Invisible Information

Paul Haine shares some thoughts on semantics and Invisible Information in HTML documents, and notes that it is up to browser vendors to make their applications capable of revealing this information to the users.

Posted on February 5, 2005 in (X)HTML, Quicklinks


  1. Behold the power of server-side.

    Although there is nothing particularly “recent” about Dominique’s Semantic Data Extractor (which should really be called Metadata Extractor), it is an interesting tool. Interesting enough for to me to add it as a feature on each and every page of my site. When I get the time I may fiddle around with extending it as it’s lacking in a few areas.

    Another point: an agent is an agent, there’s nothing to stop you from offering this information to your visitors. We’ll grow old waiting around for the browser vendors to play catch-up with the ideas coming out of MIT.

    One idea I had was to attach a XSLT stylesheet to the XMDP (body profile attribute — which I almost never see anyone using) so that author defined metadata is included in the extractor’s results.

    I happen to be a big fan of metadata.

    Roger: I guess I prefer my ESP volume LOUD.

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