Is Microsoft listening?

Is Microsoft listening? Maybe. Robert Scoble is collecting feedback on IE. Let him know what you want fixed. Be as specific as possible, though, and pick your top three issues.

In the comments over at Scobleizer I can see several people asking for the box model to be fixed. But there's no need for that – it was fixed in IE6 (when it uses standards mode).

My wishlist (too long to be posted at Scoble's site):

  • Stay in standards mode even when there's an XML declaration before the Doctype.
  • Add support for min-width and max-width (and for height).
  • Add support for :hover on any element, not just on links.
  • Let users resize text even when size is specified in pixels.
  • Add support for <abbr>.
  • Full support for PNG alpha transparency.
  • Make IE understand the application/xhtml+xml mime type.
  • Dotted borders.
  • Support :target.
  • More css stuff: implement adjacent sibling selectors and attribute selectors.
  • Stop background images on links from being reloaded when you hover over the link.
  • Add support for the <q> element.
  • position:fixed would be great

That's what I can think of right now. What did I miss?

Posted on May 2, 2004 in Web Standards, Browsers