Stylegala is for sale

Stylegala, one of the best web design showcase sites ever, is for sale. Having met the owner, David Hellsing, in person (we live in the same city after all) I honestly wasn’t completely surprised when I saw the news on David is a busy guy, and I realise that running a site like Stylegala takes a lot of time.

I hope David can find the right buyer, i.e. someone who not only has the kind of money he is asking but also has an understanding of the standards oriented web design community. I believe that is a requirement to keep the quality of the site at its current level. I also hope that the new owner will be interested in keeping me as a Stylegala news contributor :-).

Interested in buying Stylegala? Got at least USD 30k to spend? Head on over to the Stylegala for sale thread on the Sitepoint forums and check out the details.

Posted on May 17, 2006 in CSS, Quicklinks, Web Standards


  1. Seems like there has been at least one bid, so Hellsing will be making the money no matter what.

    Let’s just hope it’s some clever guy.

  2. This will get snapped-up in a heartbeat!! Roger - you’re not going for it?!! :D

  3. May 19, 2006 by Johan

    It says:

    While this is an experiment based on some interested shown on the StyleGala message boards, if we make the goal, this is very much a serious endevour. The idea was raised that, which is currently for sale, could be owned by the users if enough people chipped in. A “board of directors” would be elected and everyone would have a stake in the website based on the amount they pledged. More specific information will be released if interest in this picks up.

  4. May 21, 2006 by Erik

    There’s always the risk that the quality of the Stylegala will plummet, so let’s just hope that doesn’t happen. Also, I think that whoever get this for less than $50 000 has made a real bargain of a deal.

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