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You know, John Oxton’s Joshuaink winning two categories in the 2006 Bloggies and 456 Berea Street winning none (though it was nominated in one category) actually made me a bit envious. Not so much of the Bloggie awards, but more of his superb tagline.

“More love than a bus full of hippies” sure sounds a lot more fun and original than “Articles and news on web standards, accessibility, and usability”. So… I guess you can tell where this is heading:

Come up with a new fabulous tagline for 456 Berea Street and get a free copy of 37signals’ book Getting Real.

A few simple rules:

  • The tagline must reflect the content and personality of this site.
  • The tagline should (but doesn’t have to) contain “web standards” and “accessibility”.
  • I pick the winner. I may ask a couple of friends for their opinion, but it’s my site, so in the end I decide.
  • You can use the comment form on this page to submit as many entries as you like.
  • You need to leave a valid email address (in the email field of the comment form) so I can contact you if you win.
  • No new submissions will be accepted after 20.00 CET on Thursday March 30, 2006.
  • I make no obligation to use the tagline that wins (in case there are no really good ones submitted).

Ok, that’s about it. May the best tagline win!

Update: That’s it. The time is up and no more entries are accepted. I’ll pick my favourite and let you know who the winner is in a couple of days or so. There are many good ones to choose from, so it won’t be easy.

Update (2006-04-02): The winner has been chosen. Read And we have a winner to find out who won.

Posted on March 23, 2006 in Site news


    1. ” 456 Berea Street. So close, you could almost walk there”

    2. “456 Berea Street. Noticing the unnoticed: Web standards and Accessibility.

    3. “456 Berea Street. More web standards and accessibility than you could shake a stick at.”

    4. “456 Berea Street. High Standards Accessible to Everyone.

    5. “456 Berea Street. ‘Nuff Said.”

  1. The Street standard.

  2. March 23, 2006 by Damien

    “The web done right, with all those web standards and accessibility stuff too.” “Web standards and accessibility, these are a few of our favourite things.” “Watch out! We’ve got web standards and accessibility and we know how to use them!” “Web standards for everyone.”

  3. “456 Berea Street: Where it’s actually cool to talk about web standards and accessibility.”

    “If ‘web standards’ and ‘accessibility’ had a child, it’s name would be Roger Johansson.”

  4. March 23, 2006 by Dutchkid

    All about web standards - just around the corner.

  5. March 23, 2006 by Dutchkid

    More accessible than a bus full of standardistas.

  6. “456 Berea Street: Web Standards’ Online Home”

  7. March 23, 2006 by Steven Muncy

    “Its not the technology, its the implementation”

  8. March 23, 2006 by Marc

    456 Berea Street - Things about all things web standards and accessibility

    456 Berea Street - accessibility meet web standards

    456 Berea Street - some tagline about web standards and accessibility

    456 Berea Street - no need for a tagline about web standards and accessibility

  9. Y’know Roger, me now being an award winning tagline 2.0 developer (and opportunist) you could have just contracted me to develop an appropriate tagline for your site. And ‘cos it’d be for you I’d have done it for around £1,000.


    Web standards and accessibility…

    Well come on, you’ll have to pay for the rest! ;


  10. I know it doesn’t have ‘Web Standards’ or accessible in it but i liked this one.

    “Because every geek needs to get out sometime”

    Or, running with the 456 Berea St. idea, “Because every geek needs to get out onto the street sometime”

  11. March 23, 2006 by Ole Hansen

    456 Berea St.: At the crossing of Accessibility and Web Standards

  12. “Between Web Standards Blvd. and Accessibility Rd”

    “Right on Accessibility, right on Web Standards, left at 456 Berea Street”

    “The corner of Web Standards and Accessibility”

  13. 456 Berea Street - “Making Information on Web Standards and Accessibility, accessible.”

  14. “456, because 123 was too cliché.”

  15. “Web standards, accessibility, a cricket on a slice of bacon”

  16. “Web standards and accessibility, bitches.”

    Maybe not.

  17. March 23, 2006 by Dean

    “At the intersection of web standards and accessibility.”

  18. March 23, 2006 by Maarten van Soest
    1. 456 Berea Street - Opening a can of accessible webstandards on you!
    2. 456 Berea Street - A basket full of fuzzy accessible web standards!
    3. 456 Berea Street - A box of assorted webstandard flavours!
    4. 456 Berea Street - A whole lotta standards.
    5. 456 Berea Street - Takin’ care of an accessible standardized web.
    6. 456 Berea Street - Web standards and accessibility: The best compliment the web can get!
    7. 456 Berea Street - Web standards and accessibility: The difference between liking and loving the web!

