Web design and development book reviews

One of the great things about working in the field of web design and development is that there is so much great info available for free. Many highly skilled people share their experiences and expertise with others, and charge nothing for it.

However, sometimes it’s good to get away from the screen. Sure, sometimes you need to get away from everything related to computers and the web, but if all you need is to get your eyes off your monitor, reading a good book related to web design or development can be very inspiring.

To help you decide what to read, and perhaps get a few reading tips back, I’ve added a review section, where I will list my favourite books that are of interest to web professionals. I’m not going to rank them, so they are listed alphabetically. Each book also has a (sometimes very) short review and a link to more information on the book’s website if it has one, or Amazon.com.

Currently only a few books are listed, and most of you will be familiar with them. I’ll be adding more as I write the reviews, and maybe you’ll find something you haven’t already read.

Posted on September 12, 2004 in Site news

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