ~6 months, mostly via rss
    4. never before
    5. good as it is
    1. Ben Hays - Web Developer/Photographer/Teacher
    2. Currently, Taiwan
    3. About 1 year
    4. No
    5. Web standards and accessibility
    1. Martin Jönsson
    2. Lerum, Sweden
    3. 4 months
    4. No
    5. I’m particularly interested in posts that cover semantic markup and the css that goes with it.
    1. My Name is Johan Prawiro and i work as a web developer for a couple of years now.
    2. I’m from Gütersloh in Germany.
    3. It must have been about 1.5 or 2 years ago when I first visited your site.
    4. Yes, I have posted a comment here before (not much). And usually I am the only one with the name Johan (single “n”) on most sites (since this name is kind of uncommon in Germany or most english sites?).
    5. I would have to say that I like the “best practices” articles the most wether they deal with javascript, accessibility/usability or web standards.
  61. January 9, 2007 by Teddy Zetterlund

    Teddy Zetterlund, swedish web developer, currently employed by adocca Entertainment in Stockholm.

    I’ve been a active visitor of this site since early 2004.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve posted ‘something’ here, but probably not anything valuable.

    I’m happy as it is with the content right now, just keep on sharing your knowledge.

    1. Konstantin Dankov, Web Developer
    2. Sofia, Bulgaria
    3. 6 months
    4. No
    5. I am mostly interested in semantic markup and CSS. Have interests in JS(Libraries), AJAX, PHP… and so on. Everything that have any connection with web development.
  62. January 9, 2007 by Martijn Senden
    1. Martijn Senden, GIS consultant
    2. Utrecht, The Netherlands
    3. About 1.5 - 2 years?
    4. Maybe once or twice? Maybe not, I’m not sure.
    5. More technical articles, insights on unobtrusive javascript, accessibility, usability, but also on design.
    1. Victor Welling, web developer (client side) for a dutch online retailer.
    2. The Netherlands.
    3. A year, year and a half.
    4. Yes, once or twice.
    5. I think you’re doing a great job as it is. Your website is a great resource to keep up with what’s going on in the world of web development.
  63. January 9, 2007 by Tom Klev
    1. Tom, web editor and designer
    2. Norway
    3. ~12 months
    4. Never before
    5. You’re already at my top 10 list, so please don’t change anything … I tend to spend more time on usability and technical questions, though.
    1. Magnus. Frontend developer.
    2. Stockholm, Sweden.
    3. Around a year. Two prehaps. Time just fly.
    4. Dont think so.
    5. I’m satisfied with the current blend of topics. Maybe some more tips and tricks?
    1. Phil Sherry, web developer and author.
    2. I’m from Liverpool, UK, but I’ve been living in Stockholm, Sweden, since September 2005.
    3. I’ve been visiting this site for about 3-4 years, I guess? Can’t really remember.
    4. I have bothered this site with my comments before, yes.
    5. I think you need to get into a thing called “accessibility” because I’ve never heard you mention it before. You need an angle in this game, and I think this is something you could really get your teeth into.
  64. January 9, 2007 by Goran Smiljanic
    1. Goran Smiljanić, web/graphics designer
    2. Novi Sad, Serbia
    3. 1 year
    4. No
    5. Topics are ok. Keep up.
  65. January 9, 2007 by Mara
    1. Mara, web editor/web content manager
    2. Italy
    3. some time less than a year
    4. nope
    5. as said: “just keep on sharing your knowledge” :-)


    1. Martin, Business Support Services Consultant for a software and configuration management software vendor. When I started reading your blog, I was Regional Sales Manager for a CMS vendor, so I was more professionally involved in web technology. I kept the subscription because a) I consider web tech one of my hobbies and b) I like what you write.

    2. Berlin, Germany

    3. Little over half a year, I think.

    4. I have, occasionally (I think).

    5. By and large, keep it up. I am very interested in clever CSS coding without browser hacks and not so interested in pixel-by-pixel layout reproduction, but I am not implying that you are not satisfying my curiosity already. :)

  66. 1 Web developer 2 Norway 3 About a year? 4 Think so, but not often 5 Almost every article is great. Keep up the great work!

  67. January 9, 2007 by Niels
    1. Niels, webdesigner
    2. Antwerp Belgium
    3. For about 4-5 months now
    4. Nope
    5. Some serious complaining about simple stuff that can’t be done with CSS. Or is still pretty buggy. Some insights into the buggy behavior of the clearfix hack (the :after in FF and Opera are not perfect). Some bitching about background positioning in a liquid/elastic design.

    Stuff like that :)

    Apart from that, I just like reading the posts and the insights of others.

    1. Håvard Pedersen, web developer (HTML, CSS and JavaEE) for a group of 8 local newspapers.

    2. Tromsø, Norway

    3. I’ve been reading 456 Berea Street via RSS for about half a year.

    4. I think I’ve commented here before, but I’m not 100% sure. ;)

    5. I like the present mix of usability and CSS. Keep it up! :)

  68. 1.- Félix Zapata, Web Developer 2.- Valladolid and Madrid, Spain 3.- One year or more 4.- I don´t remenber. 5.- The articles you write are fine, so I think that you don´t need to change nothing ;)

    1. Rowan Lewis, Web Designer and Developer
    2. Adelaide, Australia
    3. Years and years!
    4. Yeah, despite the use of Markdown.
    5. Whatever you want to write.
    1. Bram Van Damme, Web Developer (JS&CSS&XHTML-guru) amongst other geeky stuff (Server Administration and the alike)
    2. Deinze, Belgium (yup, same city as Veerle)
    3. I think I started visiting early 2005, when I started using Web Standards
    4. Every now and then I do find myself posting a comment here … not actually de-lurking thus :P
    5. Just continue posting the stuff you already are posting … surprise us!
  69. January 9, 2007 by Lucian Lature
    1. Lucian Lature, web developer/designer
    2. Bacau, Romania
    3. I’ve been reading 456 Berea Street via RSS for about two years.
    4. I never commented here (I’m a shy guy…) or some things have been already said
    5. I like the articles about javascript and usability. Overall, every article has a good point.
    1. Max Manders, Web Developer.
    2. Edinburgh, Scotland.
    3. About a year.
    4. I don’t think I ever have posted :-S.
    5. Great site, carry on posting the great info.
    1. Who? - Guy Carberry, web designer
    2. Where? - Southampton, England
    3. How long? - 3 or 4 years I think
    4. Commented before? - Not sure, possibly
    5. What would I like to read more about? - The business processes of web design. Process mapping, methodologies, time management, project management and customer relationship management. I always find that kind of stuff very interesting. Got a few good ideas from things you posted. For example, the tip toward the ‘Getting stuff done’ book. An invaluable tool. I’d also love to read more about accessible, aestheticly pleasing CSS based form design.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Martin Melin, Student who does web development for fun & profit.

    2. Stockholm, Sweden

    3. I’d say about a year.

    4. I don’t think so.

    5. I especially enjoy your accessibility and usability articles.

    1. Rich Archer - Web developer (client side stuff mostly)
    2. London, UK
    3. Oooh, ages
    4. Probably, if I like a post I tend to comment, even if it’s to say “yes, good point”
    5. Actually; nothing - there’s the reason I keep coming back!
    1. Alex, graphic designer for a US airline
    2. Originally Poland, many years in the US, now in Brighton, England
    3. Less than a year
    4. Nope!
    5. Web design workflow. Communicating with clients, etc.
  70. January 9, 2007 by Martin
    1. Martin, web developer
    2. Stockholm, Sweden
    3. ~6 months
    4. Not until now
    5. More hands-on information about best practice accessibility. Otherwise, just keep up the good work.
  71. January 9, 2007 by zooey
    1. Karlis, developer ((x)html/css)
    2. Latvia
    3. A year, or so
    4. AFAIR - no
    5. CSS, accesibility and usability articles
    1. Schalk Neethling Developer/Designer/Evangelist
    2. South-Africa
    3. About 2 years
    4. Yes, I think once or twice.
    5. All I can say is keep up the great work. Your insights into the areas of CSS and accessibility are always helpful and makes me, as a developer, think more in detail about the topics covered.

