Text Email Newsletter (TEN) Standard

The Text Email Newsletter (TEN) Standard is a standard designed to increase usability and accessibility of plain text email newsletters.

Posted on September 6, 2004 in Accessibility, Quicklinks, Usability, Web General


  1. I’ve been using the TEN format as a navigation aid for screenreaders in my Web Design Update Newsletter for over two years now.

    User response to the format has been quite positive. The newsletter even won an award in 2003.

    Regarding the TEN format, people have commented that they appreciate:

    1. “Attention to accessible-friendliness.”
    2. “Clearly distinguished separate sections and articles.”
    3. “Summary of contents at the top of each issue.”
    4. “Spacing between the heading and articles.”
    5. “Consistency and clear writing.”
    6. “Organization and format.”
    7. “The simplicity.”
    8. “Attention to accessibility issues.”

    To date I haven’t received any negative feedback.

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