Mighty Mouse

Finally a multibutton, scroll wheel mouse from Apple: Mighty Mouse. I don’t like the look of it though, and if it feels anything like the dumb single-button mouse I will not be getting one of these. I prefer my Logitech Click! Mouse (with a cord, thank you).

But at least now all you PC folks can stop making fun of the Mac’s single-button mouse, OK ;-)

Posted on August 7, 2005 in Mac, Quicklinks


  1. I just bought the new Mighty Mouse yesterday at the South Shore Apple Store grand opening here in Massachusetts.

    Anyway, I’m really getting used to this mouse and will say that clicking around is just fine, and the scroll nipple is SUPER smooth. All scroll wheels feel clunky to me now.

    The downside is the side buttons. Virtually useless to me, so far. You have to change you grip in order to squeeze them. Don’t like that aspect so far.

    As cool as it is, people have to remember that this is just a mouse. It’s not magic. It doesn’t levitate. It doesn’t glow. It’s just a good mouse.

  2. Funny, 20 years of minimalism -> overnight/overkill. One button, to four programmable buttons and a mouse wheel (excuse me, ball) that does 360 degrees. I’ve got a mouse that has side buttons, I don’t use them either. One click select/launch left, right for context menus, and the wheel for scrolling (and zooming text and images in Firefox) is perfect.

    Welcome back Roger. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  3. I bought a Mighty Mouse and I think it is a good mouse, so much hype though for something that PC users have had for ages though. Big move for Apple, so I suppose it warrants some excitement.

    I don’t like the way that when I use Firefox the left and right scroll becomes forward and backward in history actions. When scrolling vertically I sometimes slip and activate it and end up on the previous page or a few pages back! Irritating and disorientating, any way to change it?

  4. Boy does the hype that this has got annoy me. It seems like Apple could fart and everyone would be falling over themselves to say how great it smelled.

    I mean, come on, it’s just a mouse with a track ball. Now maybe the track ball will be a useful feature, but I’m not sure. And as for calling it “mighty” - what a nerve!

    Roger, at least in your post you’ve called it for what it is - thanks for not joining the fawning throngs of Apple worshippers.

  5. I know what you mean about the hype. I used to have an Acorn Archimedes, that had a 3 button mouse in 1988 ;)

    As for the side buttons, I have an MS mouse with 2 buttons slightly above where your thumb rests and as default it’s back/forward on web browsers and I must say I miss it when I use a mouse without it now :) Amazing what you get used to!

  6. Too right about the Logitech Click mouse. It’s so lovely. Even the little fourth button on the top has an icon on it that says to me “use this for Exposé”…

  7. james: I had the same problem where firefox jumps pages (REALLY annoying). But I came up with a solution. Hope this helps.

    Now I’m a fan of mighty mouse.

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