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If you like keeping an eye on how your site is doing in various areas you probably already use tools like the W3C’s validator services and Alexa’s Traffic Rankings, just to mention a few. But there are many other tools and services that let you study interesting trends, statistics, and technical facts for your site. In fact there are so many that it’s hard to keep track of all of them, which is where The Scrutinizer comes in handy.

The Scrutinizer was created by Rosano Coutinho and is a service that allows you to analyze, assess and validate any link using various tools and testers on the web.

I spent some time having fun by feeding the URL of this site to most of the services The Scrutinizer links to. The actual value of several services is questionable, and a couple unfortunately seem to be defunct. Of the services that were new to me, my favourite is UrlTrends, which displays ranking and link popularity trends for a page.

Do you know of any other useful online tools or testers?

Posted on May 31, 2006 in Quicklinks, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Standards


  1. Well, it looks very useful, thanks a lot.

  2. Well, it looks useful, thanks a lot.

  3. Sorry for this “comment spam”, this is because of some problems with Opera.

  4. “This is the Central Scutinizer … it is my responsibility to enforce all the laws that haven’t been passed yet.”

    -Frank Zappa, Joe’s Garage

    Seems applicable :)

  5. In my blog I have a compilation of validators. Take a look!

  6. Awesome tool! Thanks!

  7. Link Hound’s Back Link Harvester is my most-used back link tool.

  8. I friend of mine built that backlink and index history tool that I like alot. It uses SVG graphics so you need browser that handles that either natively or with a plugin.

    I also recommend Google Analytics of course, it’s the best stats tool I’ve used.

  9. too much SEO functions, I wonder all these staffs are just working for any single page in the corner of the world, Well I suggest mypagerank here

  10. has a whole bunch of checks

  11. Love the fact that once you’ve gone to any of the sub-content pages (about etc) you can’t get back to the homepage! Should they have ‘scrutinized’ themselves before they went public with this?

    Incidently, couldn’t get the thing to work either… just refreshed the page & didn’t seem to actually do anything. Nice idea though… be willing to take a look at it once it’s finished!

  12. Actually you can go back to the homepage by clicking on the logo. I am still trying to get the CSS to work properly but it is there.

  13. February 5, 2007 by Kayla

    I can’t get on myspace anymore at school and i was wondering if they could make a download site for the scrutinizer for! I would totally appreciate it!

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