    I suck at this :-)

  19. “It’s not a tag(line), it’s an attribute!”

    • “Because standards shouldn’t be optional.”
    • “More love than John Oxton.”
    • “If this mantis can’t use your website, it isn’t accessible.
    • “British underwear not included.”
  20. just a few steps away from the gutter.

  21. one more…

    taking web standards and accessibility to the streets.

  22. March 23, 2006 by Kenny Meyers

    “The intersection of accessibilty way and web standard place” “Web Standards and Accessibility: Without the pretensious long drawn out sentences on why they are important and how they can improve your website and make you a better Person/find God” “The a great streat for accessibility and web standards” “456 Berea St: More Accessible, Better Standards, and Berea Oh My!”

  23. March 23, 2006 by Kenny Meyers

    I did it on the fly, so I apologize for the totally awful mis-spellings above.

  24. My Two Entries:

    1. Accessibility fitted as Standard
    2. A Standard Accessible Web Site

    Have fun with the hunt, might come back if I think of anther.

    • There is much to know of web standards and accessibility, Grasshopper.
  25. March 23, 2006 by mario

    uptown inspirational web standards and accessibility

  26. 456 Berea St. “No B.S. - only web standards and accessibility”

  27. “More accessibility than a bus full of web standards. Er, no, wait a min…”

  28. 456 Berea St.; Gently poking web standards with a “div” stick.

    456 Berea St.; A look at web standards that is not at all naughty.

    456 Berea St. - We are your div ID.

    456 Berea St.; Proudly not supporting Mosiac since 1998(or whenever - insert relevant date here).

    If you ever find yourself wondering if we really need to be this serious about web standards, just repeat to your self -“Active X”.

    456 Berea St. - Because seriously, have you seen the html Word generates?

  29. Alex, the last one is GREAT !

  30. 456 Berea St. … eats tag soup for breakfast

  31. Best on the Block.

  32. One way street to accessible and standard Web

  33. 456 Berea Street: The standard address for all your accessibility needs!

  34. 456 Berea Street - highway of accessibility and Web standards.

  35. March 23, 2006 by Ashamed

    Grasshoppin’ good!

  36. Lachlan Hunt

    456 Berea Street: The standard place for all your accessibility needs!

  37. March 23, 2006 by zcorpan
    20 gave me a good laugh! :-)

    Mine: “This Weblog is informative.”

  38. 456 Berea Street: Home, Sweet Accessible, Home

  39. I have two.

    456 Berea Street: Accessibility and Standards, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

    and this one’s fun to say out loud…

    456 Berea Street: simply sexy accessible standards

    Ok, three…

    456 Berea Street: All live! All nude! All Accessible! Standards, standards, standards!! (ha!)

  40. March 24, 2006 by Tristan Dunn
    • 456 Berea Street: More love for accessibility and web standards than a bus full of hippies headed to SXSW
    • 456 Berea Street: The place for getting real information on web standards and accessibility
    • 456 Berea Street: The web standards and accessibility snob (Based on Kaffesnobben.)
    • 456 Berea Street: Where the grasshoppers never move
    • 456 Berea Street
      Web Standards, Accessibility
    • 456 Berea Street: The web standard for accessibility
  41. 456 Berea Street - More knowlegment than a bus full of geeks.

  42. My proposals: Web standards and accessibility served hot

    Web standards with accessbility in mind

    Getting high on web standards and accessbility

    Web standards with accessbility under hood

    Web standards powered by accessibility

  43. March 24, 2006 by Asalko

    456 Bereat Street - Access the address for high standards of accessibility and web standards.

    Access to the golden standard of accessibility and web standards.

  44. 456 Berea St. Knock once for Accessibility. Twice for Web Standards.

    or of course

    456 Berea St. Knock, click or tapdance once for Accessibility. Twice for Web Standards.

  45. March 24, 2006 by Mark Gravolin

    This is fun! This site is a wonderful resource and more should know about it. My efforts:

    • 456 Berea Street: On-ramp for web standards and accessibility
    • 456 Bearea Street: Last exit for web standards and accessibility
    • 456 Bearea Street: Web standards’ and accessibilty’s address to the nation
    • 456 Bearea Street: Web standards’ and accessibilty’s prestige address
  46. 456 Berea Street: An Accessible House Built to Standards.

