Interviewed for GrebbanDesign

I’ve been interviewed by Eric Martinsson for his site GrebbanDesign. The interview (in Swedish) is slightly more personal than many other interviews, so check it out if you understand Swedish and for some odd reason want to learn more about me.

Posted on August 11, 2005 in Interviews, Quicklinks


  1. So where’s the english-translation Roger? :) (We wanna know what makes you tick!!! Just kidding)

  2. Interesting reading! That was a good interview. It’s nice to “get to know you” a little as a human being, rather than a web standards / accessibility / usability guru.

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning li’l ol’ me, too! :)

  3. You can access a poorly automated English translation of the interview from

  4. Wayne: Thanks for that! Reading it through that translator was funny though..the grammer is really screwed-up! (Made me laugh in places)…thanks. :)

  5. Thanks for mentioning me too! I love you too, Roger… :-p

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