Create a design for the CSS Toolshed

A few weeks ago I posted a link to the CSS Toolshed, a site created by Chris Heilmann to serve as a showcase of CSS-based designs that work with a simulated CMS environment. Designers are encouraged to submit their designs to the CSS Toolshed, helping to make it a CSS Zen Garden for simulations of real-world sites instead of just a single page.

It all sounds great, and I thought many designers would be happy to put a few hours into creating a design and submitting it to the CSS Toolshed. But unfortunately I was wrong about that. Maybe everybody is too busy doing paid work these days to take this chance of getting some attention.

To lower the barrier to entry, Chris has now written a step-by-step instruction and updated the template pack: How to create a CSS Toolshed submission - step by step.

Posted on December 5, 2005 in CSS, Content Management, Quicklinks


  1. I can’t get how people actually has the ability to find the time to make such an CSS-scheme.

    If not the goal was to promote them self, then what? To show the great thing about CSS, i mean we already have a bunch of reallife sites wich uses CSS.

  2. Well, people find time to produce 12341 wallpapers for deviantart, or create yet another CSS layout that repeats mistakes others have made before instead of googling a bit before plunging into it.

    People also have time to ask questions that have been answered countless times on a mailinglist, added to the Wiki and coming up as the first 20 results in Google.

    Right now I consider the biggest problem of CSS that everybody wants to start something on their own rather than contributing to a centralised repository.

    The “happy cock” layout took me one hour while riding the train home, and by re-using the skeleton CSS selectors it should now be pretty easy to come up with something in a short period of time.

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