  47. roger johansson - the fonzie of accessibility and web standards

  48. March 24, 2006 by DaveMo

    “If you lived here, you’d be accessible by now”

    “Where Accessibility hits the Standards asphalt”

  49. “Accessibility! Web standards! Two for the price of one!”

  50. “If you lived here, you’d be accessible by now”

    That’s a good one.

  51. March 24, 2006 by Tristan Dunn

    456 Berea Street: The accessible home of web standards.

  52. 456 Berea Street, Web standards and accessibility, one size fits all.

    456 Berea Street, Where web standards and accessibility meet.

    456 Berea Street, Come for the standards, stay for the accessibility.

    I gotta say DaveMo has a pretty good one.

  53. Depends how forthright you want to be ;)

    456 Berea Street: raising standards on the mean streets of the web

    456 Berea Street: getting the web’s standards out of the gutter

    456 Berea Street: making the neighbours jealous about accessibility and web standards.


    456 Berea Street: making the neighbours jealous since 2003.

  54. one more variation: Keeping the web’s standards out of the gutter.

  55. 456 Berea Street : “Putting the STAND in Web Standards.”
    456 Berea Street : “Our Standards can beat your Standards up”
    456 Berea Street : “Where Web Standards Live”

  56. One More… “Providing Affordable Housing to Web Standards

  57. March 24, 2006 by Amit Lamba

    456 Berea St. - Where a bus full of hippies come for web standards and accessibility.

  58. 456 Berea Street: “You want web standards with that?”

    456 Berea Street: “Accessibility with street cred’”

    456 Berea Street: “More standards than a truck load of rednecks.”

    456 Berea Street: “Taking web standards to the streets, since [insert start date, here].”

    456 Berea Street: “Bustin’ accessibility standard rhymes, yo.”

    Honestly though - there are limitations as to how ‘out there’ one can get by including both standards and accessibility in the same sentence. John doesn’t suffer from needing his tag-line to fit his blog - it resonates well with his readers instead. Live a little and go with something that resonates with your readers. :)

  59. Okay, one more:

    456 Berea Street: “More standards than a jedi temple.”


  60. Short and sweet is the ticket!

    456 Berea Street:

    1. Your access to real web standards.
    2. Your avenue to driving the web.
    3. Accessibility comes standard.
    4. Access granted.
  61. 456 Berea St. - Where Web Standards are Accessible……

  62. 456 Berea St. - More Accessibility on Standards….

  63. The ABC’s and 123’s of design

  64. Hm, how about just:

    Accessibility through standards.


    Better accessibility through standards.

    Better accessibility through web standards.

    I have to say, though, #16 for the win:

    “Web standards, accessibility, a cricket on a slice of bacon”

  65. March 24, 2006 by Jamie Fehr

    This site is an absolutely great reference and I don’t know if a clever tagline will really boost your popularity. This site has seemed to be pretty much all business since I started following it, but if this were a democracy I’d vote for #31 “Have you seen the HTML word generates”

  66. 123 web standards, 456 berea street, 789 accessibility.

  67. I do like the last one in #31…

    • 456 Berea Street: Leave your font tags at the door
    • 456 Berea Street: The only bugs are in the photos

    Yes, neither mention standards or accessibility, but I couldn’t think of something that did. It is a Friday afternoon after all.

  68. March 24, 2006 by Florent Destors

    456 Berea Street : the right path to learn web standards and accessibility

    456 Berea Street : more than 456 good reasons to use web standards and accessibility

    Float left, then right… clear your floats… you’re there for web standards and accessibility : 456 Berea Street !