    All the best for 2007!

  72. January 9, 2007 by Matt Zuerrer
    1. Matt Zuerrer, art director / web designer
    2. Staefa, Switzerland
    3. 2 years I guess
    4. afraid no - that’s why I de-lurk myself
    5. I’m interested in design concepts and usability - the technical stuff I usually figure out by myself :-)

    Thanks a lot for the good work!

    1. Matthew, university student and occasional web designer/programmer
    2. England
    3. I can’t remember, but about two years I’d guess.
    4. I think I did once, a long time ago.
    5. The mix is about right :)
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)?

      Aaron Heimlich, recent college grad, currently job hunting (anybody in the Chicago area looking for a web developer?)

    2. Where are you from?

      Chicago Area, IL, USA

    3. How long have you been visiting this site?

      I honestly don’t remember, it’s been at least a year or two

    4. Have you posted a comment here before?


    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

      I like the current mix

    1. Inger, secretary at the Department of Ecology, University of Lund
    2. Lund, Sweden
    3. About 2 years
    4. No
    5. I like it the way it is. As a newbie I’m learning all the time from this site. Keep up the good work.
    1. Fredrik Holm, Webmaster
    2. Jönköping, Sweden
    3. No idea, long time …
    4. Can’t remember
    5. I like the mix that you have!
    1. Henrik Vendelbo, Developer
    2. London
    3. About 2 years I think
    4. Made a couple of comments
    5. I am a bit bored with accessability, but I have always found usability a top subject. Worked with UI design since 1991.
  73. January 9, 2007 by Jakob
    1. Jakob, web developer

    2. Stockholm, Sweden

    3. Around 6 months or so

    4. Nope, this is a first for me

    5. I think it’s already a great mix, but I’m particularly interested in articles regarding accessibility and SEO, and how the two are linked etc. Also, I really like the smaller tips, like the tip about firebug and assorted CSS-tricks.

    1. Bart Grzyb, computer science student and freelance webdeveloper
    2. Poland
    3. About 2 years
    4. yes, few times
    5. more, great CSS articles
  74. 1) Tommaso Baldovino, Web Designer/Developer

    2) Florence, Italy

    3) About 2 years

    4) Yes, sometimes

    5) Just keep on writing this way, I appreciate accessibility and usability articles.

  75. 1 Kalle Persson, web designer running his own company. 2 Falköping, Västra Götaland, Sweden 3 Tough one… I’d say about 2 years. 4 Yep, quite a bunch actually. 5 Things are fine just the way they are but I’d like to read a bit more about real-life design experiences if that’s possible.

    So, are you and Veerle competing about who gets the most comments on an entry? ;)

  76. Whoa! One had to scroll a lot to find this form. Seems that I’m right when I’m missioning this blog as the number 1 in Sweden in this area. The answers then:

    1. Im working with sales at ReadSpeaker Scandinavia (Sales Manager). We deliver the automatic podcast for this blog.
    2. Uppsala, Sweden
    3. About a year, got a tip from Jan, your boss at Netrelations.
    4. Yep!
    5. Accessability/usability is what I’m most interested in. Keep up the good work!
    1. Webmaster/Programmer for a Publishing company in Manchester, UK
    2. Manchester, UK
    3. Pass. At least 2 years
    4. Several
    5. You choose - you seem to pick good topics in general!
    1. I’m a student
    2. Espoo, Finland
    3. About 10 months
    4. Nope
    5. More advanced CSS tips and tricks, Lab stuff
    1. Phil Thompson, web designer/developer
    2. Manchester (UK)
    3. 2/3 years
    4. Yes I have once or twice
    5. More about accessibility

    I don’t really comment on your posts mainly because other people seem to comment on them within moments of them being published and the flow of conversation in the comments alters so rapidly that I can’t seem to keep up.

    1. Owen Mc Gauley

    2. Wicklow, Ireland

    3. Just over a year

    4. A few times

    5. Happy enough in general, but do enjoy the technical stuff

  77. January 9, 2007 by Graham
    1. Graham, User Interface Engineer previously Web Developer

    2. Currently Bristol, UK

    3. Kept finding myself here from various links around the net, RSS subscribed 2 months ago.

    4. Nope

    5. Interested in articles on usability, standards, accessibility, design… pretty much what you already supply.

  78. January 9, 2007 by Drex
    1. Arunas Kucinskas, developer
    2. Vilnius, Lithuania
    3. ~ 1.5 year
    4. No
    5. As good as it is.
    1. Rick Curran - web designer/developer
    2. Dundee, Scotland
    3. Visited the site occasionally, RSS subscriber for a few months
    4. Posted comments occasionally
    5. I enjoy reading what you already write about I guess too!
    1. Jan Dolezel, student/developer
    2. Prague, Czech Republic
    3. 2 years, I guess
    4. None, as I can remember
    5. I like it the way it is (usability and coding)
    1. Andreas Wikström Grönlund, Software designer
    2. Sandviken, Sweden
    3. ~2 years
    4. No, not yet (ehh, this is the first)
    5. Just keep up the high quality!
  79. January 9, 2007 by Thomas
    1. Thomas - Junior Webdesigner/Webdeveloper, student at the school of Digital Communication (Communication & Multimedia Design).
    2. Geldermalsen, The Netherlands
    3. This site is clamped in my RSS reader for several months now ;D
    4. Never posted a comment (the shame!)
    5. No comment. The content you provide is great!
    1. Tom, Student
    2. UK - England
    3. 6 Months
    4. No
    5. Keep up the good CSS articles :)
    1. who? - Michel Balzer - currenty I’m a student at a german school
    2. from? - Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
    3. how long? - nearly a year or so?
    4. commented before? - I’m not sure. It could also had been a trackback or pingback.
    5. wishes? - It’s ok how it is. (Don’t know.)
    1. Albert Sarle, web developer (client and server side)
    2. Barcelona, Spain
    3. I can’t remember exactly, but you were one of my first non-spanish feeds I subscribed to. That should be about 2 years.
    4. mmm, maybe I’ve posted one or 2 comments but I’m not sure about that.
    5. I think that contents are pretty good so far. Some topics I’ve read here were the first time I hear about, and that’s what I expect, keep reading the english webdevelopment buzz before It reaches the spanish speaking blogosphere. IMHO, I prefer fewer worthy posts than lots of content just to be indexed on search engines (that is what many bloggers are doing)

    Good work!!!

  80. Hi,
    1. I’m Yann, 29yo. I’m a french web developer “at home”. One day, I’ll be at my own office… :)
    2. I’m from Saint-Etienne, France.
    3. I don’t remember when I began visiting your site… Maybe around 2 years ago (and I have a lot of your links in my bookmarks for reference)
    4. I don’t either remember if I ever commented but pretty sure I never did.
    5. … Keep up the good work, your articles are great !

  81. January 9, 2007 by Ole Hansen

    1) Ole Kofoed Hansen - I’ve been a hobby programmer for 20 years and a hobby web developer for 10. Currently I’m a student, studying Computer Science.

    2) Fredericia, Denmark

    3) Quite some time - at least 2 years, I would guess

    4) Once or twice

    5) Keep up the good work.

    1. Alexandru Leonties - Webmaster, online journalism lecturer and some other things, 36
    2. Romanian living in UK (Kent)
    3. 1+ year
    4. Probably not, although I will do in the future
    5. It is your baby, therefore it is up to you. I like it anyway.
  82. My Name is Tim, I’m from Cambridge in the UK and have been visiting the site for a few months on and off, I suspect I have posted a comment before but I have just over 90 feeds that I subscribe to so if I haven’t I’m sorry :(

  83. January 9, 2007 by Stephen Hill


    My name is Stephen Hill (Web Developer) and I am one of those people who is subscribed to your posts, reads them, but hardly ever post a comment.

