Nominate the best blog posts of 2005

Mister Snitch! is looking for the best blog posts of 2005. Any subject, any category, as long as it’s a really great post. If you’ve read any posts this year that are of the kind that you can read over and over again, head on over to Where are 2005’s best posts? and submit them.

I can’t pinpoint a specific post, but I know that my favourite post of the year has to be found at Joshuaink. John Oxton is so funny that I laugh until I cry after reading some of his posts. If you’re not subscribed to Joshuaink, you’re missing out on a lot of healthy laughing.

Posted on December 20, 2005 in Quicklinks


  1. I totally agree John Oxton has the funniest posts around.

    The “fckr” post was great.

  2. Not to take away any of Joshua’s humor, but

    Web Standards and the new professionalism is my pick.

  3. Oxton is my hero.
    Either this or this. :P

  4. @Devlin you had to give two examples, now I can’t choose… buääh

  5. December 21, 2005 by Anonymous

    I nominate Web Standards and the New Professionalism as the blog post of 2005.

    I nominate A web professional can never stop learning as Roger’s best of best blog posts of 2005.

    I nominate You wipe which way? as Best Comedy blog post of 2005.

  6. December 21, 2005 by Maarten Leewis

    Is has to be a post at girlspoke, i just love their sarcasm…

  7. From someone with a computer science background and little graphic arts knowledge, the Five simple steps to designing grid systems series at gets my vote.

  8. The results were posted at the beginning of this month. No Joshuaink (I searched the source) or 456b….

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