Looking for web development patterns

At WebPatterns, John Allsopp is looking for design patterns for web development. He has set the site up to promote the development of a pattern language for web development.

The idea is to use the quiz format to get input from readers. The first quiz is PatternQuiz I - Lines of Site, in which John is looking for descriptions of different kinds of websites, each based on a different site pattern.

Go there, read the post and the comments, and if you have built or know of a site that doesn’t match any of the existing patterns, John would like you to add it.

Posted on January 19, 2006 in Quicklinks, Web General


  1. This has already been done with the excellent book “The Design of Sites”, which chronicles patterns throughout the book in a meticulous way. These days could probably detail some of the newer patterns introduced in later applications (web 2.0 style), but overall that book is robust enough.

  2. This book is excellent and a lot can be found in the blogosphere as well.

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