Kaffesnobben: My coffee blog

In a recent post I mentioned that I was working on a side project. Well, I’ve gone ahead and launched it so I thought I’d just write a little bit about it here.

The side project is called Kaffesnobben (“The coffee snob” in English) and is all about espresso-based coffee. I’ll be reviewing coffee shops, coffee books, coffee machines, coffee beans – pretty much anything that is related to coffee.

Being a sucker for really good coffee, I’ve been wanting to have somewhere to write about coffee for a long time. Even though many web developers consume large amounts of coffee, I think whole articles on that subject is a bit too far off topic for 456 Berea Street, so it had to be somewhere else.

I also think it will be refreshing to be able to write about something completely different. Something that does not involve angle brackets or curly braces. Another reason is that I wanted to write in Swedish. Reviews of local coffee shops seem more useful when written in the local language.

A few words about the design and technology. I wanted a really simple and basic design, and I’m quite happy with what I came up with. For a while anyway. I did not come up with the logo design though – my good friend Tobias Nilsson helped me out there.

For the backend I went with Movable Type after considering other blogging systems. I know Movable Type pretty well, and this project is all about the content. I didn’t want to spend lots of time learning new stuff right now. Keep it simple, focus on writing, that kind of thing.

So if you’re into espresso style coffee, go check it out. Just remember that you’ll need to know Swedish to read the articles. Well, I suppose you could read this automated translation. Warning! Reading the translation is very likely to make you laugh :-).

Posted on October 3, 2005 in Site news


  1. Held og lykke med siden - tror også du kunne ende med at få en række danske læsere. Kender ihvertfald én ;-)

    Lycka till

  2. Nice to see that we share the same interest in more than just web standards. :) Bought my first Gaggia this spring and a coffee grind this summer so I can keep my caffeine level at a high level.

    If you visit Stockholm I could show you some really nice quality baristas.

  3. Hmm this could lead to an entire “network” (wrong word but you know what I mean) of Coffee Snob sites… no?

  4. Heh, heh - either that translator is pretty much useless, or you can’t write in Swedish for s**t ;-)

    Best of luck with the project !

  5. Oh, I dunno…. reading the English “translation” whilst listening to The Cure from “Treats for your ears” and sipping a homemade caffe latte was… different.

  6. I don´t really speak your language but seems like fun : )

  7. October 4, 2005 by Josh

    I like the simple design. :)

  8. Nice, will be following it for sure. And for things that go well with coffee (but probably even better with a big glass of cold milk): today is Kanelbullens dag here in Sweden, which probably would translate into something like “Day of the cinnamon bun”. They ought to have them at IKEA or something…

  9. October 4, 2005 by Chris Leipold

    Great idea! But I don’t understand anything :-( Do you plan an english version?

  10. Very nice!

    And Jens, tell me where I can get a GOOD cup o’ java in this (stockholm) city!!??

  11. October 4, 2005 by Adrian Bengtson

    The Google ads on Kaffesnobben fooled me to belive each article was very short until I realised they continued below the ads. (My screen is 1024 x 768.)

  12. My friend Matt runs a site called Code and Coffee, as he is a programming AND COFFEE freak!

    Too bad I can’t understand a single word on your coffee blog :) haha

  13. Mats: Contact me if you want some tips.

  14. October 4, 2005 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Hey! I had no idea I had so many coffee freaks among my readers. I sure hope I’ll be able to find the time to write more posts for Kaffesnobben. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but you never know.

    No English version is planned at the moment. I want to try blogging in Swedish :-).

  15. Being Scandinavian (Danish), I almost choked reading such a headline at the #1 source for what’s happening in the web dev community. Even though I’m not a big coffee fan (read: not at all), it might be interesting to follow.

  16. Roger - you didn’t know there were so many coffee freaks?!? What did you think keeps us all going - caffene. I’m going to make an espresso now. I love the design. The graphics are so elegantly simple. Quite cool.

  17. Nice! Coffee, the missing food group!. Very well executed, even if I couldn’t understand more than a word here and there.

  18. October 5, 2005 by Ander Aznar

    Looks good: simple and clean.
    I’ll have to learn swedish (hope Monty Python’s Holly Grail entering-titles help).
    Don’t drink too much coffee… my mother tells me.
    PD: Sorry. I wrote this post in the ‘CSS3 Multi-column layout considered harmful’ thread by error (Please, erase it before I get too embarrased).

  19. Hey, that’s a pretty good-looking site. If only I could read Swedish… and liked coffee. I noticed that the link to “Comments” was in English when on the archive page, though not on the front page or individual post pages. A bug in MT internationalisation maybe?

  20. Hey this is really cool. I run a coffee blog as well (specific to Arizona though) at www.arizonacoffee.com -


  21. October 5, 2005 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Chris Hunt: Thanks for catching that. Not a bug in MT. More like a bug in my templates ;-).

  22. I thought geeks and coffee (well, cafeine) were a natural combo. Ever seen the coffee HOWTO?

    Have you tried www.toomuchcoffee.com yet?

  23. dont forget to review some coffee from the Dota/Terrazu region of costa rica. Maybe I am biased, but man its some of the best in the world.

  24. Yay for coffee! :) Sadly I’m non-i18n-compliant and only speak English, but I still wanted to say that design is really really nice.

  25. Now I know how you keep cranking out material for your site day and day out! ;-)

  26. Great initiative !

    I’m a coffee freak myself - but I didn’t go as far as writing reviews. A photo-blog about my cups of coffee : Kopje Koffie.

  27. People do anything to make there addiction there hobby/job ;)

  28. great site roger. i have recently given up coffee and this topic is not helping!

    i really like the clean design but one suggestion would make would be to add a min-width to the #wrap and change the max-width to a % so the layout does not break when the users changes their font-sizes.

    kinda like this site i guess. ;)

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