  69. Jesus….

    I go to sleep, and when I wake up you have written yet another post that has already got 70 comments. Soon I’m not even worthy to comment here…

    My suggestion:

    456 Berea Street: The Man

  70. March 24, 2006 by Ivan

    456 Berea Street - Boulevard of broken Standards

    • 456 Berea Street – Like a mint pastille to the web.
    • 456 Berea Street – Refreshing the web.
    • 456 Berea Street – The street where everyones door is open.
    • 456 Berea Street – Where Content and Presentation gets separate massages by Behaviour.
    • 456 Berea Street – The web standards community’s Chuck Norris.
    • 456 Berea Street – Do not eat.
    • 456 Berea Street – Accessibility is my middle name.
    • 456 Berea Street – So I guess I’m some sort of guru, eh?
    • 456 Berea Street – A href web rel passion.
    • 456 Berea Street – Greater than less than.
  71. 456 Berea Street: No pets or salesmen

  72. If there was a vote, mine would go out to #20.

    My 2 cents:

    • “456 Berea Street - Keeping the door open”
    • “456 Berea Street - Look ma! No threshold!”
    • “456 Berea Street - Bring your own standards”
    • “456 Berea Street - Web standards aplenty, accessibility all round”
  73. March 24, 2006 by johnny

    Because we suck at taglines.

  74. Street sense for web designers.

  75. 456 Berea Street - the address where the door bell has an Aural property behind.

  76. March 24, 2006 by Damian

    456 Berea Street - Your Web Standards and Accessibility on-ramp to the information superhighway

  77. March 24, 2006 by Florian Hardwig

    Okay, they first one is ripped off of #76.2 and some other guy, but what about cultural patriotism? (The British panties were mentioned above) ;)

    • Throwing Tables Out the Window – not only on Jan 13th

    • Put some standard Köttbullar and a lace of accessible Glögg in your tagsoup!

  78. March 24, 2006 by Luke

    456 Berea Street - web standards and accessibility, what?!?

  79. this is the word on the street.

  80. spacer image spacer image table with 12 rows and 5 columns table with…

  81. The never ending story 2.0

  82. Where tag soup goes cold

  83. since the name of the site is (looks like) an address:

    1. “456 Berea Street. The address for web standards and accessibility.”
    2. “456 Berea Street. The place to go for web standards and accessibility.”
    3. “456 Berea Street. The place to be for web standards and accessibility.”
    4. “456 Berea Street. The direction to web standards and accessibility.”

    Some other ideas from my twisted mind:

    1. “456 Berea Street. Accessible Web standards” (the bare minimal requirement)
    2. “456 Berea Street. Web accessibility by standards”
    3. “456 Berea Street. The standard for Web standards and accessibility”

    want to attract more visitors:

    • “456 Berea Street. Web standards, accessibility and free iPods for everyone” :-)
  84. March 24, 2006 by Martin Smales
    1. Mr. Web Standards said to Mr. Accessibility, “so where the bloody hell is 456 Berea Street?”

    2. If you want web standards and accessibility, there’s only one place to go.

    3. A web standard and accessibility superhero lives in 456 Berea Street.

    4. Accessibility is nothing without web standards, where are you going to go today?

    5. The street where only four words matter - web standards and accessibility.

    6. The only place to be street smart about web standards and accessibility.

  85. March 24, 2006 by David Leal
    1. Where web standards and acessibility are more than door stops.

    2. Sounding the acessibility bell, opening the door to web standards.

    3. Web standards soup, accessibility-flavoured.

    4. Bring your acessibility and we’ll treat you to our standards.

    5. Accessibility soup for the web standards impaired.

    6. Displaying acessibility for all web standards to see.

    7. Standard bells for all your accessibility problems.

    8. Serving acessibility through web standards.

    Ok, I think I’ve caused enough suffering as it is.

  86. I think what we should do is to pay collectively to John Oxton for the BereaStreet tag. Its a pity he dosnt want a book though.

    • 456 Berea Street. Because numbers come first.
    • 456 Berea Street. It Doesn’t Suck™.
    • 456 Berea Street - More Hate than a Caravan full of Satanists.
    • 456 Berea Street. I can’t believe it’s not Accessible!
    • 456 Berea Street: What Would Roger Do?
    • 456 Berea Street. Unleashing a World of Pain on Tag Soup.
    • 456 Berea Street. Web Standards, Ninja Style.

    Or maybe you could randomize it like they do @ spoono.

  87. March 24, 2006 by John Hansen

    456 Berea Street: If you can read this, mission accomplished.

  88. March 24, 2006 by zcorpan

    The best thing about this tagline is that about the time you finish reading it you realise it doesn’t say anything.

  89. Let’s see if I can get lucky:

    1. “May the Web Standards be with your accessibility”
    2. “Show me the web standards”
    3. “I’ll show you my Web Standards if you show me your accessibility”
    4. “You got to ask yourself one question: Do ya use web standards? Well Do ya, punk”
    5. “Web standards means never having to say you’re sorry”
    6. “Web standards & acessibility: The stuff dreams are made of”
  90. 456 Berea St.: Making web dev as easy as 4, 5 ,6.

