Old Skool Look, New Skool Code

Hicksdesign has a design that reminds me of what web sites often look like when a designer makes all the desicions: centered horizontally and vertically, fixed size and a scrollable content part. Not my favourite kind of design, but what used to involve very convoluted code with multiply nested tables and framesets can now be done in a standards compliant, valid way. Bad because now one reason to stay away from this kind of design is gone. Good because it shows how it can be done in a better way when a designer stubbornly refuses to compromise, which as many of us know happens too often.

Update: Hi Jon! How did you find this oldie? ;-) I liked you back then too, I just wasn’t (and still am not) very fond of the kind of layout your site had back then, hehe. Reading this now I see how it can be interpreted in different ways, but I was actually linking to it as an example of the best way to do something bad ;-).

By the way, I decided to open up the comments here just in case anybody wants to discuss.

Posted on July 17, 2003 in CSS, Usability

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