    I live in the “United Kingdom of Great England Land” and I have been subscribed to your site for about 6month now, in which time I may have only made about 1 or 2 comments.

    I really enjoy some of the topics that you cover, many of which cause a lot of debate which I enjoy.

    I would like to see you continue to write these questioning articles, but I would also like to see more practical ones: tips n tricks, howto’s etc.

    Anyway, I’ll crawl back into the wood work for another year :)

    Cheers Stephen

  84. January 9, 2007 by Aaron Bassett
    1. Aaron Bassett, I’m a web-developer working for a studio in Glasgow UK.
    2. I’m from a small town (Coleraine) in N.Ireland - but have been living in Scotland now for 4yrs.
    3. I think about 8-12months or something around that.
    4. Probably, I tend to only post comments when I have something of value to add (which hasn’t been said before)
    5. Well I’m a Javascript junky so my bias is with it, but I don’t have any real requests as you seem to be doing fine already ;)
  85. January 9, 2007 by Rachel
    1. Rachel, student. I

    2. Singapore. :D

    3. Since early 2006, I think.

    4. Nope, so I’m delurking now.

    5. I like the way your blog is now. I believe it’s your blog that first got me interested in web standards, etc. :D Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Wooh I’ve successfully delurked myself on four blogs already!

  86. 1 - Alexandre Rocha - Web Designer 2 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3 - More than one year, almost two 4 - I don´t remember…maybe yes 5 - XSLT, AJAX, CSS3, PHP Tips

    1. Marcelo Fernandes, product and graphic designer, working at the government.
    2. São Paulo, Brasil
    3. About a year, I guess.
    4. Never. And I didn´t think that this was so sad for you, but usually I don´t have time to read all the posts and make a comment.
    5. I am interested in usability, CSS, and webdesign tips, but metodology tips.
    1. Johan Edlund, web designer extraordinaire .
    2. Gothenburg, Sweden, of course.
    3. Since 2003 maybe, probably when it started.
    4. Yes.
    5. Gothenburg… I miss my home town.
    1. who: pr10n: lead developer for
    2. where: Canada
    3. how long: Long time
    4. how often: On occasion
    5. what: I’ll read what ever you throw out here.

    I don’t comment very often because I’m usually far to busy, but I do enjoy reading your articles.

    1. Emil Björklund, IA student and web freelancer
    2. Malmö, Sweden
    3. Around 2 years
    4. Can’t really remember, but I think not.
    5. I think your pretty well rounded on the subjects I enjoy, but one subject that comes to mind that I wouldn’t mind reading more on is “Making a Business Case Out of Web Standards and Best Practices”. Still worth repeating to a lot of people, even if you risk preaching to the choir considering the readership here. But on the other hand, better arguments and clearer discourse is a useful tool to spread.

    Thank you, Roger!

    1. Olof Schröder, designer
    2. Sweden
    3. Don’t know.. Read most posts but didn’t follow the site from the start.
    4. No.
    5. I like it as it is.
  87. January 9, 2007 by ErikHK
    1. Erik, student
    2. Linköping Sweden
    3. maybe a year, had seen alot of links to your posts and finally I added your RSS feed.
    4. yes.
    5. more about negativities of IE 7, usability, less about JS (although there isn’t much about it thankfully :))
    1. Max/Web developer.
    2. Israel.
    3. More than a year.
    4. Nope.
    5. More technical stuff, best practices, tips&tricks… Actually, keep it the way it is now, but POST MORE FREQUENTLY! I read lots of blogs about these topics and yours is one of my favorites. Keep the good work.
    1. Michael Eichelsdörfer, Freelance Web Designer
    2. Munich, Germany
    3. One year, maybe.
    4. No.
    5. Just keep things going!
    1. Ben Millard, Website Developer
    2. Hampshire, England (UK)
    3. About a year, although I’ve read a fair bit of your archives too. ;)
    4. Yes, commented a few times.
    5. I’d like to see more success stories. We all know failed redesigns are still the norm, but there’s a growing number of sites being rebuilt to be more accessible and standards compliant.

      A more positive outlook on the progress being made could make best practises more attractive to the mainstream. Your current readership are already convinced but the mainstream still need the benefits to be spelt out. :)

    1. Chris James, Web developer
    2. Dorset, England
    3. On and off for 2 years,
    4. I think so
    5. Generally its really good, I like your writing style and everything “flows” nicely.

    I would like to see an article as to why a mac is so well suited to web development. I keep hearing people saying it is, but i don’t know why!

    Perhaps a run down of some of the development tools available and how they are better than thier windows counterparts?

    Other than that excellent job. I don’t comment often, as I usually stealthily read your site at work in between compiling.

    1. John Remmers. Retired computer science professor who dabbles in web design.

    2. Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

    3. About two years.

    4. Never commented before.

    5. No particular requests - keep up the good work.

    1. Jay, Creative Web Designer/developer
    2. London, UK
    3. 3 months
    4. This is my first comment
    5. Firstly, let me thank you for sharing your valuable experience, time and efforts.

    CSS, Web design standards, Java Script, SEO are my favorite subjects. I am sure, anything to do with this posted by you on the blog will be interesting and useful. :-)

    1. Mat Johnson, Web designer
    2. London, UK
    3. Probably around 2 years…
    4. Nope, lurker
    5. Pretty much the same… perhaps reviews of sites from the front end perspective (html css js etc)
    1. Karinne

    2. Quebec, Canada

    3. A year or two

    4. Hmmm … good question. Probably not ‘cause usually want I want to say has been said already in previous comments.

    5. Love reading your posts on CSS and XHTML, Web Standard in general and accessibility.

    Thank you for the time you are taking to write all these.

  88. January 9, 2007 by David Eliason
    1. David Eliason, Architect/Developer
    2. Gothenburg, Sweden
    3. A year maybe
    4. No
    5. Best practices for usability and web development
  89. January 9, 2007 by Darren Adams
    1. Darren Adams, Web developer
    2. London, England
    3. Two, maybe three years
    4. Nope
    5. I usually come here for your articles on usability and accessibility, so more of those please.
    1. Vadim Makeev, Web developer
    2. Moscow, Russia
    3. About two years
    4. Nope
    5. Maybe more info about CSS3 features
    1. Josep Tarrés, translator and localizer
    2. Barcelona, Spain
    3. About a year, year and a half
    4. I think this is the first
    5. I like reading about accessibility and usability.
    1. Betina, web designer, learning about css, webstandards. ;)
    2. I’m from the south of Brazil… Florianópolis, SC.
    3. Actually I have no idea about how long, but for sure that’s more than six months.
    4. Well… no. ashamed. I have 456bereastreet subscribed on my google reader, and I usually don’t post any comments at all. I’m not a bad girl, I swear! My website and blog are still under construction, so I’m ashamed of posting comments cause I actually have nothing to show yet.
    5. I don’t have many suggestions, I’m really glad with the content you’ve posting. Well, maybe I would like more posting. Your work is great!
    1. Marat, CEO
    2. Moscow Russia
    3. 2 years
    4. No
    5. CSS, XHTML, Web Standard
    1. Yuriy Artyukh, web developer
    2. Kyyv, Ukraine
    3. more than 2 years
    4. it’s the first one
    5. i really like all your posts. So keep up writing!
    1. Eric DeLabar, Software Engineer, Trifecta Technologies, Inc.
    2. Allentown, PA, USA
    3. Off and on for a couple years…
    4. Possibly…
    5. I like what you have, keep up the great work!
  90. January 9, 2007 by JEREMY BROWN
    1. Jeremy - Student
    2. N Ireland, UK
    3. About a year
    4. The very odd time I would post a comment - I do not always feel I can make worthwhile contributions to your articles
    5. More of the same - possibly more tutorials and website reviews.
    1. Daniel Morrison, Web App Developer
    2. Holland, Michigan, USA
    3. About 3 years.
    4. Most likely, but not recently.
    5. I started reading when I was trying to do XHTML correctly, and used your articles as reference. As a programmer, I skip a lot of the design articles, but always love talk of standards and like keeping up with best-practices in general.