    456 Berea St.: The first address on the web.

    456 Berea St. : Standards, semantics and accessibility…OH MY!

    Keep up the great work :)

  91. March 24, 2006 by Phil Ridlen

    “Assessing Accessibility and Standing on Web Standards.”


    “Assessing Accessibility and Waxing Up Web Standards.”

    There’s a lot of good ones out there. Better than mine. #17 was hilarious.

  92. March 24, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Wow, that’s a huge number of entries so far! Thanks! I really like a whole bunch of them. Keep ‘em coming though :-).

    Just a clarification, and it may make coming up with a fantastic tagline just a little bit easier: it doesn’t have to contain “web standards” and “accessibility”. If it does, that’s great, but it is not a must.

    John: Well, I think maybe £1000 is just a little bit steep. Perhaps we can make some other kind of arrangement? ;-p

  93. March 24, 2006 by Alexander
    • “Accessibility or web standards? Сertainly both!”
    • “Accessibility and web standards? They are made for each other”
    • “Getting real with web standards and accessibility”
    • “In web standards we trust” =)
  94. 456 Berea Street - Hang around with Standards and Accessibility

  95. March 24, 2006 by DaveMo

    Where “Acstandardscessibility” is Defined

    Now you know it too.

    Where people who “get it”, get it from.

    The Standards and Accessibility Day Spa.

    One Shop Stopping for Standards and Accessibility

    The end of your search for a friendly church.

    Because S&A shouldn’t be like S&M (unless you like that kind of thing).

    Never mind the dog, he’s just there to keep the riff-raff away.

    Standards and Accessibility served up home-style.

    • 456 Berea Street, “Web standards and a 100% accessible tagline”
    • 456 Berea Street, “Where you lost your tag soup”
    • 456 Berea Street, “I can’t believe it’s not tag soup!”
    • 456 Berea Street, “Please leave your tag soup at the door”
    • “You have reached 456 Berea Street, you can relax now”
    • 456 Berea Street, “It’s open, it’s accessible and we saved you a slice of web standards”
    • 456 Berea Street, “I came up with this tagline and all I got is a copy of Getting Real”
  96. March 25, 2006 by DaveMo

    “Please secure your Standards and Accessibility in their upright and fully locked positions”

    “Why didn’t you think of this?”

    “Just leave the seat down when you’re done.”

  97. oh I came up with one more.

    “It’s what’s inside that counts … because it shows”

  98. March 25, 2006 by DaveMo

    “Accessibility wears the Standards pants in this house, young man!”

    “A Web Designers shortcut to Easy Street”

    “Warning - Your brain may no longer be the Boss!” (Thanks to Firesign Theater)

    “It’s amazing what a lick of paint will do, eh Gromit?” (Thanks to Wallace)

    “Home of the Accessibility Hillbillies! Yee Hah!

    “If you can’t find it here, You’re probably using IE”

    “One Day, One Deal” No, wait…

    “Give me Standards and Accessibility, or give me death!”

    No wait…

    “Give me Standards and Accessibility, or give me IE!” Better.

    “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Code No Evil!”

  99. March 25, 2006 by Sarah

    456 Berea Street: Writing a working web

  100. March 25, 2006 by vkaryl

    Mantis? Cricket? I’m pretty sure that’s a grasshopper….

    “Accessibility and STANDARDS, grasshopper!”

  101. 456 Berea Street : the place where web standards and accessibility cohabit.

  102. 456 Berea Street “Making the web more than just pretty pictures.”

  103. March 25, 2006 by Anonymous

    Or… 456 Berea Street - “Resources on web standards and accessibility, because the web is more than just pretty pictures.”

  104. 3 more for consideration:

    1. Giving standards and accesibility a good rogering - You might have to be british to understand that

    2. Sod Web 2.0 here comes Web 4.5.6

    3. Getting Real with Accesibility

  105. ‘The street that hippies most love and ex-hippies most access.’ Ok, sorry..

    ‘Finding grounds between geeks and common man’

    ‘Fighting its way for a more accessible web’

    ‘The site with an url so complex but yet surprisingly memorable’ (I haven’t bookmarked bereastreet yet, I am typing it all the way, all the time, and I am not even selecting it from the history list on my Opera. I feel urged to type it all the time.)

