Ajax Mistakes

Alex Bosworth’s Ajax Mistakes is a list of problems that can occur when developers start using Ajax. Ajax is looking more and more like the new Macromedia Flash to me in the sense that many seem to use it mostly because it’s “cool”.

Posted on August 7, 2005 in JavaScript, Quicklinks


  1. Yeah, reading Alex’s article - it’s fair to say that he could’ve (almost) substituted the word ‘Flash’ for ‘Ajax’…and it would have sounded stranged familiar. Ajax does some very cool stuff…but it would be insane to jump at it whole-heartedly and forget lessons learned from similar new technologies…(err, when they were new that is!)

  2. The widespread use of xmlHttpRequest (Ajax), along with the widespread use of “un-obtrusive” Javascript, seem to somewhat contradict one another based some of applications being developed around “ajax” at the moment.

    Once users begin (as many already are) to use ajax whilst also taking into account the needs of those without Javascript enabled (or atall), i belive we will see a new and powerfull set of technologies, which whilst being cool and interesting, will also be accessible and well thought out.

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