    Thanks for writing!

  91. January 9, 2007 by Jon D
    1. Jon D, Webmonkey for an ad agency…

    2. Bradford, UK

    3. About 2 years, since a colleague recommended it.

    4. Don’t think so!

    5. Usually enjoy most, the web standards related discussion, insight into neat tricks, tips and approaches to things.

  92. January 9, 2007 by Dawn
    1. Dawn, web designer
    2. Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    3. About a year or two
    4. This is my first :)
    5. I love your articles on web standards, accessibility and usability
  93. January 9, 2007 by Fred Valentin
    1. Fred Valentin, web integrator
    2. Charleroi, Belgium
    3. ? Approximatively a year
    4. Nope
    5. I think the content is pretty cool. You do a great job. :)
    1. Ivan, Head of Creative
    2. London
    3. about a year
    4. Probably posted once or twice
    5. More about web standards and pushing the limits on CSS based design

    I always find your posts useful and interesting, you often cover topics I am currently looking at or involved with on a project (OK own up are you psychic?). I only post if I feel there is something useful to add, I often come late to posts so most things have already been said!

    Keep up the good work, praise be to those that take the time to inform and discuss those issues we all face everyday. Thanks!

  94. January 9, 2007 by Mikael N
    1. Hi, Roger. My name’s Mikael and I’m a freelancing web designer.

    2. I’m a fellow countryman, from Örebro specifically.

    3. Not too long actually, maybe three months. But I’ve gone through the archives and enjoy your articles a great deal so I wont be leaving any time soon!

    4. Yes, once. I can’t recall what it was though.

    5. So far I’m very pleased with the topics discussed here. Just keep it up!

    1. Vee, learning technologist and ex-web developer
    2. UK
    3. A couple of years or so…
    4. Nope, sorry! It’s not just you though…I lurk around numerous sites and rarely, if ever take part.
    5. Not sure really. Just keep doing what you do and I’ll get back to you if I think of anything…
    1. JackP, web designer and all round techie geek.
    2. The ought-to-be Independent Republic Of Geordieland. Also known as the north-east of England.
    3. A couple of years on and off. The last year, very regularly.
    4. Wey aye.
    5. There’s lots of great standards and design stuff, but to be honest I like the human stuff too. Things that you’ve got worked up about for whatever reason. In short, write whatever you like, just keep it coming!
    1. Gabriel Svennerberg, Web developer
    2. Växjö, Sweden
    3. I’ve been a regular visitor for about a year
    4. Once or twice
    5. I think you have a pretty good mix as it is. Just keep up the good work.
    1. michael fruehmann, former student and now teaching at a university of applied science
    2. austria, linz
    3. almost 8 months
    4. jep, but not a lot. prefer to read.
    5. i think the mix is right perfect now. bit of theory, bit of practice and bit of fun and every-day-life. keep it that way, its perfect!

    .. and of course: thx for this great blog, its a must to read, not only for technical details but also for state-of-the-art and discussion platform!

    1. Alexander Isakov, designer.
    2. St. Petersburg, Russia.
    3. Too many years, do not remember.
    4. Nope.
    5. More examples of real-life implementations of web-standards, please.
    1. Jaakko, web designer/developer
    2. The one country that always seems to loose to you in ice-hockey, Finland
    3. 2 years
    4. Yes
    5. An overview about your workflow/working methods would be nice
  95. January 9, 2007 by Alexander
    1. I’m Alexander, currently working as an intern for an advertising agency. Mostly doing graphic design (print) and front-end web developing (+xhtml/css). I’m 19 years old.

    2. I’m from Norway.

    3. Pretty much every day since mid 2006.

    4. Nope

    5. Just keep up the good work.

  96. January 9, 2007 by Luke


    1. Luke, Web developer

    2. Canada

    3. I’ve been reading your stuff for the last 2 years

    4. No, I’ve never posted comment here. The reason for this is my main speaking language is french.

    1. Marty DeAngelo, information architect/web designer
    2. Philadelphia, PA
    3. at least 3 years (yes, longtime lurker)
    4. A while back, I believe
    5. More of what you’ve been doing, but mostly your great insights into accessibility in modern design.

    Your writing style and easy-to-comprehend articles are a pleasure to read. I’ve actually used your articles MANY times as ‘expert references’ regarding things like Alt and title attributes. I’m looking forward to even more of them in the near future!

  97. January 9, 2007 by Marco Philipeit
    1. Hi! My Name is Marco Philipeit, I’m a pupil
    2. from Germany and
    3. am reading this site since around a half year.
    4. I think this is my first or second comment, but if you are going to write more about
    5. accessibility, usability and webstandards out of the sight of your practical experience

    , I perhaps will post some more comments in the future. ;)

    Keep your great site running on. Bye

  98. January 9, 2007 by Marc Morgan
    1. Marc Morgan, web developer
    2. Dallas, TX
    3. About 9 months
    4. Never commented. me = lurker
    5. Just a wonderful source of information and intelligent insight. You are the first site I look at in my list of daily reads. What do you read everyday?
    1. Maksim Rossomachin, webstandards and microformats propagandist (WSG member),

    2. Severodvinsk, Russia

    3. More than 2 years.

    4. Yes.

    5. I want to read Roger’s point of view on microformats.

    1. Philip Karpiak, freelance & part-time web designer and student
    2. Winnipeg, Canada
    3. A little bit over a year
    4. Probably never commented before, can’t recall
    5. I like 456 the way it is, but maybe more articles dealing with workflow or small tidbits on how to get projects out the door faster (without sacrificing quality of course) might be nice.
  99. I see this post worked then ;)

    1. Paul Solecki, Web Engineer
    2. UK
    3. Probably about 2 yrs
    4. Yep.
    5. Just keep up the good work really, some very useful posts :)
  100. January 9, 2007 by Eugene
    1. Eugene, Webmaster/SEO at the world’s largest payroll company. Also project leader for implementing a Swedish CMS

    2. Netherlands or Nederländerna (see, my swedish course really starts to pay off now ;)

    3. Dunno can’t remember

    4. Once, you’re reading it. Hmmm this really makes me think :/

    5. Business cases on web standards? For the rest… it’s good! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ;)

    1. Patrick Beeson, Web standards developer for a Southwest Virginia newspaper (its Web site, obviously)
    2. Bristol, TN (USA)
    3. For a little more than a year
    4. Yes
    5. How Web standards and how it relates to content management systems and advertising.
    1. Lasse Häyrynen, student & an amateur web designer
    2. Finland
    3. About an year
    4. Maybe once, not sure :/
    5. Same kind of stuff as you have posted before :D
    1. Matthew Ginop, Web Designer
    2. Northern Michigan, US
    3. About 2 years
    4. Once or twice
    5. More on web standards, accessibility and usability. Less on personal and these types of posts.
    1. Justin Thorp, Web Developer Lead for CACI Intl.

    2. Washington D.C.

    3. A while

    4. half a dozen times

    5. I’d love to read your thoughts on some of the new trends in Web technologies and what we should be paying attention to. You do great work at breaking down some of the super-technical stuff into way we all can understand.

