Moving house - expect lower posting frequency

I have no idea how I’ve been able to keep posting something almost every day for the last few months. I’ve been incredibly busy, both at work and at home.

The main reason for being more busy than normal is that I have bought a house which I’ve been remodeling. That stuff takes time! I am fed up with wallpapering and painting right now…

And that brings me to the reason for this post: it’s time to move in. After the move, we won’t be connected to the Internet for a month or so (That’s how long it takes for an ISP to move your connection here in Sweden. Yay for monopolies!).

I will be keeping an eye on this site during breaks at work and I’ll probably stay late every now and then, and I may go WiFi hunting with my iBook in the neighbourhood, but there will be fewer posts here until my connection is restored.

Just to let you know why, in case you’ve grown accustomed to reading something new here every day.

Posted on January 20, 2006 in Life, Site news


  1. Did you update your address on Amazon? There’s a book on its way…

  2. A month? We’ve just been told we’ll have to wait TEN WEEKS to get our line upgraded at work. Another company told us three-four months. Joy.

    Leeching wi-fi can be… acceptable. For personal use, of course ;)

  3. Congratulations on finally reaching move in time Rodger. Big step and a lot of work to get there. You have got to be feeling pretty good about it.

  4. January 20, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Carl: Thanks, I hadn’t done that. And thanks for the book!

    Phil: Ouch. That sucks.

  5. Well, now that you had the practice, I know who to call whenever I need a decorator … Ah come-on Roger it’s a nice break from the computer :-D

  6. One month? That’s a really long time. Is it because you are moving an already existing connection? Because I can’t remember it taking that long time for one of my mates here in Skåne to get it. But you can always rund after an old lovely 56k modem - to get som retro feeling ;)

    Good luck with everything!

  7. January 20, 2006 by o-juice

    I waited five months for my DSL line. What can I say? Telkom - the lovely monopoly we get to deal with daily in sunny South Africa.

  8. Well, considering the last time you said you were going to slow down you kicked it into high gear with a post almost daily, I can only imagine that this time you’ll find some way of posting here twice a day now.

  9. Oh, well… I guess I’ll just have to re-read all of the previous posts all over again.

  10. January 20, 2006 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Veerle: Sure, I’ll come help you redecorate ;-).

    Pelle: Yep, moving my current connection. They say 3-5 weeks, so I’m not expecting anything quicker than 6.

    Jonathan: We’ll see about that. I went driving around the neighbourhood looking for some wi-fi tonight and did manage to find an open network :p.

    Sean: Surely you have something better to do than that :-D.

  11. Ouch…and I thought we had it tough in the US… :D Good luck with the move….moving is a royal pain generally.

  12. Good luck with the new place!

    Does this mean we’re going to be seeing a different URL soon with your new address?

  13. Good luck with the move, and take your time - dont let this site stress you out to much. We all love your posts, but we want you to be happy!

  14. I am about to move as well, and although there is no wait of a month a mere 2 houses jump means the difference between 24Mbits (DSL2) and 56k. This is also in the most expensive suburb in a capital city (in Australia), logical?

    Good luck, don’t let the telcos bite.

  15. January 21, 2006 by Matthew Pettitt

    Good luck with it - I signed over the deposit for a new house this morning, so will be joining in the broadband installation fun, but from Manchester in the UK…

  16. I have no idea how I’ve been able to keep posting something almost every day for the last few months.

    Well now… I was just going to tell you to slow down the pace ;)

  17. When I last move (only 250 metres) I have to wait 8-9 weeks. My father got his connection one day after the phone, good work telia.

    Good luck with the house.

  18. Good luck Roger!

    I moved in my new house a week ago today. I only found paint splatters in my hair yesterday that had been there for three days! Decorating sucks…

    Fortunately only another 7 days until the phone is connected (This is actually quite a long time for BT in the UK, my last place was done while I was on the phone to them!)

  19. After 2months I ended up just telling Bredbandsbolaget to go insert four-letter word here themselves, and called Telia. It took Telia 9 days to hook me up, even though they said it’d take 10.

    Am happy now :)

  20. Don’t I know it. We bought a house in October, took possession last Monday and moved in this weekend. All week last week, I ripped out carpet and linoleum and sanded the living room floor. I am beat.

    Good luck.

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