Redesigning: please pardon my dust

For some time now I haven’t been quite happy with the design of this site. Some parts I like, others I don’t like. I find myself looking at some of the well designed sites out there and feel a sting of envy because I am unable to come up with something I am happy with.

Since I felt stuck when trying to design for myself, I asked for help. After a bit of discussion back and forth I managed to reach an agreement with the designer I had in mind. As a result of that I now have a great looking design sitting here on my computer, and I’ll be implementing it over the next few days if everything goes according to plan.

Since things in the world of web design rarely do go according to plan I am writing this to say that if anything looks odd or broken around here it is probably because of the redesign. The CSS is one thing, but I need to shuffle the markup around a little to make the new design possible. I hope any glitches will only last for a few minutes but you never know.

Feel free to post a comment to report any oddities you see. After all it could be a problem I am unaware of.

Oh, when the new design is in place, feel free to guess who helped me out. Heck, start guessing even before the design is implemented if you want to. Could be fun :-).

Posted on August 2, 2006 in Site news


  1. £10 says Dvorak.

  2. August 2, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Sorry. He promised to help me out with the CSS though ;-p.

  3. My money is on Veerle.

  4. $10 on Jason Santa Maria

  5. August 2, 2006 by Marc

    Certainly wasn’t me!

    Dvorak, ha, nice but I think graphic editing programs really bother him.

  6. I’m gonna go with JSM as well.

  7. Not me. Judging by your design sensibilities and tastes, I would say either Dan Cederholm or Mike Rundle.

  8. Stevie Wonder!

  9. Khoi Vinh.

  10. Greg Storey from Airbag…

  11. Pernilla? :-)

  12. Håkon Wium Lie

  13. August 2, 2006 by WhereIsThatDeafGuy

    Veerle Pieters.

  14. Andy Budd

  15. Douglas Bowman

  16. I say Andy Budd.

  17. A Dan?

  18. My money is on Condoleezza Rice. She kicks arse at web design I have heard.

  19. Bryan Veloso! He seems to design everything these days ;)

  20. August 2, 2006 by Anonymous

    $10 on John Oxton: he gave you his flowers.

  21. oh and i forgot: his hippies as well.

  22. August 2, 2006 by Johan

    I guess the head designer from, this designers name has initials VP

  23. Oh that cracked me up Russ… she would be doing one on the flight back to US LOL

  24. Cederholm or Veerle.

  25. August 3, 2006 by Deborah

    Dan Cedarholm

  26. My money would also be on Veerle.

    (Anonymous): $10 for Oxton - that’s cheap!!! Oh wait…I think I mis-read that! ;)

    Kalle: I agree - the ‘Rockstar’ Web-designer is everywhere - ha! (But I have my doubts that Bryan would be on Roger’s shortlist…different styles y’see)

  27. Andy ‘Malarkey’ Clarke…of course - who else?! :)


  28. Veerle. As ape must not kill ape, so too must A-list hire A-list.

  29. Rogers Mom.

  30. I’m going to have to put $10 on Dan Cederholm.

  31. I think Eric is onto something with Khoi Vinh (alike navigation). But if it were me I would hire Veerle.

  32. Well, you’ve already done the big box footer - so, it can’t be Anne with his purple design. You’ve got three music selections. Dan Cederholm.

  33. Surely not Chris Pearson?

  34. Sean: …or big ‘Top’ button footer - I’ve got that sorted on my site! Hahaha! :D


  35. Definitely not Bowman, but nobody has suggested Molly?

    Secondary guesses are Cederholm and Veerle, as everybody else said.

  36. Since you’re Swedish I’d think that you’d like to keep the design in Europe, so I’ll bet some kronas on Veerle Pieters or Andy Clarke. But then again, you’ll never know, what about Dan Cederholm or Cameron Moll?

    Interesting, to say at least…

  37. Johan Van Den Rym. You did just have a interview with him.

  38. August 3, 2006 by Anton Andreasson

    Jan Kjellberg? ;)

  39. John Oxton

  40. I’m betting on Veerle.

  41. August 3, 2006 by dave g

    Hope you keep the cricket/grasshopper.

  42. Theron Parlin? :)

  43. I’m going with either Andy Budd or Veerle.

  44. I’m betting Veerle, Geert and Pernilla.

  45. August 3, 2006 by Karin

    Dave Shea?

  46. Veerle for the win, the timing matches your Flickr stream ;)

  47. August 3, 2006 by mattur

    The CSS is one thing, but I need to shuffle the markup around a little to make the new design possible

    Why does changing the design via CSS require HTML changes?

  48. Veerle is my bet too :)

  49. Eric Meyer? Just kidding. Jon Hicks would be nice.

  50. I say Brian Veloso…

    And shuffling your HTML around for the sake of the design, though I agree is sometimes necessary, may get a few extremists up in arms. ;-)

  51. Clarkey Malarkey!

  52. It must be Veerle, otherwise she would have made a comment here by now :)

  53. August 3, 2006 by Martin

    I bet it’s none of the A-listers, just someone Roger knows and really trust to mess up his design, most likely his padawan who was recently hired :) (Ok, just a rumour but even a fool like me can be right!)

  54. Kim Siever

    Oh. Wait a minute…

  55. August 3, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Plenty of different names being mentioned here… some less likely than others :-).

    The HTML reordering is not purely for the sake of design - it is also because I want things to be in a different order in the source and that I am taking the opportunity to clean up a few minor things. But yes, in this case it is necessary to make the new layout possible.

  56. August 3, 2006 by Amit

    Anyone mention Jeff Croft yet??

  57. I’ll through my hat in the ring for Dave Shea…

  58. My money is on Faruk.

  59. well … will the real sim shady .. please stand up .. please stand up ….

  60. August 4, 2006 by Jeremy

    That’s a great news! Better be late than never and make the site pretty free of nooks and crannies, that’s above all.

  61. August 4, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    You mean nooks and crannies like disguised comment spam? Oh yes, I’ll be working hard on making the site free from that. In fact I’m so fed up with it that I have started deleting comments that smell even just a little bit of spam.

  62. August 4, 2006 by Johan

    Here is meant when redesigning an re-ordering the HTML you can check detailed what can be improved. You check all.

    the dictionnary

    nooks and crannies - something remote; “he explored every nook and cranny of science” nook and cranny detail, item, point - an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; “several of the details are similar”; “a point of information”

  63. My Money is on Veerle.

  64. August 4, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    johan: In this case the commenter’s name was linked to a spam site (I removed the URL). I get loads of similar comments that are deliberately written to look like they are part of the discussion but are actually comment spam.

  65. Jakob Nielsen?

  66. August 4, 2006 by Sondre

    Why change something that is already brilliant !

  67. August 4, 2006 by Johan

    I got it wrong but hey now I know what nooks and crannies mean nonetheless!

    Sorry to hear about that sort of comment spam.

    Spammers are wolves in sheep clothes, any season!

  68. @Roger

    Don’t you wanna tell us who’s the lucky designer that helps you? :)

    I think it’s either Veerle, Dave Shea or Tobias Nilsson.

  69. I put my bet on the european ones.

    So it’s gotta be Veerle or John Hicks :-)

  70. Veerle would be nice. But i’d put my money on Tobias Nilsson.

  71. Lots of choices. Maybe Jonathan Snook?

    @Johan - Let’s not insult the noble wolf by the taint of spammers :-)

  72. Ikea.

    No just joshing, I reekin it’s big bad Dan C or Douglas Bowman.

  73. Veerle, definitely.

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