    1. I’m Thierry, a French student.
    2. France
    3. Don’t know precisely when I started to read your blog. At the beginning, it was from time to time. When I started to be tired to coming more and more often on your blog, I suscribed to the RSS feed.
    4. It’s my first comment here. I was reserving it for the de-lurking day. ;-)
    5. Write your blog as you want. :-)
  101. January 9, 2007 by Volker Probst
    1. Volker Probst, Web Developer
    2. Germany
    3. about half a year
    4. no
    5. I especially appreciate the technical parts about HTML, Javascript, CSS. But as well I’m very interested in what you think about current trends concerning web development, design and so on - no matter if I agree or not, it’s always worth reading and thinking about it. Keep up the good work!
  102. January 9, 2007 by chris
    1. hi my name is chris and im an alco…oh wait no im not. im a web developer.
    2. lets just say los angeles county.
    3. i didnt become a regular reader until about a month ago, but have known about the site for some time.
    4. i dont remember…but i dont think so.
    5. more on semantic markup.
    1. Lorenz, Interaction Designer
    2. Austria
    3. got to know your site about 8 months ago or so, and checking it on a daily basis since then
    4. nope, not yet…but who knows, maybe I’ll post one to let it all out ;)
    5. go ahead as always! I think it’s great content, and made me more accessibility+usability aware in doing my own things
  103. January 9, 2007 by Sean McGee
    1. Sean McGee, Web Developer for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

    2. San Antonio, Texas

    3. I’ve been reading for about 6 months now.

    4. I think I did, once or twice.

    5. I think you’re doing great. I’m not a beginner, but I always believe in attracting others to the industry. Perhaps a tutorial every 6 months would be fun.

    1. Gerben de Keijzer, hobbyist webdeveloper
    2. the Netherlands
    3. 1+ years
    4. a few times
    5. I think the current format is just fine
    1. Mathieu M-Gosselin, student and web developer
    2. Québec, Canada
    3. Nearly 4 months now
    4. I don’t think so
    5. Status quo :)
  104. January 9, 2007 by TheBits


    1. Mezentsev Sergey, student
    2. St. Petersburg, Russia
    3. 2 years
    4. nope
    5. the future of the web-industry and technologies
    1. Michael Müller, Web designer and developer
    2. Guayquil, Ecuador
    3. About 8 months
    4. Yes I think…
    5. I already enjoy a lot the content of your blog, maybe more advanced CSS and HTML tips.
  105. Harsh, Information Architect


    This site has been on my rss for a long time, at least 2+ years.

    May have commented. Once or twice at the most.

    I mostly read your thoughts about site architecture, code structure, web evolution, configuration, concerns about css/html, accessibility, usability etc.. things that affect decisions at project level. Your write-ups on future of web design are also interesting. Keep it up.


    1. Pelle Wessman, student, web designer and developer with my own company
    2. Skåne, Sweden
    3. A year or two - hard to remember
    4. Yes, occasionally
    5. Neat tips about html/xhtml, css and about the latest techniques and trends in web design - both in short and longer entries.
  106. My name is Edward Delaporte. I’m a web developer in the United States.

    In spite of the fact that I am primarily a code-head; my clients often leave significant web design decisions in my hands. So I read here with the goal of improving my understanding of design, presentation and accessibility.

    I’ve been reading this site for around a month now, and have learned a great deal; and this is my first comment. Your straightforward, detail-oriented writing has been very enlightening. Thanks!

    Since I haven’t been here very long; and because I come humbly to this world from the related but not particularly complimentary world of software architecture; I would definitely enjoy a selection of ‘crash courses’ in design fundamentals.

  107. January 9, 2007 by Anders Tornblad
    1. Anders Tornblad, Systems Developer
    2. Växjö, Sweden
    3. About a year, maybe 18 months
    4. Yes
    5. It would be interesting to see real-life case-studies from your daily work - like how much improvement can come from small (or big) changes…
    1. Brendan - Guitarist & Educator
    2. Boston, MA - USA
    3. Almost a year
    4. no
    5. no suggestions…, keep up the good work!
    1. Aaron Schmidt, 28, co-creator and designer/developer of (medium-sized photoblog community)
    2. Born and raised in Canada - have lived and worked in the US, France, and now reside in New Zealand (praise be to the world wide web)
    3. 3+ years
    4. Yes, a few times (< 20 though)
    5. More of the same really: general practice guidelines, tutorials, advice and opinions on the future of the web and its accessibility.
  108. January 9, 2007 by singha
    1. singha - your critic ;-)
    2. Czech Republic
    3. not a long time
    4. this is my first time
    5. anything useful
    1. Joe Dolson, 29, accessible web designer.
    2. Saint Paul, MN - although when I first subscribed I was living in Vienna, Austria.
    3. About a year.
    4. Yes, on occasion.
    5. In general, my favorite posts are on CSS and on accessibility. However, I think the spread you’ve got here is pretty satisfying on the whole.
    1. Jachin Sheehy, Web Developer
    2. I live and work in Fiji
    3. I’ve been lurking here for nearly three years
    4. I seem to recall commenting on “Barrier-free web design”.
    5. Any time you touch on HTML, CSS or Javascript, I’m happy. Given that you have achieved guru status on my reading list, I’ll also read anything you write about moving house and drinking songs too :)
    1. Beau West - Software and Web Developer
    2. Oklahoma, USA
    3. I guess about 9 months or more.
    4. Never. First one for me.
    5. I love the job you’re doing Roger. All I can say is keep it up! I tend to be terrible with design, so I love reading design tips. But then again, programming tips are awesome as well. =)
  109.    1. Devexperts LLC — Web Developer (front-end stuff + SEO)
       2. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
       3. About 2 years.
       4. Don't remember exactly. What a pity :/
       5. Keep up the good work. Everything is great :)
  110. January 10, 2007 by PablO
    1. Paweł Piskorz, student, (X)HTML/CSS coder
    2. Pszczyna, Poland
    3. Since 2nd of November, 2005, 13:27:20 (date of my RSS bookmark)
    4. I don’t remember ;]
    5. Like it what is right now.
    1. Adam Patten, Web Developer
    2. San Diego, CA
    3. About 3 months
    4. Nope
    5. Things are good as is.
    1. Kevin Futter, Web developer/IT grunt
    2. Australia
    3. A couple of years?
    4. Yes
    5. You’re already on the money as far as I’m concerned, so don’t stress too much about changing anything.
    1. Mike Birch, web technologist (Job description courtesy of Cameron Adams).
    2. Taupo, New Zealand
    3. 1 to 2 years
    4. Thanks for providing some great reading. Like many others, I relish anything related to implementing (x)html, css and javascript with best practice and web standards in mind.
  111. Whoops - I’ll try again:

    1. Mike Birch, web technologist (Job description courtesy of Cameron Adams).
    2. Taupo, New Zealand.
    3. 1 to 2 years.
    4. Yes.
    5. Thanks for providing some great reading. Like many others, I relish anything related to implementing (x)html, css and javascript with best practice and web standards in mind.
    1. Erick Bianes, Web Designer
    2. Makati, Philippines
    3. 1 to 2 years
    4. No. This is the first
    5. I like reading the posts about CSS and (X)HTML tips and tutorials. Would like to see more posts about design(e.g. Typography, Colors.. etc.) other than that the site is really great and has helped me a lot.
    1. Jason Grigsby, Web Developer
    2. Portland, Oregon
    3. Couple of years at least
    4. I think so, but not certain. Not many comments regardless.
    5. What you cover is pretty good so far. Keep it up!
    1. Web Developer (Mostly Java these days)
    2. Brisbane, QLD
    3. About half a year
    4. Yes.
    5. Everything, but particularly the html/css/webstandards stuff. Just keep doing what you’re doing, mate. Doing a good job of it so far.
    1. forestgan Web Designer
    2. Shanghai China
    3. About more than a year
    4. This is my first
    5. More CSS Accessibility,Less PHP
    1. Rafal Zrobecki. Junior Web Developer
    2. Poland
    3. 4 months
    4. yep
    5. CSS & XHTML tips&tricks
  112. January 10, 2007 by Patrick McGlogan
    1. Patrick. Web Developer
    2. Italy
    3. 2-3 years
    4. No
    5. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  113. January 10, 2007 by K.B.Ganesh

    Name: K.B.Ganesh, College student, part-time web developer From: India How long: Approx 5 months Posted comment? No You write great stuff. Period. :) Wish to see more in the coming year!

