Usable Microformats

Microformats have been a hot topic for a while now, and are a very interesting way of extending currently available markup languages without actually extending them.

If you’re itching to start using microformats but haven’t quite figured out what to do with them, Andy Hume’s article Usable Microformats contains an example of microformats that have a real world use today.

Posted on August 25, 2005 in (X)HTML, Quicklinks


  1. A naive question here, if I may: If I understand this correctly, we’re talking about putting data such as email addresses (in the case of vCards) or personal relationships (XFN), with no encryption or other device to prevent the abuse of that information. Why should we, or do we, leave ourselves so vulnerable?

  2. September 10, 2005 by Roger Johansson (Author comment)

    Michael: I wouldn’t personally use microformats for any sensitive information, but I suppose that is up to everybody to decide for themselves what they are comfortable with.

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