Hymn to 456 Berea Street

It’s the last day of 2006, and I’ll end the year by posting something that is quite embarrassing, not only for me but also for my co-workers. You may find it silly, funny, or maybe even both.

A few months ago we spent an evening at the office, eating surströmming (fermented herring) and drinking plenty of alcoholic beverages. Swedes like to sing drinking songs during crayfish parties and while eating fermented herring, and this evening was no exception.

After a couple of hours of eating, drinking, and singing, somebody started singing “456 Berea Street” instead of the normal lyrics for one of the drinking songs we’d been singing. Somebody else came up with the idea of recording it, and in my state of intoxication I foolishly promised that I would post the song here. It took a while, but here it is: Hymn to 456 Berea Street (MP3, 808 KB).

I’m not one for singing, so while this was going on I was silently standing a few meters away, feeling plenty embarrassed. I’m sure you will understand why after listening to the recording.

Take this as a warning of what too much alcohol can do to your judgement.

Happy New 2007 :-).

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  1. December 31, 2006 by Matt Ramos

    Great song. Should play it in the background on your site.

  2. Gått Nytt År till Bereastreet! Helan går… och samma på finska ;)

  3. I now know how to correctly pronounce “Berea”. And, your Possibly Related Posts has “456 Berea Street on the top lists”: would that be NME? or, iTunes?

  4. toedully awesome song! Happy New Year and Gott Nytt år!

  5. My girl lives in Norway so I know about this surströmming that you speak of. :P

    I really do need to try it next time I am their though.

    Cheers, enjoyed the song.

  6. You could create a new sideline business writing hymns for web sites. While we might not be able to provide fermented herring everywhere you go, we could surely find a nice supply of alcoholic beverages. Take your choir on the road!

  7. Sounds like lotsa fun!

    I had a lot of fun listening any way… ;-)

  8. What an opportunity to finally hear the song I’ve heard the girls at the office talk about! :D Are you sure you’re not singing along? Someones voice seems very prominent! ;)

    Oh well, back to the party! See you next week!

  9. Genius! I love it.

    I’ve always pronounced it Bear-ear Street, I now see I was wrong.

  10. I found it quite funny :-) I really enjoy staying late in the office with my colleagues, eating pizzas and watching movies in our conference room, and listening to this song reminds me how much fun we always have.

    Happy new year, Roger, and thank you for one of the best webdesign blogs around.

  11. Haha, so you finally posted it, Roger! :D Be sure to send this one to Jonas too, he must be credited for his terrific guitar fiddling ;) See you soon.

  12. I’m scared to click. That doesn’t happen often. ;)

  13. January 3, 2007 by Anders Tornblad

    Ritch ratch filirea street… Och ett gott nytt år!

  14. Happy new year! Great song! Thanks for teaching me the english word for a VERY special and Swedish food: “fermented herring”. Didn’t know people eat that outside the very north of Sweden.

    “bgsound” is btw a very annoying thing from the 90’s that should be high up on a “six things that suck about the Web in General”.

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