    Thanks for all the good work!

    1. Sibran. Multimedia developper
    2. Belgium
    3. 1,5 year
    4. Some
    5. Just keep going
  114. 1: Bob Langdon, web developer/website manager 2: Bournemouth, South coast, UK 3: About 2 years 4. Yes, but only once when I thought I could contribute 5. Browser comparisons, (X)HTML developments, web standards

    This site took me to the next level of interest/obsession in the web and its development, so my thanks - THANKS, Roger! - is long overdue. Please keep doing it, you are inspiring many ;)

    1. Hilde, webdesigner/-developer
    2. Oslo, Norway
    3. A couple of years
    4. Once or twice
    5. My only problem is finding the time to keep up with your posting speed, which is really nothing to complain about. So just keep up the good work!
  115. January 10, 2007 by D. Murphy
    1. D. Murphy / In-House “Web Designer” though I’ve done increasingly less design centered work while improving my company’s focus on usability and accessibility.
    2. I’m a dislocated Canadian working in Minneapolis, MN.
    3. Off and on for a few years, usually for specific items, and a subscriber for the last 6 months.
    4. Once, on the HTML 5 post.
    5. I think you’re preaching to the converted about accessibility. I’m glad you’re still pushing for it, and the article on the car sites was insightful - I think there could be more in the same vein, by yourself or others - however I’m only interested in principle level developments in the area.
    1. Jean Jacques / I’m still in school
    2. Netherlands
    3. About 6/7 months
    4. No
    5. It’s fine like this
    1. engtech, engineer
    2. ottawa, canada
    3. infrequently for two-three months
    4. no
    5. I like what you’re doing. Keep on truckin. :)
    1. Matt S., Web Developer/Web Consultant
    2. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    3. 3+ years
    4. Not sure if I have commented before…
    5. Accessibility, CSS and Javascript are the best!


  116. January 10, 2007 by Laure
    1. Laure, student and webdesigner

    2. France

    3. hum… 2 months ?

    4. This is my first one

    5. more technical articles (but I have many articles in archive to read before…)

    1. Guess, and Professional something though it is “strictly classified” and I would have to shoot you if you ever found out.

    2. The Holy Kingdom of Yorkshire.

    3. Since probably near my first post on this site, I am too lazy too search.

    4. More than 2, or 3…

    5. An article on Tommy Olsson’s Beard. ;-)

    1. Tormod Rangnes (ATC)
    2. Asker, Norway
    3. 3 years or so,
    4. Yes, but not too many lately.
    5. Less book-reviews, more CSS!
    1. Ali Smith / Web Developer
    2. Springfield Massachusetts Area USA
    3. A little less than a year now
    4. No, never posted before
    5. Love reading about the new and upcoming features of CSS! I think your content hits home quite a bit of the time, which is why you’re in my rss! Keep up the great work!
    1. Jen Germann, graphic and web designer
    2. Texas
    3. About a year, I guess
    4. Nope, this is a first
    5. I like your articles about css/accessibility/xhtml tips & tricks. Thanks! You’re doing great.
    1. Jordan, designer (occasional developer);
    2. Sofia, Bulgaria;
    3. About 3 years;
    4. No but enjoy other reader’s writings;
    5. Apart from everything nice published so far, I would like to read more about attractive content, productivity, building entire applications for the web; just something beyond scratching the technical/visual or accessibility part of the net (I think there is hunger for such articles or it will come, sooner or later);
  117. Hi, Roger!

    I often read your blog and I enjoy it! (and I’m not lurking at all;-)

    I’ll answer here briefly your questions:

    1. Who are you (name and occupation)? — My name is Michel Bozgounov, and I am webdesigner. I mostly code (x)html and CSS. I try to follow Webstandards as close as I can, I (like) love beautiful, semantic code and nicely organized CSS (and unobtrusive JavaScript, too;-) I also do some graphic design (mostly for the Web); my tool of preference is Macromedia Fireworks. From the beginning of this year I started my own blog (, so I can start writing about the topics I have a strong interest in - like CSS, photography, graphic design… and cycling:) My latest CSS design is and I’m quite proud of it :)

    2. Where are you from? — I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria (and from 10 days my contry is member of the EU;-)

    3. How long have you been visiting this site? — Dunno, I know it for more than a couple of years, I think, but only lately I started to visit it almost daily. I even posted a link to 456BereaStreet in my blogroll, so now I don’t have to type the URL when I want to go to visit you:)

    4. Have you posted a comment here before? — Yes, not very often, but more than once:)

    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street? — CSS, CSS, CSS :-) Also, some more info on your beautiful country would be welcome! :-)

    Well, I think that’s all…

    Sincerely, Michel

    PS/Note: Can we know how you create your “Possiblye related posts” box? Plug-in? Can it be adapted to WordPress? Thank you in advance!! I’m searching for something like that! :)

    1. John Labriola, User Experience Designer @ Marsh
    2. New York, USA
    3. 3 or 4 years
    4. Yup
    5. Styling form controls, but I see you added that. Ah you must have read my mind. Also your take on JS libraries for the non JS person. I am curious to your opinion…
  118. January 10, 2007 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)


    Thank you so much, everybody. It’s been great reading all the comments on this post, and there are many good suggestions as well. I’m listening and while this is my site as several of you have noted, I do not write just for myself. Your opinions matter to me and I will try to make you want to keep coming back.

    Keep the comments coming!

    1. Jonatan Larsson, webdeveloper
    2. Örebro, Sweden
    3. A little more than a year
    4. No, this is the first!
    5. No special wishes - I’m pleased as it is :)
    1. Bryan Davis; Trumpet player and web design enthusiast.
    2. Leeds, UK but frequently on tour (now in USA)
    3. About 2 years.
    4. Once or twice when I have something relevant to say.
    5. I’m always interested in the CSS stuff!
    1. Ben Spaulding, aspiring web / graphic designer, currently attending BYU-Idaho.
    2. Rexburg, Idaho
    3. 6+ months
    4. Never commented
    5. I think that you are doing great—though you cover a variety of topics, it is all directed at those trying to make the web a beautiful place. Thanks for all of your hard work.
    1. Brian, I’m a web developer and computer technician
    2. California
    3. forever I guess ;-) 4.Post number one for me…. consider me de-lurked ;-)
    4. Never enough good articles on xhtml…. I know its not even trendy anymore…but never enough good discussion ;-)

    that’s all…Now I guess ill go back into the corner and lurk some more

  119. January 11, 2007 by Frederik Raabye
    1. Frederik Raabye, Developer
    2. Copenhagen, Denmark
    3. Between 1 and 2 years.
    4. Might have posted once, but unsure.
    5. Can’t really come to think of anything misssing. In general most of the post are really good and usefull. Thanks!!!!
    1. Kathy, wed designer
    2. Tempe, Arizona
    3. 2 years or so
    4. A few times
    5. Your blog was one of the first I came across after discovering the whole web standards world. You helped me ditch tables, learn CSS, and realize the importance of accessibility. The tutorials in the Lab have been particularly helpful, and it’d be great to see more of them. Thanks for all the help over the years—you’re still tops on my blogroll.
  120. January 11, 2007 by Ted Page
    1. Ted Page, website manager
    2. London
    3. 1 year
    4. No
    5. Anything that helps to perfect the web standards/accessibility elevator pitch.
  121. Thomas Krantz, freelance programmer/web developer

    Göteborg, Sweden

    About 2 years


    Actually, I am rather happy with the content. Maybe exploring more CMS-related technologies would be interesting?

