Which blogging style do you use?

Mister Snitch! lists seven types of blogging styles that generate traffic in Blogging styles and traffic stats. Looking at the different styles in the list I find that three of them match the way I write at this site and where the traffic is coming from:

  • Nichebloggers: The subject is usually something the writer is passionate about, or has special expertise in. Regular readers have probably noticed that I am pretty passionate about web standards and accessibility.
  • Internet guides: Their strength is that they are trusted link finders/filters. Many of my posts link to stories, articles, or guides elsewhere. For the past few months I’ve been writing longer “reviews” of the material I link to, and many readers seem to appreciate that.
  • The long-tail blogger: His site gets found because the search engines reward authoritative blog posts - and longevity. Search engine traffic to this site is increasing steadily, and older posts get many hits.

So which blogging styles do you use, and how are they generating traffic to your site?

Posted on December 3, 2005 in Quicklinks, Writing


  1. I’m a “Casual Blogger”, and only post when I feel like it, whatever I feel like at that moment, without considering the audience. The Casual Blogger doesn’t have a goal for his blog, and just posts stuff.

  2. Mostly niche and partly long-tail.

    I post way too often for my own good, but it’s hard not to. Google has developed a fondness for me, so that helps.

  3. Niche, Internet guide and Long-Tail blogger are what I would want my blog to be (whenever it gets constructed).

  4. My site is getting an overhaul and I’m posting occasional blogs about meaningless rubbish (which are still getting replies for some bizarre reason!) ….However, when the site is completed, posts will be focus on particular aspects of web standards and such (not as an authority by any stretch of the imagination - but certainly as someone who’s passionate about it) and will probably resemble the ‘Nicheblogger’ you refer to. I like to reply to people’s comments in my blog as that encourages more of an open dialogue and seems more interesting for other site visitors. The blog is just one part of the site though, and I don’t intend for it to dominate the site…so I’ll post occasionally….not daily.

  5. Hmmm… Very much niche, but also one of the grazing blogs that feed from Meme-du-jour megaliths.

    Not been going nearly long enough to be a long-tail blog, although I do get quite a bit of traffic to older posts for some reason. Someone must like them!

  6. My blog is mostly an Internet Guide, but I’m striving to be a “long-tail” blogger. Navel-gazing is my true calling in life.

  7. I would have to say a niche. Shouldnt we all be that so we have passion in what we are writing about?

  8. Well, I fall into all three categories with search engines and RSS bringing me lot of traffic because of longevity.

  9. The problem with you, Mr. Johansson, is that you write too interesting stuff too often and in too many posts, so that those of us who have a job to maintain get stressed out by the ever increasing amount of unread blogposts in our RSS readers.

    I use the built-in reader in Opera, and have “456BereaStreet (52)” beaming in bold right in front of me all day. Only, the number of unread posts is usually even higher, as I’ve just spent the last hour going through the list.

    So - I hearby declare that you belong to the category of “Bloggers so good they make us feel bad”

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