  106. Here’s my advice based on the comments you’ve gotten so far:

    • Don’t go for something humoristic, beacause your content isn’t.

    • Don’t go for something based on John’s tagline :P

    • Go for something short and to the point that describes what you do.

    • Have the tagline include the words “accessibility” and “web standards”.. because.. quite frankly, that is what you write about — why make the content harder for new visitors to distinguish than it has to be? .. or even recurring ones?

    • Don’t make it something only a handful of frequent visitors understand.

    But what do I know? — I like: “Articles and news on web standards, accessibility, and usability” :O

  107. it doesn’t have to contain “web standards” and “accessibility”.

    In that case:

    456 Berea St. - No need to knock.

  108. “All about web standards - just around the corner. by Dutchkid”

    Is my favorite :)

  109. This one slipped past me .. the taglines in #13 are clever, yet meaningful.

  110. March 25, 2006 by Dutchkid

    Here’s another one: ‘Where you won’t trip on the threshold’

    I’m not sure if that’s correct English, though :-)

  111. “456 Berea street: Skip to content.”

  112. “Pretentious Tagline Goes Here”

  113. 456 Berea Street - More hits than Madonna

  114. March 26, 2006 by Johan

    I had some eyeglasses. I was walking down 456 berea street when suddenly the prescription ran out.

    I saw your momma kicking a can down 456 berea street. I asked her what she was doing, and she said “Moving.”

    456 berea street - “We own the streets.”

    456 berea street meets quality standards: compiles without errors.

    456 berea street - Great thing about webstandards is so many to pick from!

  115. 456 Berea Street - an Explorer’s wet dream

    456 Berea Street - still figuring out the 123 ?

    456 Berea Street - fear our super shaolin syntax

    456 Berea Street - come on my pseudo-selector

    456 Berea Street - standards roadblock

    (I really like #117, clever…)

  116. March 27, 2006 by Johan

    456 Berea street - the missing link 456 Berea street - Felande länken

  117. March 27, 2006 by Johan

    456 Berea Street - the best pitt-stop you’ll ever make on the Internet Highway.

  118. “356 Berea Street- way to web standards and accessibility”

    “356 Berea Street - jolly way to web standards and accessibility”

    “Leads to web standards and Accessibility”

    “Even momma can walk it”

  119. March 27, 2006 by Jorgen

    456 berea street - Web standards avenue

    456 berea street - A walk in the Web standards and Accessibility park

    456 berea street - Web standards and accessibility close to home

    456 berea street - Web standards and accessibility just across the street

  120. 450 Berea Street: Nude girls, web standards and accessibility

    this will give you a much higher page rank in a very short time ;-)

  121. March 27, 2006 by Daniel

    456 Berea Street - Web accessibility for theorists.

  122. March 27, 2006 by David Leal

    Some more:

    1. From blindness to standards
    2. Feeding the standards hungry
    3. A tribute to standards, tag by tag
    4. Acessible eye from the standards guy
    5. Fixing the web, tag by tag
    6. Conceptual dust-cleaner for your <table>s
    7. Throwing <table>s out of the window
    8. Web standards, acessibility, and a bottle of rum
    9. 99 table-based designs on the wall, 99 table-based designs…
    10. Curing the <table> blues
    11. Setting display: none for table-based designs.
    12. Tags for standardistas, attributes that matter (with compliments to slashdot)
    13. <div>iding to conquer

    Someone should do a comparison with the 10, Downing Street. I’ll leave that to imaginations better than mine.

    Well, that should get me at least the “best effort” prize.

    • Be the standards
    • Me, myself and web standards
    • 456 Berea Street: straight to a better web
    • 456 Berea Street: take a walk on the web side
  123. March 27, 2006 by Kanashii

    456 Berea Street: Where taglines go to die…

  124. March 27, 2006 by Marc Luzietti

    Two Americanismsm,

    Web Standards or Bust! Give Me Web Standards or Give Me Death!

  125. Must say that i really like the second one at comment #121 - short and quite fun.

  126. 456 Berea Street - Your only address for that perfect website

    456 Berea Street - One way to web standards and accessibility

    456 Berea Street - Beyond the 123 of web standards and accessibility

    456 Berea Street - where standards and accessibilty meet

    456 Berea Street - Accessible from everywhere

  127. 111001000: simply does what it says on the tin.

