Web knowledge levels

What do you know. It seems like I unintentionally started a little meme with my article Levels of HTML knowledge. Well, actually Emil Stenström started it with Levels of CSS knowledge since that is where I got the idea.

Either way, descriptions of knowledge levels in various Web related subjects are showing up elsewhere:

All entertaining reads, especially the accessibility one. Anyone see any other “Levels of [insert subject] knowledge” articles?

Posted on June 2, 2006 in (X)HTML, Accessibility, JavaScript, Quicklinks


  1. Great job, it really took off there :)

    • Your scale: five, I don’t write my own specs.
    • Anne van Kesteren: seven, HTML all the way :)
    • Dean Edwards: five, need to learn some more about Javascript I think.
    • Joe Clark: tricky I agree, probably four or five.

    I must say all this is great fun, I want more :)

  2. Dean Edwards’s Test Your Javascript Knowledge, I only got to 4; Joe Clark’s went somewhere between 4 and 5 and 6.

    How about “Levels of User Interface Knowledge”?


  3. More fun!

    Couldn’t find a suitable line in Anne’s list. I’m not surprised :-) Conclusion: I know nothing about HTML.

    Proper Javascript is “Greek” to me, so I couldn’t find a suitable level on Dean’s list either. Conclusion: my ‘expressions’ are working, so now I only have to figure out why before I dump them.

    I can “align” myself with parts of level 6 on Joe’s list - but only partially. Maybe that’s something. Conclusion: maybe I should write that book…

    Suggestion: Levels of “how to write blog-posts that’ll get 150+ responses, and trigger a lot of copy-cat posts” knowledge. Might come handy.

  4. From techy stuff like RFC to general disciplnies applied to web, eg. workflow, typography or ergonomy to specific product knowledge as YUI/Prototype/Django/PHP/(you name it). It can be almost anything. However with arguably variable value of usefullness.

  5. Maybe i am comfort at advocating “the engineers practical level” instead of the “scientific level” in any web knowledge. Practicum defies the science of it sometimes, when the facts, or theorems won’t work.

  6. June 4, 2006 by Paul

    HTML and CSS I’m a level 5.

    JS, I’m level one :(

    As for the web accessibility test, level 4 :D

  7. I liked Fawny’s Levels.

    Indeed, this caused quite the stir. But it was worth it!

  8. Nice checklists I ended up much better than I expected 5 on html/css/javascript.

    Can’t really take guru’s and preachers serious though, so I won’t really place myself on the assability list. It’s pointless anyway since all my work is related to multimedia and mobile phones, so some accessability issues are important to address while others are irrelevant.

  9. I don’t actually fit anywhere on Joe’s list anyway he’s too tongue-in-cheek (describing about actual people I have met) but at the minimum I’m above 5.

  10. I can “align” myself with parts of level 6 on Joe’s list - but only partially. Maybe that’s something. Conclusion: maybe I should write that book…

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