Statistics defence

Why the ‘statistics defence’ doesn’t stand up contains arguments against the “statistics defence” many people use as an excuse for ignoring accessibility.

Posted on June 19, 2004 in Accessibility, Quicklinks, Web Standards


  1. My view is that, yes, the site should be viewable in Netscape 4.x and older browsers, but that you shouldn’t waste time designing for them. Instead, serve them the symantic XHTML version with either a basic style sheet to make it a nicer font or just leave them the plain non-styled XHTML. That way you provide them the content without wasting time which could be spent improving the site in other ways and always offering a gentle nudge to get with the program and download a later generation browser.

  2. June 19, 2004 by Roger (Author comment)

    Agreed. That’s what I’ve been doing for almost 2 years now. Non-CSS browsers get plain XHTML. Ugly perhaps, but accessible, usable, and much better than being redirected to an “upgrade page”.

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