  128. March 27, 2006 by NazT N8

    456 Berea Street - Loitering on the corner of Accessibility Road and Standard Lane

  129. 456 Berea Street - “Always looking both ways before coding.

  130. March 28, 2006 by DaveMo

    #136 - I like that one a lot.

    Here’s some more silly and serious. “Web Standards & Accessibility – Apply, Rinse & Repeat”

    “The Rhythm & Blues of Web Standards & Accessibility” (R&B of S&A)

    “The ‘School House Rock’ of Web Standards & Accessibility”

    “Assistive Technology for the Rest of Us

    Here’s a couple that I didn’t make up but thought they were pretty good. Let’s see who figures out where they came from first!

    “Universal Access, Regardless of Ability, User Agent or Platform”

    “One Web for Anyone, Everywhere, on Anything”

  131. March 28, 2006 by Johan

    456 Berea Street, your tour guide to webstandards and usablity.

    456 Berea Street, a one-way street to better web practices.

    456 Berea Street, a paradise for geeks and webstandardistas.

    456 Berea Street - Bork! Bork! Bork! Get ready for webstandards and usability gourmet kitchen.

  132. March 28, 2006 by Johan

    456 Berea Street - the place to be for all true geeks!

    456 Berea Street - your perfect web host.

    456 Berea Street - Access All Areas!.

  133. March 28, 2006 by Allen

    456 Berea Street, ‘Usability made Standard, Standards made Accessible’

    456 Berea Street, ‘Where love is accessed, used, and standardised’

    456 Berea Street, ‘Accessible Love For The Standards Geek’

  134. March 28, 2006 by Montri M

    456 Berea Street, ‘A place of thought’ 456 Berea Street, ‘We got a place for everyone’

  135. 1)…instead i install 456 Berea Street. 2) To geek or not to geek on 456 Berea Street. 3) Guess how many lucky sperm in 456 Berea Street? One. 4)…take a left of 456 Berea Street. 5) Rel=”follow” 456 Berea Street. Tired, add rel=”nofollow”. 6)John Lennon for Prime Minister and 456 Berea Street as the Deputy. 7) You,the guy in blue..get me some geek. 8) 456 Berea Street, the next Miss Universe? 9) Nano-techs is just above the water. 10) Alice in not in wonderland anymore but in 456 Berea Street.

    Ok,thats all.

  136. I agree with comment #112 — the tagline has to suit the content.


    456 Berea St. First stop for web standards, accessibility and usability.

    456 Berea St. Your one-stop shop for web standards, accessibility and usability.

    456 Berea St. A finger on the pulse of web standards, accessibility and usability.

  137. 456 Berea St. - That place with the praying mantis.

    456 Berea St. - Been around the block.

    That one site with the cricket and some articles.

    The self-proclaimed king of -pop- web!

    456 Berea St. - No, don’t Mapquest it - you’re already here.

    Free stuff, hot stuff - it’s like the web’s greatest whorehouse!

    The Ultimate web design articles repository (sounds a little more like ALA.)

  138. Wow, there’s some great ones. Far better than mine :)

    Skip to content is my fave so far.

    Another contribution from moi: 456 Berea Street: It’s not a crackhouse, it’s a crackhome.

  139. “On tag soup? Detox here.”

  140. March 29, 2006 by Johan

    456 Berea Street - Land Ahoy! Stop right here, bugs free articles ahead!

  141. March 29, 2006 by raimundo

    456 Berea Street. The road to standards

  142. March 29, 2006 by Thijs

    456Berea Street. It’s like a website, with standards and stuff..

  143. …running with the theme from #146…

    The Betty Ford Clinic for Table Addicts.

  144. hello. Try this:

    456BereaStreet - More web development than Wysteria Lane.

  145. in punctilious care of web standards and accessibility

    in punctilious care of web standards, accessibility, and global harmony

    scrupulous steward of bare-knuckle web standards, accessibility, and best practices

  146. March 30, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    That’s it. The time is up and no more entries are accepted. I’ll pick my favourite and let you know who the winner is in a couple of days or so. There are many good ones to choose from, so it won’t be easy.

  147. April 24, 2006 by Christian

    456 Berea Street - A lousy name for a site mostly about web standards.

  148. September 26, 2006 by robert Boyland

    Oh No! I got here too late, but I’m going to add my two pence worth anyway, even if it won’t be considered.

    456 Berea Street - its no dark alley.

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