Web Standards Solutions

One of my favourite article series is Dan Cederholms SimpleQuiz. Each article is based on a piece of information that needs to be marked up. Several alternative ways of achieving the desired result are then explored, and in most cases doing so shows which method is best. This book follows that recipe, with each chapter taking a close look at a different part of a web page, discussing the various ways markup can be used. When a certain method is found to be the most suitable, the reader is provided with a clear explanation of why, as well as the pros and cons of the various methods explored. If you’re new to web standards, this book is a must. For more experienced web professionals, much of its topics should be familiar, but it’s still a great reference book.

Web Standards Solutions
Author: Dan Cederholm
ISBN: 1590593812

Posted on October 25, 2004 in Reviews


  1. I think Dan Cederholm’s book covers as much as nearly every single XHTML and CSS developer need to know, considering tips & trix.

    Recommend this one very much!

  2. Hello,my name is Brett Bellomo, i am from Minnetonka,well, should a true web standards book include computer ethics?? Maybe. My comments are that the idea of HTML ,basic internet nouns like that should be included, but also a grasp on what a basic company would include ,not just the tech stuff, but the basic approach,financial strategy included.A section on deep computer math would make the book complete. Thanks. sft/hdwr/gaming/grphcs/developer Brett

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