towards standards? has recently been redesigned and recoded, as noted, and commented on, at Photo Matt (Microsoft Redesigns), Stopdesign (Microsoft Advances), and (microsoft getting smarter?), to name a few.

Looking at their code, well yeah, I guess you can say it’s better than it used to be. It’s still nowhere near standards compliant though, and it seems odd that they didn’t do things properly while they were at it. That said, I’m definitely hoping that this is a first step towards full standards compliance.

Posted on August 26, 2004 in Quicklinks, Web Standards


  1. I looked at the new Microsoft page. Well, it looks different, but nothing else. Still their code is not valid and full of odd things like: <p>s inside <a>s or tags (whatever it is). Also (it’s kinda funny thing) the header’s width in IE6.0 looks too short, when in FF all works OK. Some time ago I so a nice series called: Redesign at ASP.NET Resources. They took the MS site and re-wrote it in XHTML and CSS.

  2. Obviously they did somehow learn: have a look at - since this one’s redesign, the first tag read <html language=javascript> - how nice! Apples = Pears! French = English! This one used to make its rounds in the recent months but somehow someone at Microsoft has figured out what complete nonsense this is and today this “typo” (???) is gone. I guess Microsoft is a huge tanker ship, it needs time to make a turn and changes come always slow but gradually. — Again I would like to shout out my idea of a joint petition by all graphic designers world wide to underwrite that Microsoft fixes Internet Explorer to go standard conform. It would safe the world economy propably millions and millions of dollars as web designers and coders world wide currently almost always spend extra hours just tweaking their actually perfect code to make it look right in MSIE. I should set up a petition web site, I guess.

  3. Ups, sorry, the actual MSN Search code was omitted from my comment: here it is as it was on for months - I will substitute the < and > by ( and ) : (html language=javascript) - this was the first opening html tag. Nice little extension to html, isn’t it?

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