ASP.NET developer wanted in Stockholm

The busy days at NetRelations continue. Just after finding the right person for the front-end developer job opening I posted about in mid-November, we now need to recruit again. This time we need someone with more back-end skills, more specifically a standards aware ASP.NET programmer.

Are you based in the Stockholm, Sweden area? Do you spend most of your days building websites with ASP.NET? Have you worked with the EPiServer CMS? Do you want to build modern, web standards based and accessible websites, but aren’t allowed to at your current place of work? Come work for us instead.

At NetRelations, solid knowledge of Web standards is a requirement, so we want you to know how to avoid the non-standard, poor excuse for client side code that out-of-the box installations of ASP.NET/EPiServer produce. In other words, we’re not looking for a Visual Studio drag-and-drop cowboy.

More details and information on where to send your application is available in Vi söker en webbstandardinriktad ASP.NET/EPiServerutvecklare. Please do not apply by posting comments here.

Posted on December 22, 2006 in Job openings, Quicklinks


  1. Visual Studio drag-and-drop cowboy

    Ha ha ha! :-D

  2. @Robert: Nothing I do in ASPNET is drag and drop.

    I might just be special (being a server-control developer) but that’s just how I’ve always done things. Infinitely faster than fighting wizards all day.

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