Link flood

There is now a page called Progressive enhancement using CSS at the css-discuss Wiki.

Simon Willison has written a bit about Marketing Firebird. So has Blake Ross.

The latest issue of A List Apart, Using XHTML/CSS for an Effective SEO Campaign, is about ways to improve your search engine ranking. More info on search engines and how to make your site show up in searches:

For those who use Regular Expressions (I do): A Brief Guide to Regular Expressions and Regular Expression Library.

A couple of HTML/CSS sites that look pretty nice are Mercedes-Benz USA (which does have some validation problems) and UH Hosting. And Dave Shea has converted Mezzoblue to XHTML/CSS.

D. Keith Robinson continues his Gorilla Web Tips series by writing about The Myth of Perfect Web Design.

What is a good standard? is an essay by Bert Bos on W3C’s design principles.

The feature article in Issue 64 of Web Page Design for Designers is called Factor-’X’.

In his article Prototyping With Style, at Digital Web, Jeff Lash talks about how and why to use CSS for prototyping.

Posted on August 6, 2003 in Browsers, CSS, Search Engine Optimisation, Web General, Web Standards

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