Help Joe Clark start up an accessibility research project

Joe Clark, Web accessibility guru and the author of Building Accessible Websites, is looking to start up a fairly large accessibility research project. The Open & Closed Project will do several things, each of them big enough to warrant a project of their own:

  • Write a set of standards for four fields of accessibility – captioning, audio description, subtitling and dubbing – as used in broadcasting and home video, at the movies, and on the Web
  • Develop training and certification programs
  • Work on a universal file format for the mentioned fields of accessibility
  • Design and test new fonts for captioning and subtitling

That sounds like a lot of work, and it is. To raise money for this project, Joe needs your help. Starting today, he is asking for small donations to support him for four months while he works full-time on raising the larger amount of money needed for the actual project.

You can support Joe by donating, by spreading the word about this (blog it, digg it, talk about it), or by posting a banner ad on your site.

Posted on November 9, 2006 in Accessibility, Quicklinks


  1. Nice project, I wish I had some money to donate. I’m going to try and get the company I’m currently working for to donate some for a good cause, but even if there’s a slight chance I can convince them to do it, I don’t think they think it’s possible right now (economy? bah! ;))

  2. Teddy, you don’t have to donate if you do not wish to or are unable. There are a number of zero-cost options, including the one you are pursuing.

  3. Don’t take this the wrong way… but could I redesign that site? O_o

    It’s very unfriendly as it is.

  4. I’m flying one of his ads on my sidebar. It’s a start.

  5. I’ve always seen Joe Clark as one of my greatest mentors. So much I’ve learned from him and continue to learn. It’s a wonderful project and I hope I can contribute by donating a small amount. I just hope it’s not laughable to not have big amounts at one’s disposal.

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