Developing with web standards

A couple of weeks back I published Webbutveckling med standarder, a document in Swedish in which I attempt to explain web standards and accessibility. Looking at my server logs, I can see that more people than I had expected have read it. Obviously I don’t know how many have actually read the whole thing, but a decent number of people have at least pointed their web browser to the document, following links from here and several other weblogs and discussion forums. By the way, thank you, everyone who has mentioned the article.

I have received several requests for an English version of the article, and I’ve decided to start working on that. It’s hard to tell how much time I’ll be able to spend working on it, so to avoid disappointing myself I’m not going to set a date when it will be published.

I’d like to know if any of you Swedes that have read the article feel that I’ve left something out, and if there are areas that should be extended, revised or removed. If you do, please either leave a comment here or use my contact form to send me a message.

Posted on April 1, 2004 in Web Standards


  1. After surfing on your website for a while I like the way you think and I respect your opinion. I’m really looking forward to reading your article about developing with web standarts. It’s a pity I can’t read it in Swedish as the only words I know in Swedish are Jag alskar dig :))

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