Vacation reading: 456 Berea Street unplugged

It’s that time of the year again: summer in the Northern Hemisphere. For me that means following the Swedish tradition of taking a long summer vacation. For the next five weeks I will try to stay away from computers and check out the real world.

That includes not checking or responding to e-mail, not checking stats for this site, and not checking my feed subscriptions. I’m not completely confident that I will make it, but I will try because I really need to unplug for a while. Meanwhile you are still welcome to make yourselves at home here.

There won’t be any new articles posted until my vacation is over and I’ve had some time to catch up, which means around mid August. Comments are still open on all posts I’ve made this year, so feel free to keep the discussions going. Just don’t wait for a reply from me. I will try to catch up with everything when I get back though. That may take a while, depending on how much has been going on.

I’ll leave you with some highlights of what I have written so far this year. Most of the articles have been published here on 456 Berea Street, but a few articles in Swedish have been published elsewhere. Enjoy!

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Published on 24timmarsbloggen (in Swedish)

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Posted on June 30, 2005 in Site news


  1. Roger,

    Have a great vacation!

    I’m looking forward to a joint ambition this Fall to make the web a better place (cliché, I know).

  2. Who are you kidding? Oh, well… I’m collecting bets on the date of your return to blogging :)

  3. Have a great time! What I would do with 5 weeks off

  4. FIVE WEEKS VACATION?! I’m emigrating to Sweden…

  5. I never considered Sweden to have a summer. I am in Australia where it’s supposed to be summer all year. It is bucketing down rain, blowing a gale, freezing cold, and I have no chance of a holiday for months. It even looks like this weekend’s fishing tournament will be cancelled. Oh, well, enjoy yourself!

  6. June 30, 2005 by Terry Apodaca

    Have Fun!!! Just finished mine!

  7. Have fun on your vacation :-)

  8. Have Fun Roger, The only time we get a long holiday is when we are at school.

    I think I might have a word with the boss and see if we can have a more Scandinavian approach to work, it sounds great!

  9. Hey Roger, great website!

    Have a nice vacation. I’m with you :)

  10. Actually, all Swedes have at least five weeks of vacation, some of us six.

    And there is a law that says that you have the right to four consecutive weeks in row during the Summer months (June, July and August).

    However, we hardly ever see the daylight during Winter, so we deserve it… :-)

  11. Yeah, I’ve heard you are all Solar-powered, I expect to be taking a long unplugged break too but nearer 16 weeks.

    Have fun dudes!

  12. Well Roger.. hope you’ll have a great vacation and let’s hope the weather will be your friend. ;-)

    Hope I could have some rest too, but no.. :/

  13. Okay, tak care, Roger, have a great time off. In the meanwhile I’ll at least have some time to read all the articles I haven’t managed to go through during the year.

  14. Have an excellent summer!

  15. July 3, 2005 by Erwin Heiser

    Have a nice rest Roger, you deserve it ;-)

  16. While you were away….working on your tan…the following occurred today:

    And it is very exciting news for anyone of us interested in this sort of thing. :)

  17. im on my last weeks of vacation doing nothing and get paid for it :)

  18. July 7, 2005 by Teddy

    Svenska semestrar, helt underbart är det.

    Själv kollar jag till datorn lite snabbt vart tredje dag för tillfället så jag hinner se om jag fått någon viktig mail.

    Men vilket underbart väder vi fått!

    Ha en riktigt skön semester.

  19. Be sure to grab Spolsky’s “Best Software Writing I” for reading on the beach… :)

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