    1. Stephen Mitchell - amateur yet semi-professional web site designer (depends who you compare me with!)
    2. Adelaide, Australia
    3. Not sure, but I’d say I’ve been lurking here about two years.
    4. I ask questions in a lot of places, so I’ve probably left comments here too!
    5. Roger: Just keep doing the same. Everything you write about is good, beneficial and good-learning. Don’t write for us, write because you enjoy writing! But I am most interested in XML, XSLT, RSS, RDF and PHP. Learning this stuff alone and late-at-night isn’t easy!
  122. Christian, a webmaster from Sweden posting my first comment after reading for about a year.

  123. January 11, 2007 by Anders
       1. Anders, a student and freelance webdesigner
       2. Aalborg, Denmark
       3. About a year, I think
       4. Nope, I never felt I had something useful to say...until now...errr....
       5. Perhaps some more real-life examples of accessibility, usability, well-structured HTML/CSS and unobtrusive Javascript.
  124. January 11, 2007 by Anders (again)

    Ha! Me rookie!

    I try again

    1) Anders, a student and freelance webdesigner

    2) Aalborg, Denmark

    3) About a year, I think

    4) Just the one above. Which didn’t go well…

    5) Perhaps some more real-life examples of accessibility, usability, well-structured HTML/CSS and unobtrusive Javascript.

  125. Vittorio, Web Designer

    Milano, Italy

    A couple of years


    Enough for the moment..

  126. 1) Simon, Web Designer

    2) Leicester, England

    3) Over 2 years now

    4) Possibly - a long time ago if I have

    5) More of the same!

    1. Niko Neugebauer
    2. Lisbon, Portugal
    3. 1.5 years i believe =O)
    4. Not really …
    5. More technical stuff would be nice, but i think that you are doing just fine, i enjoy reading your blog greatly =O)
  127. LOL, well, you DID ask the lurkers to post.

    1. Dave Brimlow - web admin/dev. - PHP/MySQL.
    2. NYC
    3. @ 1 year
    4. Yes
    5. I would like to see a revisit, and eventual solution (there MUST be one), for “Equal height boxes with CSS”. For any business website offering products, until this is resolved, coders will be forced to use either tables or fixed width/size layouts with strict line number data restrictions.
    1. Goulven (that’s my first name) Champenois, standards aware webdevelopper
    2. Lyon, France (I miss lake Delsjön though!)
    3. I think I’d come across first around 4 years go, but I only became a regular reader after coming to Göteborg, Sweden in 2004 -and adopting an aggregator.
    4. Last time I did was to request your authorisation to translate “Evaluating Website Accessibility”. Took me a while, but I’m glad I did!
    5. Your articles and insights are just great, don’t change the trend!
    1. Alexandra Berg, windows and web developer
    2. Near Santa Cruz, California, USA
    3. Several years; I started off via the Lab and Teaser Boxes.
    4. I have chimed in once regarding font issues. I will make an effort to comment more!
    5. I enjoy the mix of articles. Thank you for the Lab and all of your research.
    1. Tore Vesterby, web designer at The Danish National Library for the Blind.
    2. Copenhagen, Denmark.
    3. About a year or a year and a half.
    4. Nope. I’m a 456 Berea Street comment noob.
    5. Keep the accessibility torch burning bright, but also start putting pressure on W3C to do actual user tests on the current standards - there might be things that could be done differently in the future.
  128. January 12, 2007 by Vojislav Jovanovic
    1. Vojislav Jovanovic, web developer
    2. Mysore, India (I’m originally from Croatia but living in India for the last four years)
    3. first time visited a year ago, but came back again only a week ago
    4. this is my first comment
    5. Besides all the excellent articles on accessibility, web standards, css, (x)html, I would like to see more articles about different issues web developers face in their daily work but not strictly related to web itself (like you did an article on Coping with noise in the workplace). And to repeat what Dave Brimlow (comment no 358) already requested, I would like to see modern solution for “Equal height boxes with CSS”.

    Thank you very much for great articles and keep up the good work.

    1. Paul Sturgess, web developer
    2. Reading, England
    3. A long time
    4. Don’t think so
    5. I think the writing and subject matter is great. I just wish you’d show your whole articles in the rss feed ;-)
    1. Ricky Irvine, graphic designer
    2. Louisville, KY
    3. A few months
    4. Never, ever
    5. Whatever you write. If it’s interesting or transformative, I’ll read it.
  129. 1. Who are you (name and occupation)?
    I’m Sara and I’m a developer and website publisher

    2. Where are you from?
    US but currently live in Mons, Belgium

    3. How long have you been visiting this site?
    New recruit here

    4. Have you posted a comment here before?
    Don’t think so.

    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?
    not sure yet as I’m still going through all of your posts. Nice site though :)

  130. January 12, 2007 by Anne-Sophie
    1. Anne-Sophie Cauwe, music teacher
    2. Belgium, Halle
    3. Maybe 2 - 3 years
    4. I don’t think so
    5. Css stuff
    1. Stephanie, Web Design Technologist
    2. New Jersey, USA
    3. 6 months
    4. this is my first
    5. CSS and JavaScript tips and tricks with specific code samples
    1. Adrian Ilovan, multi-faceted web developer, rookie 456bereastreet reader
    2. Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    3. I am really ashamed… 2 months? I could have been a muuuch better developer, but I try to catch up by reading previous articles
    4. Not yet
    5. Usability stuff, but I also like it as it is
  131. January 12, 2007 by Johan Boström
    1. Johan Boström, nowadays hobby web developer/designer.

    2. Gävle, Sweden.

    3. 3-4 years is a good guess.

    4. Absolutely.

    5. Future web standards. CSS3, HTML5 etc.

    1. Tanny O’Haley (programmer/developer since 1980).
    2. North Hollywood, California USA
    3. I think for about three years.
    4. Yes.
    5. More technical articles. Can’t think of anything I want less. That’s why I subscribe to your RSS feed. I find what you write important.
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. How long have you been visiting this site?
    4. Have you posted a comment here before?
    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street?

      1. Terry Corum Part-time website designer.
      2. Southgate, Michigan, USA. (near Detroit)
      3. Visiting your site for about 6 months I think.
      4. Not posted any comments yet.
      5. I’ve been so busy reading your site and some other favorites I have in my rss reader, I can’t think of anything special I need more of!
  132. January 13, 2007 by Marcos Molina
    1. Marcos Molina, Music teacher and beginner web designer (currently working as an assistant scholar making web-based e-learning content). I am quite weird, I know.

    2. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.

    3. About 6 months.

    4. Nope.

    5. I like the articles, but what I like the most are your book reviews. Thank to them, now I have a quality basic webdesign/webdevelopment library. Keep on that way!

    1. Joshua Shannon, Web Developer (Asp, ASP.NET)
    2. Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
    3. 2 years
    4. Don’t recall that I’ve posted before, but it’s something I plan on doing more of this year
    5. I’ve always enjoyed articles about clever use of CSS.
    1. Julian, grammar school pupil
    2. NRW, Germany
    3. For some years
    4. A few
    5. I especially like your best practice tips for CSS. Thank you for your really good articles.
  133. January 13, 2007 by Martin
    1. Martin, Web Programmer
    2. Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    3. A few years
    4. 10-20 comments posted (rough guess)
    5. The same, but more CSS such as a CSS tip to make a nice big footer with a gradient background and (as a bonus) add your own Flickr or content in the footer.
    1. Andre Brocatus, interaction- and branding designer
    2. Utrecht, the Netherlands
    3. Over two years
    4. No; but i love the site, i just couldn’t miss this opportunity to tell you.
    5. Your site is my trusted resource for what is and what is not compliant, supported, possible or realistic in accessible and standards-based webdesign. You’re site is great in that you are on top of new developments and you revisit themes that you addressed earlier in the new light. Thank you.
    1. Håkan Samuelsson, sustainability and global change
    2. Sweden
    3. 2-3 yrs
    4. nope
    5. I like to read news and comments on usability and accessibility as well as css and javascript issues, thinking of it I like pretty much everything you wright about.
    1. Hein Tore, freelance web developer, and Marketing & Media student in Leeds, UK
    2. Norway
    3. Three years, at least
    4. Yeah, I’ve posted a couple of comments
    5. Everything. This is one of the few blogs out there where I read and enjoy every single post - no kidding.
  134. Tommy, VP of marketing for a a high-tech firm (not Web 2.0). I do more web work then I care to admit (and not very well) cause my boss (the CEO) thinks anybody with Photoshop and Dreamweaver is a designer. Kind of sad really.

