Job opportunities in Stockholm, Sweden

Phil Sherry (author of books like Foundation Mac OS X Web Development and Blog Design Solutions) asked me for help in finding some local people to work on a web project in Stockholm, Sweden:

The project is one which promises to be very large and demanding, as it involves building a new online community (global, not just Sweden-based). Based in the centre of Stockholm, the offices are a friendly, clean, and have a professional working environment. We are looking for the following people to start immediately:

  • 2 x Server-Side programmers to handle JSP, J2EE, J2ME to a professional level
  • 1 x Client-Side programmer, up to speed with Web Standards to code (X)HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and make the coffee (just kidding)
  • 1 x Flash expert, specialising in ActionScript, preferably with experience of Flash Communication Server

Positions are to be permanent for those who meet expectations, and they are effective immediately. For more information, contact philsherry followed by an at-sign followed by mac dot com with “Jobs in Stockholm” in the subject line.

Sounds very interesting, so if you’re in the Stockholm area contact Phil to find out more.

Posted on October 25, 2005 in Quicklinks


  1. Hmm… I thought/think JavaScript and AJAX belongs to the Client-Side programmer; most Server-Side programmers I’ve met aren’t up to par on that.

  2. @1: But AJAX apps need a (server-side) web-service.

  3. @Woolly,

    To me, that’s not part of AJAX, per se. AJAX is writing the JavaScripts and retrieving data on-the-fly, usually through the XMLHttpRequest object. You request a URL (that doesn’t have to be a web service) that returns XML, HTML or text that you want to present, and then apply your magic to it.

    Server-Side programmers just make sure that the data is available at the above mentioned URL.

  4. November 2, 2005 by User Resu

    That’s why it is very good to be the Both-sides programmer :D. No such discussions take place then ;).

  5. Hi, I am currently living in Pakistan. But I am planning to move to Stockholm to KTH for a master degree. I have a lot of experience in Flash and specially Action Script. Is it possible that as soon as I join KTH, we meet and discuss the project.

    best regards,

    Imran Mahmood

  6. November 23, 2005 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Imran: Please contact Phil Sherry about this job:

    contact philsherry followed by an at-sign followed by mac dot com with “Jobs in Stockholm” in the subject line

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