Site update: Quicklinks

I’ve added a section called “Quicklinks” to the sidebar. I needed somewhere to post interesting links together with just a short description, so I can avoid the link flood posts that there have been too many of here lately.

What I did was create a Quicklinks category in Movable Type and then display the five latest entries in that category in the sidebar. Then, in the main index, I use the category attribute of the MTEntries tag to display all categories except for “Quicklinks” in the main entry area. Easy enough.

It’s not exactly what I wanted though. My plan was to give every quicklink one or more additional categories to make them end up in the right place in the category archive. But doing so makes the entries show up in the main index as well, which I don’t want them to.

So, if anyone knows of a way to make Movable Type do what I want, please let me know.

Update: My thanks to Jenx for letting me know about CatEntries, which does just what I was looking for. After some glitches I think I have things working properly. XML feeds for the quicklinks are also available.

Posted on February 24, 2004 in Movable Type


  1. Krångligt nog att kräva en plug-in misstänker jag. :) Är det något liknande denna du söker?

  2. i got around the problem by simply creating a new blog for my miniblog, but i know that option doesn’t appeal to everyone.

  3. February 24, 2004 by Roger (Author comment)

    Tack Jenx. Det löste problemet smidigt!

  4. You could do what Patricia suggests and start a new blog, pulling them in via an include or MTOtherBlog, or you could try the MTSubCategories as well if you need a bit more control.

    Also, if you run into display problems with your quicklins (for example if you link to the individual entries or people start finding your archives for these) you can use the MTSwtich plugin to display your quicklinks in a different manner than other entries.

  5. That sounds really complicated. ;-)

    I’ve got a quicklinks-thing of my own which I’ve made a seperate weblog in Movable Type.

  6. February 27, 2004 by David House

    Cough RSS? Cough

  7. QuickLinks can be made without any externam MT plugins, utilizing PHP script. Simply, make a new blog, name it properly, turn off all archiving, modify main index as you wish (for example: ‘Title’ would be line displayed on your sideblod, a link would be entered in ‘Entry Text’ whilst one would enter title tag for an anchor in ‘Extended’. Phew.

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