    St. Louis, MO.

    At least two years.


    Keep doing just what you are doing. My only comment would be some more basic or intro articles. No matter how much I try to educate my self about web design, standards, and CSS some of your articles/posts going right over my head. But I am guessing I am not exactly your core target audience.

    1. Andreas Lagerkvist, Front-end Web Developer
    2. Sweden, Stockholm, well actually i was born in Hong Kong and lived most of my life in Luleå, but right now it’s Stockholm
    3. I’d say about a year or so, not really sure tho
    4. Hm, once, maybe
    5. Just keep up the good work
  135. Hey guys, you will kill me. A few days ago I heard about the de-lurk stuff. And I have no idea how you and Veerle made my mind to post my first comments to your blogs. I am reading your articles from 2,3 months. Veerle`s from 2 weeks. Greetings and luck :)

  136. January 15, 2007 by raimundo vazquez
    1. raimundo vazquez, web designer
    2. galicia, spain living in london, uk
    3. 2 years
    4. never
    5. i would like to see real life examples of html,css and javascript and show how it could be improved. Something along the lines of the 37 signals “better …” examples
    1. Attila Szabó, freelance web developer and student (I’ll be graduating this year)
    2. Slovakia
    3. a year or so
    4. haven’t yet
    5. more rich GUI oriented examples
    1. Elvis Kvalbergs, web-developer, owner of small IT company in Latvia
    2. Latvia obviously :)
    3. Wuf. It’s long enough to not remember, but I can tell, that you Rodger and your articles are the main reason for me to turn on the “right” way of web development :)
    4. I think once or twice - my bad :)
    5. The most interesting articles are about those little specific things that come in a way of web developer. Like IE bugs, workarounds for some CSS issues, new improvements and ideas to unobtrusive JS etc. Ans also I use your articles as a kind of gateway to all the many blogs about related topics, that I just don’t have time to scan through.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Who are you (name and occupation)? Patty Bradley-Diehl, Web Developer

    2. Where are you from? Ann Arbor, Michigan

    3. How long have you been visiting this site? Not long. Maybe 3 months. Your quickly became my favorite blogger.

    4. Have you posted a comment here before? I did once but it seemed to disappear.

    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street? You cover many topics that interest me, but maybe more on semantic markup.

    1. Crystal, n00b web developer (focusing mostly on the html/css aspect atm, but branching off into ASP classic and hopefully .NET

    2. Westminster, Maryland

    3. I just found your site today :x

    4. Nope, this is my first time

    5. I already forget what led me here, but so far I like the content. I haven’t read through enough to make any suggestions yet.

    1. Chris Brown - Web Designer
    2. Richmond, VA USA
    3. On and off for 4 years… daily or weekly for the last year and a half.
    4. nope, de-lurking right now
    5. I trust your judgment, PLEASE keep up the great work.
    1. Dan Bowling - Higher Ed Web Designer
    2. Missoula, MT USA
    3. 4 years?
    4. Maybe once
    5. I’d like to see more “lab” posts… but I recognize that those are very intensive to write, so maybe a bit more commentary on controversial topics - such as Flash v. No Flash, Fluid V. Static, that kind of stuff. And accessibility is always good.
    1. Sheri Bigelow, Web Designer
    2. Salt Lake City, UT
    3. I have been visiting on and off for a few years.
    4. I haven’t posted any comments.
    5. My favorite articles on your site are the ones where you have commented about something you have personal experience with or a problem you solved. I like the reviews because I like to see what smart, talented designers are reading. I think the job openings are pretty cool. One addition I think would be nice for is a comprehensive index or table of contents. I do like the categories list, but since you have so much content, an index might be another way to give readers a big picture view of everything you’ve written about. Just an idea.
    1. Eduardo Figueiredo, Graphic and Product designer, I’m writing a blog, Dudu Figueiredo’s now more about Product Design.
    2. From São Paulo, Brazil.
    3. I’ve been reading you for more than 3 years
    4. Maybe 2 or 3 comments…
    5. Keep on moving with your great job…. but I always like to read about HTML & XHTML Semantics.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    1. Yoeri, owner of a small web agency.
    2. Limburg, Belgium
    3. More than a year I think
    4. Yes, sometimes
    5. G’oh, i really enjoy reading most (95% :-)) articles here, so keep it cool.
  137. Who are you (name and occupation)? Finn, Webdeveloper

    Where are you from? Monheim, Germany (between Düsseldorf and Cologne)

    How long have you been visiting this site? I think 1,5 years or so

    Have you posted a comment here before? Nope

    What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street? Keep it as it is ;o)

    1. Richard Rutter, web site designer
    2. From Woking (in the London commuter belt) now happily living in brighton
    3. A significant number of years
    4. Posted quite a few comments down the years
    5. Would like to read what Roger does when he’s not doing web stuff. Failing than more gubbins on CSS and accessbility will do the job nicely.
  138. January 27, 2007 by Scott
    1. Scott, web developer
    2. British Columbia, Canada; in the Greater Vancouver Area, but not in the city of Vancouver itself.
    3. I haven’t been keeping track, but probably a few months more than a year.
    4. A few times; I don’t have much to say in person either.
    5. I’m not a very good designer, so I would be interested in articles targetted at developers (people who mainly write code) who want to learn about design. I don’t mean stuff like picking fonts or how to make a CSS layout, but how to decide which CSS layout is appropriate for a particular client, how to pick colors, how to convince the client that you made the appropriate choices, and how to deal with the client’s demands for change if you’re unable to convince them.
    1. Who are you (name and occupation)? Calum, “in house” web developer.

    2. Where are you from? Scotland, but live in Malaysia.

    3. How long have you been visiting this site? 2+ years

    4. Have you posted a comment here before? I don’t think so! lol

    5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on 456 Berea Street? More: I especially like reading your opinions/overviews of current web news etc. Less: Mac stuff :-)

  139. I’d like more articles & book recomendations about server-side stuff such as:

    • PHP (and possibly ASP)
    • Server configuration (so that beginners learn the proper ways) for things like:

    • Form handling & processing

    • Apache configuration for things such as redirecting users to a consistent domain name (either with or without the “www” hostname from the other) while preserving the path, rather than just redirecting to the root from any path
    • Setting up tools like URL rewriting and such
  140. Hey Roger,

    1. I’m Albert, mainly technician, managing director and workoholic, but occasionally in spare-time also web hobbyist in rebuilding my company’s website.

    2. I’m from the Netherlands.

    3. I think I have discovered this huge eye-opener two months ago. I have learned and have used a lot of techniques and tips from this site.

    4. Yes, I have posted a comment and certainly will do that again if the topic isn’t understandable (which is never the case) or if I can add something interesting more.

    5. I’m such a newbie that I couldn’t guess what to want to read about any further; everything is new for me. I like your simple and plain writing style, the looks of this site, and the high quality content. Just keep on the good work.


    1. Christopher Papastefanou, frontend web developer and also voice actor.
    2. Sweden/Greece/US.
    3. Ever since we met at “Mediabaren” and you told me about the site. Must be at least two years now.
    4. Several times.
    5. I love what’s here, that’s why I keep coming back. If anything, rant more. Yes, more rants!

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